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    It would be a perfect application if we could create our own templates and import custom logos
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    One thing I loved about 1Password in terms of it's UI was the fact that it grabbed the website favicon for any entries with a URL in them. That would eliminate (or replace) the need for specific icons and having to keep them updated or maintained. I think it'd be a nice addition to the UI for Enpass.
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    I understand that you do not wish to open-source your product, but I am reluctant to use it because of the fact it is closed-source, the company is based in India (yes, this matters) and there is no information about the development team. Have you considered having an independent 3rd-party audit your source-code on a regular basis as a way to gain credibility without open-sourcing your product? Thanks, Gili
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    Allow me to stand on my soap box... I started using Enpass maybe 2 years ago and I have to say, I'm really impressed with the product. I'm a long time KeePass user, was very happy with it and wasn't actively seeking another solution when I came across Enpass maybe 2 years ago. After giving Enpass a solid go, I thought it was pretty neat, moved everything from KeePass to Enpsas and I've been really impressed with the improvements on all platforms since I started using it. The real draw to Enpass for me and others I've shared the product with, is the fact that one doesn't have to sync their data onto Enpass servers or other cloud storage providers. For most people, when they hear that, see the setup I've got going on as well as a demo of the product, they're usually hooked. My employer provides a DashLane Premium account to all employees so I've been kicking the tires on it a bit just because I'm expected to be a subject matter expert on it of sorts. I think DashLane is a slightly different animal compared to Enpass but it does offer some interesting features I'd like to see in Enpass one day. As I thought about checking the forums for these features, it dawned on me: Most of the popular services require with a monthly or annual subscription, while Enpass is free or can be had for a one-time payment starting as little as $4.99. So while I'm trying to do my part to promote Enpass to those I know who are not using a password manager, there's no denying that development requires time & effort (& money ) so I want to know: What can the average Enpass user do to further promote Enpass and/or support Sinew Software?
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    I would like to submit a request for consideration under "Tools". It would be great if there was an option to search for duplicate entries: I do not mean just the username and password, but the actual URL. Not sure how I keep doing it, but I manage to create duplicate entries here and there and this would be a great DB cleanup option for users like me. Otherwise, I seriously love this app! I still use it concurrently with LastPass, but have been more rapidly switching to Enpass for daily use. Thanks for the hard work!
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    It would by nice to have a System wide shortcut like 1Password Mini to quick access enpass in every situation. I would also by nice to full controll the enpass "Mini" by keyboard.
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    Hi @Arthur Rump, Thanks for providing really helpful pointers. We will be including Windows Hello support in next major version.
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    Yes thats great but it would be greater to access the enpass menu bar icon by shutcut. For example: the Mac AppStore asks me for my password, i press alt + Space (for example) the enpass menu is comming up end i can directly start typing "iTunes" and select/copy the password by keyboard. Everything without using the mouse.
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    I hate to sound like a broken record, and I know you all are hard at work... (Android O Beta, and all -- which if you get a chance to try, is pretty dang slick!)... but, any news for the updated Edge extension? I tweeted MSFT the other day and they said that the APIs have been implemented for a little while now. So here are my questions: 1. Any ETA or info regarding when a beta extension running with the new APIs might be available? 2. Will the new Edge extension run with both the UWP and Traditional Windows apps, or just one or the other? 3. If the extension runs with the UWP, will the UWP have to be open and running in order for the extension to work? Or, is it possible to setup the extension to work with an app that is closed... or even make the extension it's own UWP of sorts that has direct access to the database file or the cloud provider where it is stored. (but I digress)... As a Windows Insider and a Beta tester for Enpass I would really like to test the new Extension out. Additionally, like others have said on the forum, I would like to see Enpass working with journalists to market themselves a little better.. you all have a stellar product, and people should know about it. I (and others) would love to contribute to development (after the purchase for various platforms, so some sort of donation system would be nice. And... A security audit would also be really nice... maybe at the same time that you make a marketing push. Like see if MSFT will feature Enpass in the Windows store for a few days, etc. Most of all, thank you to the whole Enpass team for all of your hard work! Your product rocks!
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    It would be really nice if you could copy multiple fields in a password object once so it will be easier to use Enpass in a native application where Enpass not able to autofill. Scenario: 1. You launch ie Spotify application 2. You open Enpass (short key?) 3. You enter Master/Pin code if needed. 4. You enter Spotify in search field 5. You press arrow down to mark Spotify item and copy the item (ctrl+shift+c?) 6. In the Spotify app, first ctrl+v paste username, second ctrl+v paste password
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    Hi @MaxM It's already under development and will be available in any of coming releases. Thanks for your co-operation!
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    Hi @Rutger Glad to know you like Enpass! We are going to add keyfile support in the next major update (Enpass 6). Cheers!
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    To edit an existing login, I have to click the drop-down arrow, then click "Show Enpass", then find the login, then click the Edit button. Why isn't there an edit button right there in the applet menu like in 1Password?
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    Yes, it would be good to hear an update on this. Ideally supported by both the UWP app and the desktop app (maybe using the Desktop Bridge if that would provide the way for it to communicate with Edge).
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    Any news about the Edge browser Extension? Or will this never comes in the near future?
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    Last year the Enpass team already talked about releasing favicons / custom icons. Now it's already a year later and we still don't have it. Enpass is absolutely my favorite password manager, but my only gripe with Enpass compared to 1password or LastPass is that this feature is missing. Is this feature still planned or will I be left waiting?
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    Beside supporting add custom logo/icon then It's awesome if Enpass can get logo/icon from site when user adds new record automaticall or allow user update icon/logo of existing record via "update icon" button. I remmenber 1Password also support this feature.
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    Is it possible that Enpass 5.5.7 has a bug: after minimizing the main window with with the left yellow minimize button in Mac, clicking on the Enpass icon in the dock won't bring back the application. Does anyone have the same problem? Very annoying. A fix would be highly appreciated.
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    Thanks. Good to know. I wrote article about my migration from 1pass to enpass but in polish lang: https://blog.nayma.pl/jak-zmienilem-1password-na-enpass-io/ btw if you need any help let me know.
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    Hi folks! Say HellO to Enpass for Android 'O' We have just released a Beta update v 5.5.5 for Android. This update aims esp Android 'O' users to help us improving the auto-filling using new Android auto-fill framework. For more details check out the blog post. You can grab the Beta version from here. The complete changelog for this beta is Autofill in Android 'O'- Now Android O users can auto-fill in noted apps using new Android auto-fill framework. Also, you can save new logins in the app with the framework. Option to capture screenshot- Added an option in Enpass' Advanced settings to allow you to take screenshots of Enpass screen. Fixes an issue where the search box was being blacked out while auto-filling using Notifications. Other fixes. Enjoy this pre-release and don't forget to share your feedback. Cheers!
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    Hi @Bonsi That's unnatural! One of the possible reason might be that when you are typing the master password, the keyboard layout is somehow changed. To look further into this issue I'm going to need a little help from your side. So, please let me know: Which version (Website or App Store) of Enpass are you using? Which keyboard layout are you using? What is your preferred language in Enpass? Are you using any special characters in your Master Password and have you changed the default location (User document folder) on your PC? Thanks for your co-operation!
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    Same probleme here. Using the WebSite Version and export from 1PW 6.8Beta. On latest 10.12 (MacPro) and 10.13Beta (MBAir)
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    Yes, same problem here. Solution: Right-click on enpass' dock icon, select "Show all windows", then click on the little enpass window. The bug remains a bug, of course.
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    +1 I was trying enpass and I like it. It is very important for me to share vaults. I'm using 1Password right now, but they totally fail with the restriction, not be able to save a vault in the cloud. Once you implement the new feature, we will switch to enpass ;-). Thanks
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    I am using Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon, 64 bit. Browser is Chromium Version 59.0.3071.109 (Developer Build) Built on Ubuntu. The authorization link for Google Drive that you provided me in private message works fine, I'm now able to sync Enpass with Google drive.
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    @Anshu kumar Really appreciate your positive response. Yeh, but eliminating the clipboard usage will be much more secure then auto clearing it. I really hope a little "Fill only" button after update . Thanks you. Have a nice day.
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    When will you improve this? Where do I find the latest desktop and edge extension beta version???
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    Hi @nwinkler Glad to know that you like Enpass This issue has been fixed and will be available to you in the next update. Cheers!
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    Hi @Stahlreck Thanks for reporting this issue. I have noted down this issue and forwarded to dev team to look into it. Till then I request you to please bear with us.
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    After Windows 10 S announcement, i think the Edge-Extension is much more important. Any news regarding this topic?
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    I'm a relativ new Enpass user but satisfied with apps for Windows desktop, UWP and iOS. That I'm missing on the UWP app is a button to copy the field values (like user name, password etc). On classic desktop such a button exist and on iOS a simple copy command is also available. But in the UWP app I had to use the context menu which is working but not comfortable in a touch usage. Would be nice to see this little improvement soon implemented
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    You can use this plugin https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/password-exporter/ Export to csv and import it as Generic CSV/DSV. Do some settings, done.
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    Hi Yan, Sorry to hear about your trouble. We have just tested this issue in our lab and unable to reproduce. One of the possible reason could be installation of any Antivirus/ Firewall that is interfering the localhost connections ( It would be really helpful if you share some more information so that we can investigate where the problem could be. Have you installed any Antivirus/ Firewall/security-related browser extension? Are you using proxy? Are you facing the same problem in other browsers too? Cheers!
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    àuto download of Icons and Logos for sites would be great. safeInCloud already supports this feature. +1