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extensions for Firefox before V57.

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I use Firefox V56.x because some Addons and features that don't have the new versions...

I forgot to configurate to "no updates" and yesterday morning it's happend. Desktop is V5.6. and extension is V6.0 and they don't work together.

So I like to download again the extension for Firefox before V57.x. but since yesterday with coming V6.x of enpass, all "old" downloads away.

Where can I find the old one?


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So I'm unable to use the extension since you guys  put the new one up. That doesn't work since I have not, and will not update to version 6. 

So it sounds like you need to add an Enpass Legacy extension so I can use the updated version. Since you had the Enpass Beta version up previously, I'm sure you can do that.

Alternatively, make sure the new extension works with the old version of Enpass please. 

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