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OneDrive for Business

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I have been using Enpass for a year or so now and have had excellent results with syncing against my personal Owncloud server.

I am now interested in deploying Enpass at my workplace for those who wish to leverage a password manager. Obviously, my personal Owncloud instance is not suitable for this purpose. Our company uses Microsoft Office 365 and, as a consequence, OneDrive for Business. Unfortunately it appears that the OneDrive support within Enpass is for the personal version of OneDrive, not OneDrive for Business. Even more unfortunately, Microsoft appears to have disabled WebDAV on OneDrive for Business, so I can't work around this limitation that way.

Are there any plans to support OneDrive for Business with Enpass cloud sync? If so, is there any timeline for this support? We would prefer to use OfB for several reasons, namely that we already use it and our users are familiar with it, we're paying for it, and because other cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive are explicitly blocked at many of our clients' sites.


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