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v6 export to v5 for Windows 10 Mobile/UWP

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Brought across from beta forum now v6 released

For those unable to upgrade some devices to v6 (Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, and any Windows RT users) you really should provide some level of backwards compatibility support - for example, by being able to export a v6 vault to a v5 vault as best as it can (potentially allowing this to overwrite the existing one) on a PC which would the allow the v5 portable app to sync this as normal.

Alternatively, an file export format that works well with the v5 client would also be an option, although a more fiddly process.

Original post:

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On 12/24/2018 at 11:42 AM, Anshu kumar said:

Sorry to say but we are not releasing Enpass 6 for Windows mobile. As you know, we have rewritten Enpass 6 on all evolving platforms from scratch and we didn't find the Windows Mobile platform promising enough to consider where Microsoft itself is not releasing any new updates no new phones are coming.  


Then please can you either ensure that a stable version of Enpass 5 is kept available for Windows (at least) so that those who haven't moved (and maybe can't move) off Windows Mobile immediately can continue to use Enpass --- and ideally provide some way to export the data from 6 back to 5, recognising that some of the new features will not have any counterpart in 5. This could be by providing an XML export capability in version 6 that can output in a format that one of the existing imports could cope with - or by providing an external utility to copy and convert a selected v6 vault to the v5 vault (overwriting the existing one) which could then be sync'd to the Windows Mobile devices.

I have been looking at whether the export to text and import (using the SPB Wallet import) could be made to work - there are a couple of issues with importing the current text export:

1. the title looks like a field (so every entry in v5 becomes empty with the first field being "Title") which can be fixed by a RegEx search and replace;

2. where a colon in the title (and maybe other fields, although not sure about this) changes the title into a field and splits the information;

3. multi-line notes cause issues as the import can think that the split lines are actually a new entry.

With some manual intervention this can be ok, but not a regular option.


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