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Just upgraded to version 6.0 for Windows 10 and immediately discovered display bug on records which contain both English & Chinese characters.  

Please have a look at the following two screenshots. enpass_1.thumb.jpg.819a9abd684d6811cec7b6718eeb0fe3.jpg


They clearly show that there are some odd (terrible) spacing among English & Chinese characters, rendering them impossible to read. Such problem did not exist in previous version (5.x) for Windows.  

Please know that, although these characters are in mess, it is a display problem only. In other words, if I edit a record, copy these messy characters and paste them into another text editor, these characters will be shown up normally in other text editor. Looking forward to a bug fix in the coming version. Thanks.

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Hi @grahamvu,

 It is known problem with CJK characters are not rendered properly with Enpass 6 with non integer scale factors. Please change Enpass interface language from to Settings -> Advanced -> Language -> Chinese and restart Enpass App. It will force Enpass to use correct scale factor.

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