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UI broken on HiDPI displays in v6 [NOT SOLVED]

Message added by Vinod Kumar

We are aware of an issue that causes broken font rendering in Enpass on Windows if your monitor's scaling factor is 125%,150%,175% or 225%. We have already submitted an update to Microsoft Store but unfortunately it is still in certification queue and taking longer than usual time ( weekend may be a cause). 

If you want the update earlier please PM me your store id ( will temporarily add you to update package flight). Alternatively, If you can manage, set your display scaling to 100% or 200% and restart Enpass.

Please do not upload screenshots of Enpass with your sensitive data.

Thanks for bearing with us. 



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I'm having a lot of graphical issues in the new version on Win 10 Pro, 64bit, version 1709.

The text is all pixelated and the registration of the mouse curser over the menu items is off (screenshots attached).

I've tried following this guide: https://www.enpass.io/support/enpass-is-blurry-or-having-visual-artifacts-on-windows-how-to-fix/ but no change.

I've also tried checking for updates in the app (which is tricky with the menu items not highlighting correctly) but it just opens the 'about' screen, uninstalling and reinstalling, and reinstalling the previous version (which works fine but won't sync with my phone which is on version 6),.

Any help would be appreciated as I cannot use it currently.



Enpass 1.jpg

Enpass 2.jpg

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I'm sorry, but this has not being solved at all, what was done is that if you set the language of to some of the languages that break the UI, Enpass just forces a 100% or 200% scaling factor, which, in my case, make it hard to even read what is in the screen, but if you set the language to, lets say, English, like I do, and have items in some other language, like I do, they will still show all broke in the UI.

I understand that this is a Qt problem, and the Qt development team is just ignoring this problem, but since Qt is open source, the Enpass team should try to solve it themselves or at least put pressure on the Qt development team so that it gets solved.


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On ‎11‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 1:00 PM, Mike_B said:

I Have a simulair issue. Got updated out of the blue, still have the issue I had with the beta.

The menu bar is cut off:

This was already posted here: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/4576-a-new-beta-update-of-enpass-6-is-now-available-for-linux-macos-and-windows/&tab=comments#comment-9517

I'm still on Windows 10 version 1803, though.

Also the whole click area seems to be shifted down. I can't exactly see where I click.

Need fix soon, can't work with this version!

Enpass Menu Bar.JPG

My issue finally got fixed, not sure when exactly. It was last modified 3/5/2019. I am running version 6.0.6 (314) now.
Hopefully it is fixed for others to.

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