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Box Sync Crash


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I just switched up from Dropbox sync to Box sync due to the stupid 3 device limit on Dropbox.  I got switched over relatively seamlessly on all but one of my devices.

I successfully synced with Box on my home PC (WIN 10 1903), my work PC (Ubuntu 18.04) and my phone (Galaxy S8).

I'm trying to sync with Box on the Windows partition of my work laptop (the same device that's synced on the Ubuntu partition), but every single time I go through the sign-in process Enpass just crashes.

There's hardly anything in the Event Viewer logs other than a warning about Enpass "Restart Manager - Application SID does not match Conductor SID", event ID 10010.

Enpass version on this PC that's failing to sync is

I've run a repair.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled.  I've uninstalled and manually scoured the registry looking for anything related to Enpass and deleted all Enpass related folders I could find before reinstalling.  Nothing works.

Please help!


I'd also like to add that I've tried exporting a backup from my phone and importing it to the desktop app, but it tells me the master password is wrong every time.

I also cannot even set it up as a new user.  I get an error about "Vault location cannot be found change to default location".  I click the "Change to Default" button and it takes me back to the main menu where I'm supposed to choose sync options.  See attached screenshot.


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