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    I am currently creating many templates. I got the idea that it would be nice if you could share it with other Enpass users. Is there a way to export or import the templates? Then everyone could publish their templates here in the forum and make them available to others. This would create a large template database for the Enpass community. It would also be great if you could create templates from existing entries. I have taken over a lot of entries from 1Password. I would like to make a template out of such an entry - of course without content.
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    Please position the text left oriented using the complete space. It requires a much too big window right now to get an exceptional size of details, leaving a lot of space totally empty. Thanks a lot. Why
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    I love the password creator tool with its recipe guide. Really great. The symbol exclusion area is helpful, but often on websites (if you're lucky), there will be a list of only symbols that are allowed, not excluded. So it can be very difficult to write out all the symbols not allowed in their list. It would be so, so great to have two options (perhaps a checkbox to toggle between), for allow only or don't allow these symbols.
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    Thank you. Pratyush Sharma! Kind regards /hans peter
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    @Garima Singh It's worked. Thank you.
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    dear garima, thank you also for listening and improving the app! and please do not forget the bigger notes field in edit mode! best wishes, kai
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    Garima, thank you very much for your quick and effective response. Method 1 worked like a charm... PWManager
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    Hi @portboy We understand your urgency with the release of a stable version of portable. However, we don't have a tentative release date yet, but we will try our best to release it in 2020. Thanks
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    "in the future" or "available soon" You mean in 2020 oder more 2021? Sry for this, but the only answers we got in the last month are phrases with a little bit hope for .. for my side I think, nothing will happen.
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    5 months and NO answer! Folks, Enpass seems to be dead. Let's go and find something new. RIP!
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    Hi @spieler5_dave I've found a support ticket you created. To prevent a duplication of efforts, let's continue there. Thanks.
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    Enpass App crashes on both deviced (iphone and ipad) directly afte ropening it
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    Awesome! Thanks for looking into it and for the continued updates. Looking forward to the fix I'll update here when this is fixed in the future. Thanks!
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    @qgvrt Update We found this issue and our Dev team is looking into it. Hopefully, fix will be available in the subsequent update(s). Thanks.
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    Hi @Sander, Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. We have noted down your valuable suggestion and forwarded it to the concerned team for further consideration. Thanks for your feedback!
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    I just bought my kid a Samsung A50 and wanted to use Enpass with the face recognition but it appears that just fingerprint is working. Because we are using protective film like panzerglass to protect the display of the phone the fingerprint can’t be used. Is there any plan to release face recognition as well? Best regards, peter
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    I found this answer which basically says to disconnect sync and then set it up again and it worked for me. https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/sync/i-am-getting-error-while-sync-what-can-i-do/
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    Turns out the network card in my computer was turning off and on preventing Enpass from getting a good connection. As a test, I added a wireless connection, and Enpass synced immediately. No reply necessary
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    @ki5678olr6tgk, In this case you can use the option "Save as Webform" which will let you save multiple form fields. The Save webform can be accessed by opening the website and then using the menu towards left in the Enpass browser extension. You can learn more about it here. If you still face any issues, please share the URL with us so that we can assist you better.
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    Hello @totkeks, I appreciate you sharing this and posting it over the forums. I've forwarded this to our dev team for further thoughts and inputs. If we have a plan for this, I'll update it.
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    Hey @ttmcmurry, I really like the idea and appreciate the feedback. I can’t make any promises, on whether this gets implemented other than to say that I’ll bring it up with the rest of the team for further consideration. Thanks.
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    Hi @T-Bone, Thanks for writing in. When you save a new entry on a device, it gets added on the local database and then on the cloud account with which Enpass sync is set up. It doesn't reflect on remaining devices (syncing with the same cloud) until you open Enpass on the other devices. This is because the sync on remaining devices triggers after the decryption of the Enpass database(on unlocking Enpass). The functionality is to decrypt the fetched encrypted item from the cloud because the cloud is just a storage medium, and no encryption/decryption of data takes place on the cloud.
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    This really needs to be done!!! To make things even worse there's a limit on the number of characters you can enter in the excluded characters field that is less the number of symbol characters making it impossible to exclude all disallowed symbols on some websites. I now have to play password roulette to get a usable generated password for at least one site that requires one of ~$@!, but doesn't allow any other symbols.
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    Hi @Yevhen Kushnir, Thanks for sharing the details. I have noted down the issue and notified the concerned team to look into it. Thanks!
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    At least on the Mac client, the OTP is automatically copied into the clipboard by enpass, so that after logging in, you simply have to Control-V the OTP. It doesn't work like this on the Android client, which I would love to see.
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    Hi @yerled, Since you are using Enpass 6 on Mac and Enpass 5 on Linux, both are based on a different architecture so you seeing two different files on your cloud. So, to test the sync functionality, you’d need to install the Enpass 6 on your Linux as well. Also, have a look at this FAQ to restore Enpass 5 data into Enpass 6. Thanks!
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    Hi @Matis, Thanks for the valuable feedback. It's been duly noted and shared with the development team for further consideration.
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    Hello @Lukasaz1999, Sometimes a simple restart of the system troubleshoots the issue. In case if that doesn't help, try the following steps: Open app and click Menu bar > File > Backup > Save it. Reinstall the app. Create a new database and enable sync. Check and let me know if you still encounter any problem.
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    Hello Enpassians, We have been getting sync with OneDrive business request from the last couple of years. But the APIs were not straightforward and hindered us from implementing it. Recently, there have been some changes to the API because of which things have been sorted out. Our dev team has already started working on it, and hopefully, it will be supported in the future updates. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Thanks!
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    Hi, it would be good to add in the autofill feature of Enpass for Android, the support for the new Vivaldi browser (still in beta). It currently works, but websites are not recognized, I manually need to search for them in the password store.
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    First off, love Enpass, thank you. Secondly, I'd also like this feature. I've found that the Enpass feature to restrict specific special characters in passwords has been at times beneficial. However, it has been my experience that more websites will tell me a specific list of allowed special characters for passwords. This becomes an exercise of trying to enter the inverse list (all the "not allowed" characters) into Enpass for those websites. Then afterwards, having to remember to remove that list for the next time I create an account. It would be be very helpful if, in addition to the "Exclude Symbols" text box for generating passwords there was a second "Use Only These Symbols" text box. Although it isn't anything where the product is technically not capable, it does create an emotional "uggg, not again" feeling that centers on the product as much as the website.
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    When I create a password with symbols on it I found issues with websites (many) that only accept certain symbols. It is quite annoying to have to replace the symbols manually. In theory I could write in Enpass the Symbols to exclude but generally I do not know which are they. Website usually give you the opposite information, the allowed symbols. Therefore I would like to see an input field for the allowed symbols.
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    Hey guys, please do not play the same game again as with the initial version. If you offer a portable version, you must also support it. Or you have to cancel it! This is very unsatisfying for everyone. Again!
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    The Browser shortcut doesn't work for Account Alias Login Pages on AWS Console. I have to click off of the input then the shortcut works. I am using Chrome 76.0.3809.100 and Enpass 6.1.3 (420) on Mac 10.14.6 I can't paste the link to it as it has a token it in. So you can get to that login page by going to: https://console.aws.amazon.com/ Then adding a random account ID like "happy" then click next. There you will see a login with 3 fields. Account ID, IAM User, and Password. Whenever on that page with one of the fields having focus the Shortcut doesn't do anything. For now I am just clicking off of the inputs, but it is annoying. It may be an issue of AWS blocking it or something, but I have many accounts that I need to use for it and would really appreciate some insight. Also AWS is a huge company and has tons of users, so this should be of high interest. Thanks
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    Any timetable for "available soon" ? br portboy
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    Syncing with iCloud on 6.1.0 (390), running latest version of Mac OS. However, I'm getting iCloud Session Expired every time I log back in and would need to re-authenticate to iCloud every time. It didn't use to be like this.
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    At this point Enpass works on "most" distributions, but not on all of them. Also, there is the need to add a repository and then install the application. My request is to make Enpass available as a AppImage, snap or flatpak. This way the support for Linux can be improved! I would suggest to use AppImage or Flatpak, since snap = canonical controlled.
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    Hey @John Welty, Currently, Enpass for Desktop supports autofill only in the browser for the app it's already in our roadmap for the future version. Thanks!
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    WebDav solution via Synology WIN / IOS Hello everybody, Since I was also facing the problem and did not really get help here, I'll tell you now, how it works under Synology to 100% !!! Before a small remark: The service on WebDav was really not good of you and constantly to refer to a demo account and then not even a normal WebDav connection over other WebDav programs made to get though everything is running very clearly shows that in the case just did not put your prio! It was so annoying that you almost lost me as a customer, but now yes !!! Changes to the previous version: Apparently what has changed in the resolution of the local folder paths and thus always comes the error that he can not access! Solution: Create a shared folder "Enpass". Then I created another folder per user, for example "Test" The internal path looks like this: \ Volume1 \ Enpass \ Test \ Now very important, now you put again a folder at the Enpass means: / Volume1 / Enpass / Test / Enpass / In the folder "Test" you put your tresor / file: vault.enpassdbsync The final path for the user "test" will look like this: /volume1/Enpass/Test/Enpass/vault.enpassdbsync Respite ... ;-) In order for access to work on Enpass then the https must look like this (here it gets exciting and the actual error is visible): https: // example. DYNDNS.net:5001/Enpass/Test/ important here is the specification of the port. If you have specified an individual port, of course, just enter this port there ;-). Of course, in DSM the user who defines it will give the read / write permission to the shared folder and also the WebDav right under programs. That's it, it works! Either the team picks up the hint and corrects their faq or corrects the procedure. no matter what you do, please inform us about it so that we do not face the problem again that it will not work! Small note: Thus, you can create multiple safes / users and synonymous synonymous via WebDav Syncronieren. I have always created the user folder and the folder underneath if I already had a vault. I then put the vault in the Enpass folder as described above. I apologize for the bad translation, my english is cruel. If you have any questions I will try to answer them in English, but in German it would be much easier :). many Greetings Seger --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WebDav Lösung per Synology WIN/IOS Hallo zusammen, da ich auch vor dem Problem stand und hier nicht wirklich hilfe bekommen habe, teil ich euch nun mit, wie es unter Synology zu 100% funktioniert!!! Vorher noch eine kleine Bemerkung: Der Service zum Thema WebDav war echt nicht gut von euch und ständig auf ein DemoKonto zu verweisen und dann noch nicht einmal eine normale WebDav Verbindung über andere WebDav Programme hergestellt zu bekommen obwohl alles läuft zeigt sehr deutlich, dass ihr in dem Fall einfach nicht eure Prio gelegt habt! Das war so nervig das ihr mich fast als Kunden verloren habt, aber nun ja!!! Änderungen zur Vorversion: Anscheinend hat sich was an der Auflösung der lokalen Ordnerpfade geändert und somit kommt immer der Fehler das er nicht zugreifen kann! Lösung: Gemeinsamer Ordner "Enpass" erstellen. Dann habe ich pro User einen weiteren Ordner erstellt zum Beispiel "Test" Der interne Pfad sieht dann so aus: \Volumen1\Enpass\Test\ Jetzt ganz wichtig, jetzt legt Ihr nochmal einen Ordner an der Enpass heißt: /volume1/Enpass/Test/Enpass/ In den Ordner "Test" legt ihr eure tresor / file: vault.enpassdbsync Der finale Pfad für den Benutzer "Test" sieht dann wie folgt aus: /volume1/Enpass/Test/Enpass/vault.enpassdbsync Atempause ... ;-) Damit der Zugriff dann bei euch über Enpass funktioniert muss die https wie folgt aussehen (hier wird es spannend und der eigentliche Fehler wird sichtbar): https://Beispiel. DYNDNS.net:5001/Enpass/Test/ wichtig ist hier die Angabe der port angabe. Wenn ihr einen individuelle Port angegeben habt tragt diesen port da natürlich einfach ein ;-). In DSM dem Benutzer den ihr definiert natürlich das Lese/Schreibrecht auf den gemeinsamen Ordner geben und auch das WebDav Recht unter Programmen. Das war es, es läuft! Entweder nimmt das Team den Hinweis auf und korrigiert ihre faq oder korrigiert die vorgehensweise. egal was ihr macht, bitte informiert uns darüber, damit wir nicht wieder vor dem Problem stehen, dass es nicht geht! Kleine Notiz: Somit könnt ihr mehrer Tresore / Benutzer anlegen und entsprechend auch über WebDav Syncronieren. Den Benutzer Ordner und den darunter hängenden Ordner habe ich immer selbst erstellt wenn ich schon einen Tresor hatte. Den Tresor habe ich dann wie oben beschrieben in den Enpass Ordner gelegt. Ich entschuldige mich für die schlechte Übersetzung, mein englisch ist grausam. Wenn ihr Fragen habt versuche ich die in englisch zu beantworten, aber in Deutsch würde es mir sehr viel leichter fallen :). Viele Grüße Seger
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    Hello, I think being able to sync multiple vaults with one cloud would be a big benefit! I love the idea of multiple vaults in Enpass, but having to use different clouds is a bit of a pain - I would like to have them all in one place. Could you please add support of multiple vaults for the same cloud? Thanks!
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