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    One thing I loved about 1Password in terms of it's UI was the fact that it grabbed the website favicon for any entries with a URL in them. That would eliminate (or replace) the need for specific icons and having to keep them updated or maintained. I think it'd be a nice addition to the UI for Enpass.
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    I understand that you do not wish to open-source your product, but I am reluctant to use it because of the fact it is closed-source, the company is based in India (yes, this matters) and there is no information about the development team. Have you considered having an independent 3rd-party audit your source-code on a regular basis as a way to gain credibility without open-sourcing your product? Thanks, Gili
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    Good Morning, I have been using EnPass for a while as my primary password manager and love it. One feature that I would really love to see is a way for EnPass to authenticate me to SSH servers
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    Hello, everybody! I truly understand your concern for a software holding critcal information and not being open sourced or audited by any credible third party agency. Well guys, thanks for all your comments and we've decided to get third party audit of Enpass. But all we need is just some more time as after the upcoming release of Attachments (beta is already there), we'll work on some key features like multiple-vaults with a need of refactoring the core engine, and I think that would be that best time to go for audit, all at once. Till then, please bear with us and all I ask for is your co-operation. Cheers!
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    I don't agree with you. To give you an example: When you buy a software, you normally get a serial-number (which you can already save it in Enpass). But some software are providing a license-file instead of a serial number. This files are very small and I don't want to store dem separate in a encrypted folder. As I have written previously, for bigger data we can use encrypted folder, but license-files or key-files have in opinion the same priority as passwords. Another point is the sync with the cloud. I don't know, how the development-team have implemented the sync function, but nowadays it's possible to sync only the changes between two files. Next today we have highspeed Internet and so the sync takes some seconds. The last point (I don't want to attack you) if this feature is implemented, nobody forces you to use it. So if you don't attach documents to Enpass, the DB of Enpass will stay at the same size as it is now. It's fine that you only store passwords in Enpass, but in my case some files(cert,...) are used to authenticate me on some services. These files are used like passwords and for this reason I also want to store it in the same location as all my other passwords.
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    Hemant, Thank you for your response. I don't think anyone is expecting frequent audits. Once a year or every 3 years should be enough. As to the cost... that's the cost of doing business. The primary reason I skipped over this product was because it was both close-sourced and unaudited. Otherwise, I would have purchased a copy. Gili
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    I would like to submit a request for consideration under "Tools". It would be great if there was an option to search for duplicate entries: I do not mean just the username and password, but the actual URL. Not sure how I keep doing it, but I manage to create duplicate entries here and there and this would be a great DB cleanup option for users like me. Otherwise, I seriously love this app! I still use it concurrently with LastPass, but have been more rapidly switching to Enpass for daily use. Thanks for the hard work!
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    please would like to implement a key or file for authentication beyond just the password ? and can also add 2 -factor authentication to open the keychain sorry bad english
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    Right now, I have Enpass on two different Windows devices (and an Android device but let's leave that out for the moment). The keystore is backed up to Box automagically. Starting condition is that devices and keystore have the same Master Password. On device A, I change the Master Password, which changes it for the local A device and for the synced backup. On device B, I cannot sync unless I give the NEW sync Master Password (from A). However, once it is synced, the Master Password of the device B is still the old password from before. This is totally unintuitive and MUST be changed. If you went through the trouble of updating the Master Password on device B to sync the keystore, it should AUTOMATICALLY change the device's Master Password. But currently it does not. I have to go into settings and once again change the Master Password on device B (which again changes it for the synced backup (but this time the password is the same as it was before (new A password) so you don't have to go through this cycle one more time on device A)). It's all a terrible mess. And add a mobile device into this and it's again even worse because all that I just said applies. You have to put the new password in to sync, and then you have to manually change the local password to match the new sync password you already entered. Terrible terrible user experience and NOT intuitive at all.
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    I'd still recommend to hurry this feature. I've heard many people say that their only reason to not use this program is because it looks 'rather unpolished'. The program is nearly up to par with competitors, but I believe aesthetics play a major role in a buying decision.
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    yes, same arguments by me. Roboform does it with Window Biometric Framework (since Windows 7). Why cant you do this. I have bought your 10 Dollar for you programm but i dont use it with the same arguments as DGage. pit
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    I'm transitioning to enpass from Roboform, which I have used for many years. Roboform has supported FingerPrint unlock in all versions of their Windows client and browser extensions for many years. The lack of this feature in enpass is a gaping gap between enpass and Roboform. It must be possible to fix it -- Roboform does it. Is it on the enpass roadmap? Unless I misunderstand the usefulness of the universal Windows app, I don't think the fingerprint support in it is very interesting to PC users since the Universal app doesn't interact with the broswer extensions, and it's not as full featured as the desktop app.
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    Hi Folks! Recently the Google has announced their upcoming Android version as Android 'O' (still in developer preview). Among all the awesome features, what caught our immediate attention was Autofill framework that lets the password managers to autofill in the apps without using the Android's accessibility services. After this announcement, our product team went into a huddle with the developers to get a reality check of Enpass' compatibility with this API. In our testing, we found Autofill framework working smoothly with Enpass, and here is how it looks. Since, Android O is still in development, so we have to wait till its official release to bake this feature into Enpass which shouldn’t be too far away. Cheers!
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    fprint is the opensource framework for fingerprint readers to work with linux. The Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) provide a framework for system-wide user authentication. By supporting PAM, you could easily support fprint, unlock at login, and more. http://www.linux-pam.org/
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    Hi @Kelvino, Thanks for writing in. This feature has already been in the development phase but at the moment I can't assure you any ETA for this and only can say that it will be available in any of coming releases cycle. Thanks for your co-operation!
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    Hi All, I am really glad to share that Microsoft is working on the required APIs to let applications like Enpass communicate with the Edge browser extension and they have shared a little details with us. Based on those details we have started the development but we will be in a state to announce any ETA only after Microsoft introduce these APIs in one of coming Insider versions. Till then, please bear with us! Cheers
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    Hi @Daniel-san, Thanks for your message. I really appreciate your awareness about the security of your data. In one sentence, I can say that Enpass is not at all affected with this issue. This link states how the passwords from Lastpass were revealed to unknown websites due to logical bug in using regular expressions, while in Enpass we have used proper function provided in SDK to extract the hostname from URL. QString QUrl::host(ComponentFormattingOptions options = FullyDecoded); When you visit any webpage with the URL say http://www.example.com/login/, and click the Enpass extension icon or press the shortcut key for autofilling, the whole URL is passed to main Desktop App which by using the above function extracts the hostname as www.example.com, from which the domain name would be further extracted as example.com. Now the main Enpass App finds the all matching items for example.com and transmits its icon, Title and subtitle to Enpass-Helper (part of Enpass App and not extension). Enpass-Helper display this information to user and waits for user to select the item for autofilling. (This step is bypassed if the user has requested autofill using shortcut key and only single item exists matching for that domain). Upon selection, the information of selected item is passed from Enpass-Helper to Enpass app which further supplies the username and password to Enpass browser extension. All this communication is secure and happens on localhost about which you can read more here in our user manual. As you can see that most of the work is done in Enpass App itself rather than the extension and we keep updating our desktop App on regular basis, so you can confidently use Enpass and its browser extensions. If you still have any doubts, please feel free to share with us. Cheers and have fun with Enpass! Hemant
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    Hi @ProJedi, Unfortunately, it sets the default Login icon for all imported items. I know this sounds a bit wonky, but we will definitely improve our import function in future versions.
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    They miss the important thing : They must add TOTP with Master password for Enpass itself ...
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    Hi @Anshu kumar Today i am update Enpass to 5.5.3 version and my issue was fixed. Thank you.
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    Hi @electrolund Thanks for your suggestion. We do have plans to improve search functionality in next major update of Enpass and will consider your suggestion. Cheers!
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    Hi @PatrickR, Thanks for your suggestion. I have noted down your suggestion in our roadmap and will be available to you in the next major update of Enpass. Cheers!
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    Anybody try to get this working on FreeBSD? I've been looking for some kind of password manager for FBSD that also works on Linux/Windows/Mac, etc.
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    Hi @phg Thanks for writing in. Hopefully before the end of this month. Cheers!
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    As Edge has become Windows 10's default browser, Enpass should have a plugin to work along with. Will this be on schedule?
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    As the title says, whenever I have the extension enabled, if I start chrome and quickly start typing an URL, I get interrupted by lost of focus and have to click back again on the browser to continue typing. Removing the extension fixes the behavior. Enpass 5.5.2, Chrome 57.0.2987.110, Windows 10 x64
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    Hi @Rob C Thanks for your suggestion. I have noted it and we will discuss this feature in our next meeting. Cheers!
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    Hi @cholq Thanks for reporting this issue and I apologize for the inconvenience. We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the next update. Meanwhile to get rid of this issue, please disable the option Match URL hostname from Enpass browser settings. Hope this helps!
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    I conducted some further research. To enable access to the CredentialManager API in a WPF application the following snippet should be added to the .csproj file (inside the <Project> node): <ItemGroup> <Reference Include="System.Runtime.WindowsRuntime, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089, processorArchitecture=MSIL"> <SpecificVersion>False</SpecificVersion> <HintPath>$(MSBuildProgramFiles32)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETCore\v4.5\System.Runtime.WindowsRuntime.dll</HintPath> </Reference> <Reference Include="Windows"> <HintPath>$(MSBuildProgramFiles32)\Windows Kits\10\UnionMetadata\Facade\Windows.WinMD</HintPath> </Reference> <Reference Include="Windows.Foundation.FoundationContract"> <HintPath>$(MSBuildProgramFiles32)\Windows Kits\10\References\Windows.Foundation.FoundationContract\\Windows.Foundation.FoundationContract.winmd</HintPath> </Reference> <Reference Include="Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract"> <HintPath>$(MSBuildProgramFiles32)\Windows Kits\10\References\Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract\\Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract.winmd</HintPath> </Reference> </ItemGroup> With these references, I was able to add Windows Hello to a WPF application. Conversion to a Store-app via the Centennial bridge isn't required in this case. Hope this helps a bit!
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    Hi @korg250, The Enpass Extension version 5.3.4 already supports multithreading. Release date of extensions on Firefox store is actually the date when a new version is submitted for review and not the exact publish date. So when we wrote to you last time it was in queue for review and later was published with a time stamp of submission date. Hope this helps!
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    As I understand your problem, you're having hard time keeping track which entries have already been categorized into a folder and which haven't. In this case I'd do the following. The key to this approach is that an entry can only reside in one folder. So I'd first create some folder TEMP, put all entries there and then start moving them one by one to their actual dedicated folders. As you do that, you'll see they'll start disappearing from the TEMP folder. Hope this helps!
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    Sure. Please let me know if you want me to test something. Thank you for your quick reply.
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    Hi @Matthias Buesing, Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that we have already working with Google to allow Enpass extension to auto-fill in Chrome browser on the iOS devices, and once approved autofill on Chrome for iOS will work like Safari and Firefox. Cheers!
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    Welcome aboard Chromebook-ers! Well, I've some exciting news to share with you. The much awaited Enpass for Chromebooks, yes the one you've been waiting for so long, is now officially available on Google Play. Now its time for you guys to get your hands on Enpass, the world's first offline password manager for Chromebooks and free your mind from those messy passwords. There's another good news for our existing pro users of Enpass for Android, the Chromebook version is coming free for you guys! cheers! One more thing, the important one, we've also released a specially designed extension, the Chromebook Connector to let you autofill all your logins, Credit card details in your Chromebooks. To know more, just go through the blog and User-manual for Chromebook. Well, download and have fun with the all new Enpass for your Chromebooks.. and let us know how you feel about this update in the comments below. Happy Enpassing. Cheers!
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    I would be VERY careful with passports and similar gov-issued documents, depending where you live, storing these can be illegal, especially in print-quality. and for other things like a credit card it might be that it's against the contract especially since the check number on the back is supposed to make sure that the card is "present" during the transaction. also you can get an application that's made for storing files, like veracrypt, steganos or similar solutions. Enpass is supposed to be a password manager and not a file safe.
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    Thanks for trying to kill my argument... Where do you store the print-quality PDF with scans of your passport or of other personal documents? I don't want to store those unencrypted on a cloud drive. I want to store them where I keep everything else personal - in my Enpass vault. As I said, for most users the 200kb limit it reasonable. But please give us a way to remove this limit. Make this option very well hidden if you want.
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    Hi Anshu, that resolved the issue. Thank you!
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    Hi @Anshu After the last update of Chrome plugin (5.4.1), everything works fine. Thanks
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    Hi @Rooco Thanks for reporting this issue and I apologize for the inconvenience. I have noted the website for further testing and will try to fix asap. Till then I request you to please co-operate with us. Thanks for your co-operation!
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    I noticed recently the program doesn't popup credentials on a website when I try logging in, and later when I visit a different website it'll bring up the credentials from the previous website. It just started happening last week.
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    Is there a way to configure Enpass, to automatically fill the login form, without having to press Ctrl+/ ? If there's only one set of credentials for a website, then there's no reason to select anything. The only available credentials should be filed automatically. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
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    Hello Since we now have file attachments option, it would be nice to have a tab where we could see / browse all attachments, so we can delete the ones that are too big or not necesary anymore. So overall a better file management. Thanks
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    Hello When viewing the contents of a category, let's say a website which has a login user and password field, there is also a whole line below the password which suggests the password strenghts (weak, good, etc). However, that is being displayed all the time and takes a lot of space. I understand it to be present in Edit mode, when we add the password, but it would be great to not have it displayed all the time or maybe a switch to turn it off or on. This only appears for Password field type, for text, numeric, etc it does not appear. Having a marker like this makes sense, but only in Edit mode, there is no need to have it there all the time, maybe only have it appear when the password is weak, but when it's strong it could go away / hide. Thanks
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    Hello, in KeePass I have a very large database (2462 entries). But 70% of them don't have a password (just are bookmarks). So please add a checkbox "Only import entries that contain passwords". In KeePass I have many folders and subfolders, so I would just start importing one folder an then continue with the next folder. Now I have to export one single folder from KeePass, import it in Enpass and then continue with the next folder. It would be easier when you show a tree view of my KeePass folder structure and let me select single folders that should be imported. This way I just nee to to the export ONCE and then I can import folder by folder. Regards OLLI
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    Hey, I've started using Enpass some months ago and I absolutely love it! I switched from LastPass and Enpass is so much better! They only significant problem I have with Enpass is the URL detection, which is quite weak to be honest. I would love to see future improvements where the URL detection consider the port, subdomain and folder. For example my homeserver has multiple websites on different ports, but Enpass shows me anywhere every single password item. Thanks.
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    If I may offer my opinion. I am happy to pay reasonable license costs for software. I am happy to pay again for major releases eg version 5.xx to version 6.xx. I think your current pricing is at the low end when compared to competitors of similar products. ie products under ongoing development, with ready access to techical support, user forums etc. But if your happy with your pricing model it thats fine by me as long as it means you can continue developing and supporting Enpass. I dont like (and so far have avoided) paying monthly 'subscription' fees for any software. I wont use a password manager that mandates customers store their data on their controlled servers. Why? ...For me, I do not want to be put my login data, credit card information, banking access codes etc on honeypot of servers and I see no advantage that compells me to take a risk and add my data to such a hacker target. I appreciate that I can sync my devices via iCloud or Box or Onedrive etc..... please dont change this ability.
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    Hi Mark, Thanks a lot for dropping a note. With a paid mobile app (we’ve kept desktop apps on all platform free to promote the use of password managers without a barrier to entry), our focus is in getting more individual users every month – new users as well as those who are jumping between platforms. Since we have to acquire new users every day, our product team stays on toes to deliver better security as well as seamless user experience with each update across the board. Also, we do have plans to work on a subscription model for small and medium businesses as well as enterprise customers. It’s still in the works, but would grow in parallel to the consumer version which will always offer the best password manager experience that you’ve loved. Thanks once again for your kind words. Feel free to contact me for any queries.
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    Thanks @Arthur Rump, noted. Need some time research it further. Will keep you posted.
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    Really waiting for the UWP version of Enpass to be able to do this as well - the Windows Hello integration and touch-friendly UI is really useful for me on some devices.
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    HI @igorlt, Thanks a lot for showing interest in Enpass translation for Brazilian Portuguese. At the moment we are busy with adding more features and product development. We will let you know once we are ready with adding more translations. Thanks again