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What do you people think of Enpass password manager after the recent security audit?

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As you guys know Enpass recently released their version 6 with a proper security audit which was missing earlier. Do you guys think it's safe to use now? i stopped using it after reading many concerns over not having a security audit.

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I was looking for a solution that meets the following requirements:

  • Local Vault
  • Windows and iOS App
  • Synchronization over LAN
  • Nice GUI
  • No subscription (I am willing to pay for a good program)

Currently there are not so many Password Managers that meet all these requirements!
Enpass meets all these requirements and I do not have any serious problems right now.
Before I write down all my passwords on paper, I trust Enpass (It's that simple :))

Sure, the best would be an open source solution with a great GUI that is available for all devices...

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Adding on to @71titan post, 

  • Multiple Vault
  • support attachment for many file extension
  • Variety Cloud sync
  • TOTP Support or even multiple TOTP Support
  • Keyfile for additional Security
  • Linux Support

I tried different Password manager (more than 7 apps), NONE has this features above, and i think Enpass really should do more Marketing to grab the other password manager market and increase revenue.

Enpass if you're reading this post, DO SOME MORE MARKETING EXPOSURElots of ppl are subscribing to useless service, while they can just pay for enpass

PS: I'm just happy user and don't work for Enpass



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