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    The issue has been fixed now! Guys, we deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you with an understanding of the situation there with you where every time you have to see the flash of Enpass helper (as extension window). But truly speaking this was a very nasty bug hidden behind the layers of OS causing the extension to go out of scope if the browser was started after the Enpass. And while in process of fixing this issue we were in such an unsettling situation that we were not able to update you with any expected ETA. Well, this weekend we made ourselves to resolve this issue, and finally, it has been squashed now. The fix will be available to you in the upcoming beta version very soon. You can get the updates for beta versions here in the Forums: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/1161-enpass-beta-v55-for-desktops-brings-attachments-support/ Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.
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    Hello, everybody! I truly understand your concern for a software holding critcal information and not being open sourced or audited by any credible third party agency. Well guys, thanks for all your comments and we've decided to get third party audit of Enpass. But all we need is just some more time as after the upcoming release of Attachments (beta is already there), we'll work on some key features like multiple-vaults with a need of refactoring the core engine, and I think that would be that best time to go for audit, all at once. Till then, please bear with us and all I ask for is your co-operation. Cheers!
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    I'd still recommend to hurry this feature. I've heard many people say that their only reason to not use this program is because it looks 'rather unpolished'. The program is nearly up to par with competitors, but I believe aesthetics play a major role in a buying decision.
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    Hi @MaxM It's already under development and will be available in any of coming releases. Thanks for your co-operation!
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    Hi @jasn, Thanks for trying Enpass on gentoo. You should install "lsof" as a dependency to fix browser connection error. Also, the proper way to autostart Enpass on system reboot is to enable "Autostart on system startup" option in Enpass settings. Other methods for auto-starting will lead to launch incorrect binary without properly initialing Enpass environment and hence "QSQLCIPHER driver not loaded" error. Cheers
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    On my Banking website I enter my ID (username) and click login to get to the next page where I enter my password when click login again. Enpass enters the ID and activates the login button and gets to the password page but doesn't enter the password on this page. Is there a work around for this type of login?
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    Hi @KingKazma89, Thanks for writing in. The suggested feature is already in the development phase and will be available in next update. Cheers!
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    Hi @marc kranat, Enpass extension is trying to reach Enpass app through loopback interface. You need to add exception only for localhost ( in your proxy configuration. Cheers,
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    After re-installing the app (and re-importing the data), I can unlock the app with a fingerprint (and without ever having to enter the master password).
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    Hi @Anshu kumar, Thank you for your patience to help me. I solved the problem, but I didn't do anything. It is amazing when I opened the Enpass on my iPhone and tried to turn off the sync from iCloud by your way, I got the response below: It works today! I think there were something wrong with my iOS network yesterday. Maybe the vpn caused it or maybe not. The iCloud works good in China. Sincerely, Thank you for your help and the Enpass team, I really like Enpass very mush.
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    Hi Guys, This feature is already in our roadmap and but I can't assure any ETA for this and only can say that it will be available in any of future versions. Cheers!
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    Every time when I create a new item in enpass I have to enter my username and my mailadress manually. Normally i use up to 5 different usernames and mailadresses over the most of my accounts. So, it would be easier if I could choose out of a list of my usernames or mailadresses when I select one of the elements. - the list could be created automatically out of the previous stored items. - or the different usernames and mailadresses has to be stored once in the enpass-settings Best wishes pitman
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    Last year the Enpass team already talked about releasing favicons / custom icons. Now it's already a year later and we still don't have it. Enpass is absolutely my favorite password manager, but my only gripe with Enpass compared to 1password or LastPass is that this feature is missing. Is this feature still planned or will I be left waiting?
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    @AnshuKumar ..thank you so much! Now it's all ok!
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    It would be a perfect application if we could create our own templates and import custom logos
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    Hi @Noè, Thanks for reporting this bug and I apologize for the inconvenience. There is a bug in Enpass uninstaller which doesn't clear Enpass settings from system Registry. This bug has been fixed and will be available in the upcoming updates. Meanwhile, you have to manually delete Registry key from the system. You can delete Registry key by following these steps: Quit Enpass completely even from the System tray. Open Run command (Windows +R) --> Type regedit --> Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> SOFTWARE -->Sinew Software Systems --> Right click on it --> Delete It. Now open Enpass. Hope this helps!
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    OK, I will test it using the "Title only" option. The only problem in reproducing the issue: It doesn't occur all the time.
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    Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. We can't promise when this feature will be available but I can promise we are considering it. Cheers!
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    Hi, I think the Passwort Audit is a nice feature, but I have some ideas to improve it. The weak and the duplicate feature is nice, also for example if you import all your new passworts. As I have some assworts, which I can't change it will remaind me that these are weak. But the old feature we can improve in my opion. As I have for each entry a random unique passwort, I will not change them every month. I have more then 200 entries. So it would be great if we can disable only the old feature (not the whole password audit, as we can do it now) or better would be, if we can change the time. For example which passwort is older then 3, 6 and 9 months. Next I store a certain amount of different WLAN-passwords in the category "Computer", which are also showed in the old field. First I can't change and next I don't want to change my WLAN's so often. So it would be great if we can specify, if on the entries of a catogory will done the password audit or not. Cheers, edenhaus
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    It would be nice if OTP-fields could be filled automatically.
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    I would be interested in that feature, too. It would make updating old passwords much easier by just sorting the entries by the modification date.
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    No rush, just trying to help.
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    Allow me to stand on my soap box... I started using Enpass maybe 2 years ago and I have to say, I'm really impressed with the product. I'm a long time KeePass user, was very happy with it and wasn't actively seeking another solution when I came across Enpass maybe 2 years ago. After giving Enpass a solid go, I thought it was pretty neat, moved everything from KeePass to Enpsas and I've been really impressed with the improvements on all platforms since I started using it. The real draw to Enpass for me and others I've shared the product with, is the fact that one doesn't have to sync their data onto Enpass servers or other cloud storage providers. For most people, when they hear that, see the setup I've got going on as well as a demo of the product, they're usually hooked. My employer provides a DashLane Premium account to all employees so I've been kicking the tires on it a bit just because I'm expected to be a subject matter expert on it of sorts. I think DashLane is a slightly different animal compared to Enpass but it does offer some interesting features I'd like to see in Enpass one day. As I thought about checking the forums for these features, it dawned on me: Most of the popular services require with a monthly or annual subscription, while Enpass is free or can be had for a one-time payment starting as little as $4.99. So while I'm trying to do my part to promote Enpass to those I know who are not using a password manager, there's no denying that development requires time & effort (& money ) so I want to know: What can the average Enpass user do to further promote Enpass and/or support Sinew Software?
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    @Vikram Dabas Thank you for your post. Are you able to comment on how Enpass is currently funded? And how many users use Enpass? I understand that the team is working on launching a new tier for businesses, and also that it is important to acquire as many new users as possible, but I don't see how neither of those answers the question of "how do you pay your bills?" posted by @Marc. If possible, it would be great to get a little more information on this. Personally, I just moved from 1Password after using it for 3-4 years, as I needed a solid password manager that worked on iOS, Linux, and Windows. After trying many other password managers, I really liked Enpass because of how seamlessly it works across platforms and overall being very strong and modern with many features similar to 1Password. So I would love to stay with Enpass, and it would be very nice to learn more about how the service makes the money to pay for the development costs to maintain and enhance the number of mobile and desktop clients you support. Thank you again for the fantastic work on Enpass.
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    Ok then, for my personal stuff, I will use portable so I can save on a USB key and store it in a safe place and once you have the vault option, I will transfer all this information to it. Thank you Denis
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    1. Put check boxes in front of digits, symbols and uppercase to quickly enable/disable. 2. Make the categories into ranges to allow for more varied password generation. Not sure how much entropy this would actually add, perhaps it is a perception issue that static numbers for the different categories is bad. 3. Perhaps under options have the possibility to edit which special characters should be valid for use (with a reset to default button). For 1 and 2 see my excellent paint skills here, the green scribbles are supposed to be checkboxes :-)
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    Hi, to developers, please add into Enpass extension for Firefox support MultiThread alias Electrolysis I use chrome and Firefox, more prefer Firefox, but because Enpass extension not support Electrolysis and disable multithread, so I must more using chrome. Because Firefox without multithread is soon slower than chrome Is here some chance that will be Enpass extension support Electrolysis?
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    Thanks @Anshu kumar I hope you can fix this soon. I had the Mac App Store version, which does not have the ability to enable beta updates. I've downloaded the latest version from website, and now I've successfully enabled beta updates.
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    Hi Guys, I am so sorry that you were welcomed by this creepy bug. But the good news is that we have found this issue with Generic CSV/DSV import, and we will fix it in next Beta release (due soon). You can turn on the beta updates in Desktop version from Enpass settings. Log into Enpass --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Enable Beta updates. Till then I request you to please bear with us. cheers!
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    Hi @Tobias S., Thanks for reporting this bug and I apologize for the inconvenience. I will make sure that it gets fixed soon in any of coming releases. Cheers!
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    Glad to hear that! Thanks for clarification
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    I am also seeing crashes. I imported 90 items via CSV. I have a lot of records with blank fields (import functionality really needs improvement). Now when I try to delete a field on iOS the app crashes consistently. On macos, the app crashes sometimes, and sometimes affects the wrong field (sounds like same symptoms as original poster).
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    Hi @Anshu kumar and @meme, seems like it's an issue with CloudStation. As an online connection is somehow a prerequisite while using Enpass it is not really neccessary to me to sync with CloudStation. Hence I decided to store the enpass file with my home folder by using this path: https:mydomain.synology.me:5006/home/ By choosing this new path Enpass creates the folder "enpass" in my home folder and stores the walletx-file there. Everything works fine now. I can sync this singel walletx-file with my Mac, my iPhone and iPad.
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    Agree. The fact that sync is available for free too makes it very usable. I'd really like to see some report of an security-audit though but I don't doubt the devs when they say it's pricy... The common Enpass-user probably buys the mobile app for their corresponding plattform, which is about the same price as a 1-year subscription for other products.. I did actually buy the Windows Store-app mostly to support Enpass, the product doesn't replace the desktop version and it doesn't really offer that much functionality other than Windows Hello-support, but i feel like i support the team in both economic ways and by supplying feedback for additional plattforms..
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    I'd also gladly get a subscription if the code would be open sourced.
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    Hi All, I am really glad to share that Microsoft is working on the required APIs to let applications like Enpass communicate with the Edge browser extension and they have shared a little details with us. Based on those details we have started the development but we will be in a state to announce any ETA only after Microsoft introduce these APIs in one of coming Insider versions. Till then, please bear with us! Cheers
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    Hi all, Thanks for your suggestion. I have penned down the suggestion. Cheers!
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    Just go to the password generator and click on the little clock icon in the lower right.
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    I agree, the ability to customise each category's template, and even create new categories would be excellent.