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Autofill Identity

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here ist my question: When I saved my identity in enpass, ist it possible to fill out forms automaticly, for example, if I want to buy anything from an internet-shop? I mean, name, adress, phone-number etc.?

Thanks for your answer.

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+1 on this one.


I tried to have CB auto-filled but I do not see how it works and the video from Enpass does not show it.


But more generally, Form filling is a killer feature. I have already 2 members of my family switching to Enpass from 1Password thanks to Windows Hello support (on the Surface and Windows phone) + the fact that the database is not store at Enpass (on the contrary of LastPass).

But one thing which is really missing is Identity or forms fill-in. This is I guess the single most important feature still lacking on this wonderful Enpass product.

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