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    Hi, I think the Passwort Audit is a nice feature, but I have some ideas to improve it. The weak and the duplicate feature is nice, also for example if you import all your new passworts. As I have some assworts, which I can't change it will remaind me that these are weak. But the old feature we can improve in my opion. As I have for each entry a random unique passwort, I will not change them every month. I have more then 200 entries. So it would be great if we can disable only the old feature (not the whole password audit, as we can do it now) or better would be, if we can change the time. For example which passwort is older then 3, 6 and 9 months. Next I store a certain amount of different WLAN-passwords in the category "Computer", which are also showed in the old field. First I can't change and next I don't want to change my WLAN's so often. So it would be great if we can specify, if on the entries of a catogory will done the password audit or not. Cheers, edenhaus
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    Hello I was planning to purchase the product for 3 platforms. but. Installed the free PC client, imported from DATAVAUL, without any issue, but. I realize that Enpass tries to connect to the following URLS (even with SYNC set to NONE): www.google-analytics.com port 80 dl.sinew.in port 80 rest.sinew.in port 80 Are you using any statistics from users? What are those web services you are providing and the client is trying to connect? I really planned to move the database manually between platforms, regularly, I do not like having any cloud password storage. And I do not want the password manager having connected to google or any other web service. Please let me know. Kindly regards and thank you.
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