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    Alright, hopefully you can utilize the new Autofill API in Android O announced yesterday to have this integrated into any app in the future, without the requirement of using your browser or keyboard. Not that I don't appreciate the effort, but I don't want to be locked into an ecosystem I can't control. https://developer.android.com/preview/features/autofill.html https://github.com/googlesamples/android-AutofillFramework
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    One thing I loved about 1Password in terms of it's UI was the fact that it grabbed the website favicon for any entries with a URL in them. That would eliminate (or replace) the need for specific icons and having to keep them updated or maintained. I think it'd be a nice addition to the UI for Enpass.
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    Thank you for this long awaited and super helpful update! I love using Touch ID to unlock Enpass, but I think as of now it is missing a crucial feature: the Touch ID prompt does not open at once when I use the app. Instead of click icon -> finger on Touch ID -> app unlocked the current workflow looks like this: click icon -> move mouse over fingerprint icon -> click -> finger no Touch ID -> app unlocked which is quite unsatisfying as it takes longer than entering my Masterpassword. It would be super useful if either Touch ID is prompted directly or can be activated via a keyboard shortcut as a workaround (enables implementation in BetterTouchTool shortcuts). Greetings, Markus
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    Hi Guys, Just an update that we have fixed this issue in the recent beta release and soon we will roll out stable version hopefully by the end of this month. Cheers!
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    It would be great if when you create a login for a website that Enpass would use the icon from that website, instead of the ones that you have in the database.
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    Third Party Audit on the way, Attachments in Beta, multiple vaults coming too....Well that is all good news. Great to see Enpass responding to customers in such a positive way.
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    Hi @KingKazma89, Thanks for writing in. The suggested feature is already in the development phase and will be available in next update. Cheers!
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    Hello, everybody! I truly understand your concern for a software holding critcal information and not being open sourced or audited by any credible third party agency. Well guys, thanks for all your comments and we've decided to get third party audit of Enpass. But all we need is just some more time as after the upcoming release of Attachments (beta is already there), we'll work on some key features like multiple-vaults with a need of refactoring the core engine, and I think that would be that best time to go for audit, all at once. Till then, please bear with us and all I ask for is your co-operation. Cheers!
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    1Password do it correctly, this is why I returned to use 1Password, I like enpass more than all others and I like to support smaller companies, but 1Password is working perfectly for me and enpass has various bugs and missing functions, for example it cannot save additional fields and in Facebook it saves the info correctly but when filling it writes the info in the sign up section instead of sign in section. I hope enpass fix those issues soon because I really like it.
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    Hello, I am very new to Enpass (just created a sample entry). So I wonder if I can add an identity (my personal information like name, address, phone numbers, etc) and this information can be used to fill forms on the internet. Regards OLLI
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    Along with open sourcing, external audits which has already been asked for, i'd really like to be able to opt out of google analytics and (other?) tracking mechanism. this is a password vault, it feels sorta creepy
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    It would be a perfect application if we could create our own templates and import custom logos
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    Yeah! I was very much looking forward to this feature. Now i can finally switch from 1password. Awesome work, guys, thank you very much. You'll get a payment of a mobile app from me very soon (or at least, Google will get it and forward it to you some time)
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    Just uploaded 1-2 attachments of ID cards and code cards to the attachments and it works fantastic.....thanks so very very much for this great amendment !!!!!!
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    Hi @JKN Thanks and welcome aboard! We have just release a stable Enpass update v5.5 with Attachment support. It's just an introduction of attachment feature and it has a size limitation of 200 Kb. And this limitation hinders us from adding the attachment import . Although, we are constantly working to improve this feature and will try to make the data import as smooth as possible. The option to import the attachments from 1Password is already in our road-map and will be available in future versions. So for now, the best work around is to manually add the attachments to the imported items. Thanks for your understanding.
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    Would be great to have this feature. I also want to see that any kind of files will be accepted to be attached. If this feature is on I'll entirely switch from 1Password. Hopefully the import will also support already stored attachments from 1Password!?
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    Got it to work! So I enabled 2FA AND removed all trusted computers from Microsoft Account. After that all UWP apps started to work (after reauthenticate) and all the desktop app had to first disconnect from Onedrive and reconnect. That's it. Now everything works! (So many new items created in every device and checked that every item gets to every device and app) Thank you for your help, @Anshu kumar!
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    Until this has been adjusted to be dynamic for themes, can it be entirely set statically so that it is at least readable?
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    I've solved my own problem. I don't know what caused it, but I uninstalled, deleted the 'My Documents\Enpass' folder, plus sub folders, then reinstalled. Its working fine now. -- Pete
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    Looks that the problem has been solved for me with Enpass 5.5.0 (79) I haven't seen more crashes while unlocking Enpass Thanks a lot
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    OK fixed - disabling it in Enpass alone and re-enabling again did the trick. I didn't have to do anything with Windows Hello in my System Settings (actually didn't want to, since I've used the Improve Recognition feature a few times and didn't want to lose all that it learned.) Thanks for the help.
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    Surface Pro 4 and Lumia 950 I thought Enpass was able to startup fresh and use Windows Hello on the Surface Pro 4 but recently I'm seeing that it starts up and only asks for the Master Password. If I lock the app and go back in, it will use Windows Hello. Is this a change? or am I missing a setting for it to use Windows Hello all the time? I realize that the Lumia needs the Master Password the first time.
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    Hi Guys, We have recently rolled out Enpass beta version with a fix to this issue. Could you please try and see if it helps? Cheers!
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    Hi @Kelvino, Thanks for writing in. This feature has already been in the development phase but at the moment I can't assure you any ETA for this and only can say that it will be available in any of coming releases cycle. Thanks for your co-operation!
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    Looks that the problem has been solved for me with Enpass 5.5.0 (79) Thanks a lot
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    I still have the same problem with 5.5 and build 15048 but the Enpass team did work through it with me on an older build. The conclusion was it was broken by changes made by Microsoft. Since it works for some I guess there may be some other effects at play too.
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    +1 Hi all, Enpass=great tool. It took me a long time to find a product like this. But according to the previous writers, the feature for opening multiple vaults (including open different vaults simultaniously and in the mobile APP) is very important for me too. I'm very willing to pay extra money for it as a pro feature. Many thanks for your good developent work enpass team
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    please would like to implement a key or file for authentication beyond just the password ? and can also add 2 -factor authentication to open the keychain sorry bad english
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    Hi Anshu, thanks so much for answering. I'll be waiting. Cheers!
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    You guys are awesome and thank you very much for your honesty and willingness to fix issues so quickly. Many developers hide, lie and make excuses of why flaws should be considered no big deal. I look forward to all updates and thank you again for an amazing product!
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    Hi Anshu, Thanks a lot for your response. I'll look forward to when you migrate Enpass data to its own app folder. Regards, Steffan
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    Hi @ericchaffey, Thanks for writing to us with your concern and thanks to all the security researchers who spent their time in finding the flaws. Out of all the vulnerabilities mentioned by researchers only the following two are slightly affecting the security while using Enpass and we will fix them in next update. HTTP URL by default. In any item's URL field, if the user hasn't mentioned the protocol, then clicking on the URL from details page will open the link using 'http' protocol. Please add https:// prefix to your urls explicitly until a fix is available. Subdomain password leakage. To be on safer side, we do autofill in a website only after you select a item manually and we do check domain name of the url to be matched against item url. But this still affects Enpass on Android while autofillig on the websites where a subdomain can be obtained publicly i.e. wordpress.com. To avoid this situation in Android, we will add a setting as Match URL hostname like in our desktop versions. Till than we advice you to be extra cautious while autofilling in such sites. None of the other bug affects Enpass. But I would like to exclusively mention that Enpass is also not affected by some of the nasty bugs found by them. Insecure credential storage in app's private folder. Your data is 100% encrypted with Enpass and neither your master password nor derived password is stored anywhere in plaintext or encrypted using a hardcoded key. In case you enable fingerprint to unlock your database your master password is stored securely by Android OS itself. Read more about how we store it in Android. Read Private Data From App folder. We do not allow file:/// urls to be opened in our built-in browser, so there is no question a attacker can get hold of any file from private data folder. Once again, I thank you for writing to us with your doubts and I hope this helps. Cheers!
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    Oh, that's great, I'll change the next days ;-)
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    Hi @Eduard Bosch, Thanks for writing back and I apologize for the inconvenience. Our dev team is looking into this issue and I'll get back to you soon. Till then I request you to please co-operate with us.
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    Enpass can import data from 1Password. Enpass Manual: https://www.enpass.io/docs/desktop/import_1password.html
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    Hello @EasilyAmused, Thanks a lot for loving Enpass and sharing your experience. Sharing of fields among various items is indeed a good feature and can really save a lot of time when you have to keep multiple items with same credentials like various Microsoft and Google services accounts or there could be various bank accounts having multiple debit cards but same login credentials. We have noted it in our roadmap to introduce in any of future versions. In fact, all they belong to same account, so for now in Enpass you can create a single item with multiple URL fields (one for each service), with a must-have field with login URL for autofilling i.e accounts.google.com for Google services as login to all their services is done through same page. Keep using Enpass with all your suggestions and feedback to help us in overall improvement of Enpass. Cheers!
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    @Vinod Kumar just become someone can unlock ones device with the fingerprint doesn't mean that you can't make a more secure implementation than android itself does for the ENTIRE database of credentials stored for an Enpass user. No one is arguing about the security of the fingerprint key itself. The whole issue is that you can use the fingerprint to initialize Enpass which is WRONG WRONG WRONG. You should require the master password for the FIRST unlocking of Enpass after having been killed or the device restarted. Just like it is with a PIN. Even Android itself does NOT allow you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint after a reboot or starting the device. It requires a PIN or Password. And I could easily argue that access to the phone itself is not NEARLY as bad as access to the ENTIRE database of secured passwords and other information held in the Enpass database. So please reconsider, because your reasoning is very poor indeed. It sounds more like laziness to me than care for the security of your customers and product. Remember, we are paying customers, some at $10 or $20 dollars. We are not free-loaders. Dismiss your paying users' concerns at your own peril.
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    Hi @Zach, Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I have penned down your suggestion for consideration. Keep suggesting!
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    Hi @Vinod Kumar as others here have said, these are pretty major issues for a security app company. Please prioritize these fixes and get an update out as soon as possible.
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    Hi, I am a new user of Enpass -- just trying the Linux and Android versions for the first time. I came to the forums because I noticed two issues on Android that gaetawoo already highlighted above. This definitely must be fixed ASAP! The fingerprint is a convenience feature, but it is much less secure than a secret like the master password. Fingerprints are quite easy to forge. If an attacker gets hold of my phone and if they are careful, they can already find a template for a fake fingerprint on the glassy surfaces of the phone. That's why Enpass should really reset to requiring the master password to be entered instead of a fingerprint after some time (like 30 minutes) has passed or after a reboot. As it stands now, one can only discourage all users from using Enpass with the fingerprint feature. I was really surprised by this behavior. The Swype keyboard just shows character after character in clear text in its suggestion bar, while entering the master password! This usually does not happen with password entry fields. It wasn't this bad with the stock Sony Xperia keyboard on my phone. Please fix these security problems! Apart from these issues Enpass really looks to be the nicest cross platform solution I have seen so far.
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    Hi @Programie I can understand your curiosity and interest to learn about our business model since we do not charge for our desktop apps, and do not have an on-going subscription for mobile apps but here we are doing well to feed our families here. In the last couple of years, Enpass has gained a lot of trust among the users and has been featured in media. This trust, our consistent effort in bringing the best password management experience to all platforms, and the increased media attention has helped us in increasing the sale of our mobile apps and that's what keeping the finances in green. Also, to increase our revenue we do have other plans to tailor Enpass for enterprises.
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    Right now, I have Enpass on two different Windows devices (and an Android device but let's leave that out for the moment). The keystore is backed up to Box automagically. Starting condition is that devices and keystore have the same Master Password. On device A, I change the Master Password, which changes it for the local A device and for the synced backup. On device B, I cannot sync unless I give the NEW sync Master Password (from A). However, once it is synced, the Master Password of the device B is still the old password from before. This is totally unintuitive and MUST be changed. If you went through the trouble of updating the Master Password on device B to sync the keystore, it should AUTOMATICALLY change the device's Master Password. But currently it does not. I have to go into settings and once again change the Master Password on device B (which again changes it for the synced backup (but this time the password is the same as it was before (new A password) so you don't have to go through this cycle one more time on device A)). It's all a terrible mess. And add a mobile device into this and it's again even worse because all that I just said applies. You have to put the new password in to sync, and then you have to manually change the local password to match the new sync password you already entered. Terrible terrible user experience and NOT intuitive at all.
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    Hi I use enpass on my Android phone and I've got two problems : - when you use enpass to fill something with the keyboard, the second time you open the Keyboard it forget the website. For example I use it to open my account an Amazon, the first time I choose Amazon on enpass keyboard but the second time, when I need to enter totp, I must choose Amazon on the enpass list again. Maybe the hability to define a timer before reset the keyboard ? - when I choose enpass keyboard, it remains that way even after when I just need to type text (where I use Gboard,) Is it possible to automatically move to another keyboard when the time above is done ? Thank for reading
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    I'd like to share some logins with other people. As I understand the feature currently, I'm only able to send a login to someone and he han import it to his own enpass application/vault. Whenever I change the password or alter something else in this login, the data in the other vault is not updated. enpass should offer a possibility for a "two-way-share". This could i.e. be achieved with the ability of having multiple password vaults, one could then be shared with someone else. For example through a shared OneDrive folder or so...
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    I am running the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview and have not been able to get the extension to work. I get the option when I right click a username/password entry but nothing happens when I click it (just closes the context menu). This has been the same with the older 5.3.1 beta and the latest 5.4 beta.
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    Hi @h4waii, The decision of 24000 iterations was taken few year back to ensure compatibility between all possible supported devices without any significant effect on performance . Now every device has more computing power and we certainly need to upgrade number of iterations. We are planning a major UI/database/sync engine redesign of Enpass next year, that will be perfect time to implement this.
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    When there is an app or a website where Enpass Notification autofill doesn't work, I would like to able to copy the fields manually from the popup window. I also don't want to switch to the Enpass Keyboard for this purpose. I think that would be a good alternative. Maybe you like the idea ..
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    Hi @DustinDauncey, Here we are planning to introduce a rich icon support for URLs and of course, our team is putting vast efforts to deliver the best. At the moment I can't confirm any ETA. Keep suggesting. Thanks a lot
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    Hello, Thanks for your suggestions. These are among the most demanding features from our users and in our pipeline for development. Identity filling has already been implemented whereas we are near to start working on custom and rich icons. After some of the coming major updates, we will start working on it and will deliver really fast. Thanks.