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Re-thinking attachment management


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I was thinking about managing attachments and I have a strong recommendation:

Add a new field type "attachment". With that, attachments can simply re-order within an item.

Every user has different priorities and so every user can arrange it individually.


Example - Item:


[ section : Login ]

url: url-to-my-customer-web{dot}com

user: my-name

pw: abc

[ section : VPN ]


profile: my-profile-file <------ attachment file as field here

[ section : email ]

imap: imap{dot}company{dot}com

user: my-name{at}custome{dot}com

pw: def

certificate: my-certificate-file <------ attachment file as field here


With the new field type "attachment" I only see advantages.


Suggestion to migrate the old attachment management:

- add a new section "Attachments"

- add a new field with the type "attachment" for every attachment file





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