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Restore from vault.enpassdb and vault.json

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I have an enpass vault which i no longer can access. i managed to extract the vauld.enpassdb and the vault.json.

Can someone help me decrypt the db so i can move it into a new vault?
I do have the entire directory from windows 10 enpass (from store), which is located in User/AppData, but there is no file that i can directly read into Enpass.

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Hi @jibba,

These files are not meant to be restore directly but here is a workaround.

  • Take backup of your current Enpass.
  • Uninstall and install again from windows store.
  • Create a new vault with any password.
  • Goto Settings->Advance Settings->Click on your data location. This data location will be having a vault.enpassdb and vault.json.
  • Quit Enpass and replace these two files with files you want to restore.
  • Restart Enpass and you should be able to login into restored vault.


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