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  2. Hi @freibeuter Thanks for reporting this issue. I have noted down this issue and notified the QA team to look into it. Thanks for your cooperation.
  3. Hi @freibeuter Thanks for reporting this issue. I have noted down this issue and notified the QA team to look into it. Thanks for your cooperation.
  4. Hi @nordpol Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please follow the steps mentioned below and revert if still you faces issues in Import/Export. Using .csv format Step 1: Export data from 1Password Before importing your data from 1Password to Enpass, first you need to export your 1Password data in the .csv unencrypted file format. Usually you need the desktop version for respective software to export your data in unencrypted format. Follow these steps to export the data- Open 1Password App. If you’re having data saved in multiple vaults, please select any one vault as 1Password allows to export the data of one vault at a time. Otherwise, you’re good to go. Click on File → Export → All items. Select .csv file format. Select all fields and click the check-mark, include column labels. Choose a name for the .csv file and save it to your desktop. Warning The data exported to unencrypted file is highly insecure and vulnerable. We recommend that you delete the corresponding .csv file as soon as the importing process is finished.
  5. Hey @vadimir9, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. In case if you have purchased previous version (Enpass 5) then you can download the same version of Enpass via following these steps: Go to Windows Store --> Select My Library option under the section of all owned --> There you will get the Enpass app --> Install it. Hope this helps!
  6. Hey @Glenn, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please make sure you are using the correct master password by checking the caps lock off. Also, please try copy and pasting your master password in the password field to check if that works. If the problem persists, please drop us an Email at support@enpass.io along with the these details so that we can help you better. Which cloud services are you using? Have you recently changed your master password? Are you using Enpass on any other devices where you can access all your Enpass data? Does your master password contain any special character? Thanks for your co-operation.
  7. Hey @ChrisS, It would be a great help if you can provide steps to reproduce the issue also please share the screenshot of the problem so that I can check. Thanks!
  8. Hi @nordpol, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please make sure you have selected the correct country in your Windows settings. The purchase dialog pickup the country from the system settings. You can change it via: Go to Windows Settings --> Time & Language --> Region & Language --> change it. Hope this helps!
  9. Hey @gnufied, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please follow these troubleshooting steps mention in this FAQ and let me know if the problem persists. Thanks!
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  11. Hi, I am trying to purchase the premium version (win 10 store) of enpass. I am running my PC (and all software in general) in english. This typically works fine. However, after adding my payment details, the form for the address is prefilled with the country UK (which is wrong). I have already checked my windows profile. This seems to be fine and recocnizes that my prefered language is english but my country of residence is Germany... So there must be something wrong with the windows store linked to the installed enpass version on my PC. (I also only get the price shown in GBP) Kind regards, JS
  12. Hi, I am a new user of enpass and was trying to import my existing data from 1Password. When I choose the recommendet way of creating a .1PIF file then the import wizard is simply not showing it in the folder were it is definetly located. I have already moved the file to c:\tmp\backup.1PIF to ensure that there is no issue with the lenght of the path etc. didn't help. If I try to import the data with the cvs export than the files (including the 1PIF) are shown in the browse dialog. However after the successfull import the "titel" is shown as a additional attribute and the actual titel of each item is empty. Any suggestions on how to get the data transfered into my new environment? Thanks JS
  13. I am using Enpass on Fedora 29 and I think the browser extension is doing something weird to detect my resolution and it shows really small window.
  14. @micsto Could please post your manual proxy configuration (without password), because I've cannot find out a working configuration. Thanks in advance, Lars
  15. On base install of Kubuntu 19.04, Enpass is unable to authorize sync with Dropbox (via Firefox). An error appears when clicking "Authorize" on the Dropbox sync page. I believe this is because newer versions of Kubuntu omit the `desktop-file-utils` package. This can be fixed by running the following commands in terminal: sudo apt install desktop-file-utils sudo update-desktop-database After this, run the sync setup again and it should work.
  16. I installed and started using Enpass in March 2019. I run Windows 10 and always keep it updated. I saved the master password in a One Note document on my PC just in case. I used Empass over several weeks in March and the master password always worked. Now in July when I try to use the same master password I am told it is incorrect. Since I have the password written down I know it is correct. The major thing that has changed between now and then is that I have upgraded Windows to the latest version. I have uninstalled the original version and installed the Windows Store version. I have tried to restore an old backup but encounter the same problem. I am told the master password is incorrect. What can I do?
  17. I had this issue too, probably something with play store or play services. Had to clear data for play store to solve it. Surely the database itself isn't truncated just because it you're back to eval, it's just the view on the mobile devices that's being limited. So you can always view it on a desktop
  18. I try to import my passwords from 1Password V7.3.684 (latest) under Windows 10 without success. 1) the option export as .1pif does not exist 2) If I export as .csv file and try to import it I get the message "nothing to import". Nothing more, no error, nothing imported. Enpass V6.1.1 from Microsoft Store Any suggestions?
  19. Hey @lammoth, Thanks for reporting this issue and sharing the steps. I have noted down this issue in the bug tracker and notified the dev team to look into it. Cheers!
  20. I used Enpass extension on Firefox already a long time. The extension suddenly diasappeared from Firefox (ande Chrome). On installing it again the enpass "assistant cannot find the enpass app". As far as I can see on Chrome it happens there also, but Firefox is my priority. Firefox vs: 68.0. Enpass vs: 5.6.10. I know the newest Enpass vs is 6.0.4, but I am not prepared to update it, because a few monthes ago I had serious troubles with that version (I could not reach my passwords anymore and had to restore the older version of Enpass, it has taken me a lot of time to restore my passwords). I use Kaspersky anti-virus software and Windows Defender Firewall. Please help
  21. Hey guys, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Dark mode in classic theme is highly unusable and have issues that can't be fixed. We never provided dark mode support for classic theme in past but it can be enabled in some cases due to an existing bug (Enable dark mode in Modern and switch to Classic). We have fixed this bug in this version and as a side-effect you will not be able to use it. Thanks!
  22. I ran into a similar issue, and what I had to do to fix, since my browser was using Wayland was start it with: Hopefully they will add proper Wayland support to Enpass soon, but I've since moved on to pass and Browserpass.
  23. Hi Anshu thx for the Response. Please let me know if not exactly clear which functionality I am Looking for
  24. Last week
  25. When I delete an item with a custom icon, that icon disappears also on other items that use it. Note: the screenshots have been taken on Linux (where this bug is also present) just for convenience (clean environment). Create three items with the same custom icon Move "Item 1" to the Trash Right click on the Trash and empty it Quit Enpass (CTRL+Q) Reopen Enpass, the custom icon is now missing on the other items
  26. No more dark mode in classic theme :-(
  27. Hello. I have the HP phone elite x3, Windows 10 mobile. Many years Enpass used. This reinstalled a system and did not find the application in shop. Explain please a situation
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