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Problems logging into Uservoice

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I have a Uservoice account to give Feedback for some apps.
Microsoft is using Uservoice to gather User feedback for some of his applications, like:

I went to https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/284136-outlook-com and entered my login criteria.
Enpass asked me to save them and I accepted.

When I go to this site I see only the field E-Mail-Address (the password field is only shown after entering the email address).
Then I click on the Enpass icon in the toolbar of the browser and double click on the correct entry.
The E-Mail-Address is filled but instead of the password field I see an error message that the email address is invalid (although it is shown correctly).

I think that Enpass tries to submit the form without any password filled.
This is the reason why I added a small delay of 2 seconds in my old password manager KeePass in the Auto-Type Sequence:


Please fix this issue.
Uservoice is used by many companies and by many users.
Thank you!

Best regards


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