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New Enpass Update kill Dropbox Sync - Error code: 208035


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You described it very well. ;)

Even though I’m not affected by this issue, still have one remark: I could imagine that it probably could work out as well (if it’s only about the fact that 2 different databases exists in the same folder), when just disabling the sync with Dropbox on each device, checking out and deleting if there is any data left in your cloud storage and finally enabling the Dropbox sync again?

I’d appreciate if somebody with those kind of problems could check it out and give some feedback. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that some people have troubles using cloud syncing (not only Dropbox, but e.g. also WebDAV) and this is not finally resolved yet... because I had from the first day on no such issues with syncing my various vaults over about 10 different devices at all. Maybe because I created a separately folder for the new sync location for Enpass v6?

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On 2/8/2019 at 12:12 PM, LoieJ said:

Wow, that is a lot of steps. I think I could do that, although my Enpass has so few entries that I could write them down by hand, delete the apps, download again, and reenter everything, (probably.) In any case, before I do all those steps, I want to follow through on getting the data out of my previous PW back up app and into Enpass somehow. Or maybe do your steps and then try to migrate the data to Enpass. I am concerned that all this info is in the cloud (and computer if I use the local back up) and then, PooF, maybe it goes away. My previous app is gone on one of my devices, never to be returned, as it isn't in the store any more. Then Enpass pulls this upgrade, after people paid for the lifetime license. Since I plan to purchase a new phone with a different OS, I may be going through the ritual again. Deep breath....Thanks for all the info. I am sure that it will be helpful, as you explain well. Is your post public?

It does appear that way, huh? :) Technically, it's about 7 steps but I chose to write them with as much detail because this is after all, our precious password (and other data) we're discussing. Also, the post should be public.

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