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    One thing I loved about 1Password in terms of it's UI was the fact that it grabbed the website favicon for any entries with a URL in them. That would eliminate (or replace) the need for specific icons and having to keep them updated or maintained. I think it'd be a nice addition to the UI for Enpass.
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    I would love to use Enpass for my everyday life and at work to share passwords with my teammates securely. But I don't want them to see my personal passwords obviously, so we need to create a second vault. Problem is that there is no way to open multiple vaults at a time.
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    Hello, everybody! I truly understand your concern for a software holding critcal information and not being open sourced or audited by any credible third party agency. Well guys, thanks for all your comments and we've decided to get third party audit of Enpass. But all we need is just some more time as after the upcoming release of Attachments (beta is already there), we'll work on some key features like multiple-vaults with a need of refactoring the core engine, and I think that would be that best time to go for audit, all at once. Till then, please bear with us and all I ask for is your co-operation. Cheers!
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    I would like to submit a request for consideration under "Tools". It would be great if there was an option to search for duplicate entries: I do not mean just the username and password, but the actual URL. Not sure how I keep doing it, but I manage to create duplicate entries here and there and this would be a great DB cleanup option for users like me. Otherwise, I seriously love this app! I still use it concurrently with LastPass, but have been more rapidly switching to Enpass for daily use. Thanks for the hard work!
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    Hi! A great feature would be to implement wi-fi sync without using any cloud service. For example, when your phone is connected on the same wifi as your computer, they automatically sync their data. That would be perfect for people who don't trust cloud services and only want their files to be stored locally.
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    Hi @Arthur Rump, Thanks for providing really helpful pointers. We will be including Windows Hello support in next major version.
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    I'm loving Enpass and would appreciate a portable version of the desktop manager that can be used without administrative privileges (for those of us who want to use in an environment without such privileges - i.e. at work or at a library). I don't think that's counter-intuitive to the basis for EPM - i.e. to store passwords locally - as I believe those could be stored on a USB and/or synced/pulled with/from one's cloud storage syncing solution of choice. Please consider
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    I'd still recommend to hurry this feature. I've heard many people say that their only reason to not use this program is because it looks 'rather unpolished'. The program is nearly up to par with competitors, but I believe aesthetics play a major role in a buying decision.
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    Yes thats great but it would be greater to access the enpass menu bar icon by shutcut. For example: the Mac AppStore asks me for my password, i press alt + Space (for example) the enpass menu is comming up end i can directly start typing "iTunes" and select/copy the password by keyboard. Everything without using the mouse.
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    Hi folks! We have just rolled out the much awaited Beta update of Enpass Portable for all the desktop platforms. The complete changelog of this beta v5.5.4 (24) is here: WHAT'S NEW Attachment support: Yes, you got it right, from now on, you can attach files to Enpass. So let it be anything, the snap of your Credit Card, Passport, key files etc., that should not be stored unencrypted to your device can find a secure place inside Enpass keychain. Quick PIN support: Set an alphanumeric PIN to quickly unlock Enpass if the App is already running in the background, otherwise, master password will be required. Touch ID and Touch bar support: Now unlock the Enpass with your fingerprint on the Touch ID-supported MacBook Pro. Also, you will see the enhanced controls in the Touch Bar of your New MacBook Pro. (Mac only) CSV/DSV import: If you’re having your passwords and login details in CSV or any other delimiter separated file, you can now import them in Enpass using the all new custom CSV/DSV data importer. zxcvbn will show the strength of password: We have empowered the password strength indicator with Dropbox zxcvbn to check you from choosing weak passwords. Selective field sharing: Sharing has gone better with an option to choose the fields to be shared rather than the whole item. So now you can share your bank details with anyone by removing login and other sensitive details. Cool, huh! Subset of password: It lets you see certain characters in password specified by position, for example, "1st, 3rd, next-to-last, last" by just mentioning their position in a specified format. A better way to organize items: You can now create sub-folders by right clicking on parent folder in sidebar with an additional feature to move subfolders among parent folders by ‘drag n drop’. We have also improved the drag ’n’ drop behavior for moving items between categories and folders where now you also get the option of copying them (instead of moving only) by pressing and holding the ‘option’ key. More auto-locking options: Added various auto-locking options under security settings of Enpass to lock on system sleep, screensaver, and Fast-user switching. (Mac only) IMPROVEMENTS: Setting up a shortcut for auto-filling: We have changed the way you used to setup the shortcut key for auto-filling in browsers. Now instead of defining it in main Enpass App, you have to configure it in your browser extensions independently. Improved behavior of copying to Clipboard: Now Enpass copies text on clipboard with a tag, protecting the data from being read from clipboard by any other app. (Mac only) FIXES: Sync with WedDAV: Enpass will now show a security warning message (while syncing) to those users who have configured their WebDAV/ownCloud server using a self-signed certificate, and they have to disconnect and set up sync again. Launching of wrong URL from helper: There was an issue with the items having multiple URLs, where, when a user tried to launch the second URL from Helper window (as one displayed on clicking extension icon), the first URL was always launched. Fixed. ERROR -120: Fixed an issue where Enpass shows error -120 while syncing esp. when the system wakes from sleep. Hiding of title bar of Enpass' settings window: Fixed an issue where the setting window of Enpass was presented in such a way that the title bar of setting window went out of scope of top limit of screen. This used to happen when the title bar of Enpass was already near the top of screen and then the settings-window's title bar was appearing just above that with no access to window controls. (Windows only) Problem while establishing connection to extension on Mac having multiple users: Clicking on extension icon was throwing Error (403 or unverified browser) as it was trying to connect with Enpass App executed by another user (in case a user has just fast-switched from another user account). It was not the expected behavior for the user who hasn’t actually installed Enpass App in his account. Fixed. (Mac only) Now the High DPI support will be enabled by default, which you can turn off in the advance section of the Enpass settings,if rquired. Fixed an issue where some users had to face Error 403 in using Enpass Extension in the 64-bits Browsers. Fixes an issue of high CPU usage while syncing with WebDAV. Another issue while importing from generic CSV/DSV was encountered when the data contains special German letters. Fixed. Fixed an issue when syncing with Google Drive used to stop due to the creation of multiple database files in Drive. Now sync will continue to function with the latest Enpass database. Expect more improvements to come in future builds. An issue where enabling sync with WebDAV/OwnCloud was stuck at connecting has been fixed. Autosave dialog of Enpass helper used to behaving aberrantly by fluctuating once from localized to English language. Fixed. Fixed an issue while importing TOTP fields from 1Password. Memory cleanup for added security of data. Fixed an issue while importing data from Lastpass. Other minor improvements and fixes. Important Notes: Enpass Portable will run as a separate application that will not interfere with your existing Enpass app. For New users only: Before using the Portable version, we would recommend you to please go through the instructions mentioned in the Getting_Started pdf file available in the downloadable zip. Download link The downloadable zip file consists of Executable packages and a Getting_Started.pdf file for installation and usage instructions. Download for Mac & Windows Download for Linux (64 bit only) So what are you waiting for. Get your hands on this major Beta release and share your feedback. Also don't forget to highlight the bugs or issues and keep the dice rolling. Cheers!
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    Got the 5.5.4 (87) update a few moments ago, looks like the issue is now gone, Chrome is working again even with the "Verify browsers" option enabled.
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    Same here, to make it work again I had to go into "Preferences -> Browser" on Enpass, and uncheck "Verify browsers". Apparently this only happens on Chrome (tried to reinstall it on stable, beta and canary, but no luck), I got no issues on Safari or Firefox.
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    Hi @Steffan, Thanks for writing in. For legacy reasons we need full access to OneDrive (Enpass works with OneDrive since the days when there was no App folder support in OneDrive) and OneDrive SDK shows you all those permissions as a side effect. We do not touch any file outside Enpass folder in you root drive. However, we are planning to migrate Enpass data to its own app folder in near future. Thanks for your understanding!
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    Hi All, I am really glad to share that Microsoft is working on the required APIs to let applications like Enpass communicate with the Edge browser extension and they have shared a little details with us. Based on those details we have started the development but we will be in a state to announce any ETA only after Microsoft introduce these APIs in one of coming Insider versions. Till then, please bear with us! Cheers
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    Hello Guys, Recently, Mozilla has changed the signing certificate for the Firefox browser on Mac leading to the failure of code signature verification of Enpass and thus, returning 403 error while using the Enpass extension. We are implementing the fix and will be rolling out the new update for the website as well as the store version very soon. Till then we request you to please bear and co-operate with us. Thank you.
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    Thanks Enpass team. This issue now resolved in Enpass iOS version 5.5.2 released on 17th May
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    Hi Guys It gives us immense pleasure to notify you that we've just rolled out a new beta update for Enpass Portable version. If you are willing to test before public release you can get the latest version here: Cheers!
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    Hi @EnpassKing Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that Enpass already have the option to add TOTP for logins items. For more details please have a look at our user manual for the respective platforms. Cheers!
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    Hi @mb36 Thanks for reporting this issue. I have noted the website for further testing and we'll try to fix asap. Till then I request you to please co-operate with us.
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    To edit an existing login, I have to click the drop-down arrow, then click "Show Enpass", then find the login, then click the Edit button. Why isn't there an edit button right there in the applet menu like in 1Password?
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    Hi @Anthony Thanks for your suggestion.I have noted down your suggestion and we'll take it into consideration. Cheers.
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    Hi, the idea of a keyboard for autofill in Android apps is great (more because in Android 4.4 the notification mode for autofill is not supported), but it's not very handy to change keyboard every time I need to autofill, and the Enpass integrated keyboard cannot substitute a full Keyboard app (with multiple languages, completion, prediction, and so on....). I think you should take into consideration a partnership with a keyboard app developer, in order to integrate Enpass feature in a full Android keyboard (maybe with a "plugin app"). An example should be SwiftKey, a very good keyboard now free to install.
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    After seeing a tweet from someone able to get a master password from a memory dump on Linux, I tried it my self and was able to get a password from a locked database. This is on Windows 10 running creators update. Here is a screenshot.
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    Hello @Anshu kum, thanks for your very fast response and the good news that a new portable version is coming soon
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    I'm migrating over from 1Password, which has a feature to toggle auto form submission on a per-login basis. Near as I can tell, Enpass can only do this as a global on/off toggle. While 99% of the sites are ones I want auto-submitted, there are a handful where I need to enter other information that Enpass doesn't cover prior to submission. For those, it would be *very* handy to turn off auto-submit for just those sites. Thanks!
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    As discussed previously, Enpass on Android still allows to unlock the app by fingerprint after the device (or just the app) have been restarted. It should really require the master password when unlocking for the first time. This is really important for security.
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    You should add iCloud sync for Windows computers. iCloud is available for Windows and you can save and sync any files to the cloud, like you do with the other more common cloud servers. I do not like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. Please consider adding iCloud sync to Windows. Thanks.
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    I found a link for 5.5.1 and downgraded, Edge extension is working again.
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    Hi @ctrl_alt_pasta The issue was fixed in version 5.5.3. Cheers!
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    Hi @Sod Almighty Thanks for your suggestion. The suggested feature is already in our roadmap but I can't assure any ETA for this and only can say that it will be available in any of future versions. Keep suggesting!
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    First I'd like to say that I am in love with your product, the functionality is great. Here is my suggestion: It would be nice if users had the ability to have the main view smaller sort of like a small 'list view' so it looks more organized, I think users would love to have that ability.because we'd be able to see more in less space. Thanks for making this great software.
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    It would be really nice if you could copy multiple fields in a password object once so it will be easier to use Enpass in a native application where Enpass not able to autofill. Scenario: 1. You launch ie Spotify application 2. You open Enpass (short key?) 3. You enter Master/Pin code if needed. 4. You enter Spotify in search field 5. You press arrow down to mark Spotify item and copy the item (ctrl+shift+c?) 6. In the Spotify app, first ctrl+v paste username, second ctrl+v paste password
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    Hi @gmaddry, That means the file on cloud would be encrypted with a stronger password which user won't be able to restore on another device without providing that stronger (probably unknown, if auto generated), and this whole scenario would be very confusing for some users. The best and most secure way out is to use a strong master password. Cheers!
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    Yes, it would be good to hear an update on this. Ideally supported by both the UWP app and the desktop app (maybe using the Desktop Bridge if that would provide the way for it to communicate with Edge).
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    Any news about the Edge browser Extension? Or will this never comes in the near future?
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    Hi @Anshu kumar Today i am update Enpass to 5.5.3 version and my issue was fixed. Thank you.
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    As Edge has become Windows 10's default browser, Enpass should have a plugin to work along with. Will this be on schedule?
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    Hi @FelschR Thanks. Based on your feedback, we have fixed Enpass chrome extension and released a new version(5.4.2). I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We have just released a new Enpass extension version (5.4.2) with the fix of Chrome browser. Please give a try and let me know if the issue still persists.
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    Some suggestions for the mobile apps: Scan barcodes/QRs. generate those codes back as an fullscren-image, to show in the store etc. Scan NFC-tags. Export secret to another NFC-host? wouldn't that be a cool offline-way to share a secret with someone? In Android, Let Enpass be a target in "Share to"-menu for textstrings and numbers. Themes, c'mon.. light/dark atleast, you did it in the UWP-app ;-) in Android Wear-app, if only one field is shown on watch, increase that one textstring and center it, like you do on TOTP when shown on wear-app.
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    This was the last official reply that I can find on this, almost a year ago. It would sure be nice to allow the community to help by supplying icons you may need, in the format needed. Then you could just apply new ones as they come in with future releases and updates. Or have an online repository that is checked, or whatever makes sense. Another option would be to make all the logo images white, and allow the back ground color to be changed, so that if you have multiple Twitter or Wordpress logins, as examples, you could visually and more easily differentiate between them. So, hopefully, there will be an update to this request. At least let us know where it is in the stream of things. I'm sure I'm not alone in offering my assistance in helping to bring this to fruition.
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    Hey guys, great product! Is there anyway you can organize the downloads, it's very confusing. For example, I have windows desktop beta 5.5.1. When I started it today it says there is a new version 5.5.2, but I'm not sure if that's the beta or release version. When I go to the downloads page the beta version there is 5.3.1. In various forum posts there are different versions, but I can't find the latest one no matter how hard I look. I suggest some kind of central repository and maintain it so the latest version is always available, and post up release notes with them. Seriously guys, make it easy for consumers.
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    Hello The current cap limit of the password generator is 50 characters, but why stop there? Many websites support 2048 characters, or even more. You never need to learn them, Enpass would just populate them and iOS appps would only need to be setup once and then will remember the password. A perfect example is Facebook, easily 2048 character password, install the app, configure it, it never asks for the password again and web based login is easily done with fill from Enpass. Also, a new field with 'special characters' could be added in the recipe. See: http://passwordsgenerator.net/ Thanks
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    Hello When viewing the contents of a category, let's say a website which has a login user and password field, there is also a whole line below the password which suggests the password strenghts (weak, good, etc). However, that is being displayed all the time and takes a lot of space. I understand it to be present in Edit mode, when we add the password, but it would be great to not have it displayed all the time or maybe a switch to turn it off or on. This only appears for Password field type, for text, numeric, etc it does not appear. Having a marker like this makes sense, but only in Edit mode, there is no need to have it there all the time, maybe only have it appear when the password is weak, but when it's strong it could go away / hide. Thanks
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    Hey, I've started using Enpass some months ago and I absolutely love it! I switched from LastPass and Enpass is so much better! They only significant problem I have with Enpass is the URL detection, which is quite weak to be honest. I would love to see future improvements where the URL detection consider the port, subdomain and folder. For example my homeserver has multiple websites on different ports, but Enpass shows me anywhere every single password item. Thanks.
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    Custom templates would make Enpass perfect -- with the added ability to share my custom templates with clients. Especially if these custom templates allowed sample data to be placed in fields as needed. I've installed dozens of copies of your program on client computers (and encouraged as many to purchase the mobile version as well). In teaching clients the virtues of using a password database for powerful passwords (instead of the dog's name plus zip code, which they always forget anyway), I have already painstakingly created about 20 custom templates - new blank entries in a "TEMPLATES" folder, complete with instructions - which I add to each new install. Being able to export / import a customized set of templates each time I install would be a massive timesaver, and I believe would spur sales of your mobile versions as my clients find your program more user-friendly with custom templates available directly from the "+" menu!
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    Really waiting for the UWP version of Enpass to be able to do this as well - the Windows Hello integration and touch-friendly UI is really useful for me on some devices.
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    I also would be interested, how the current suited the engages is. LastPass also has solved this problem.
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    We haven't seen anything on the Edge Extension for a while. Are you making any progress on the Edge Extension integration? Hoping you are getting some help from Microsoft. Love Enpass and hope you can get past the obstacles with the extension. Thx
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    LOL You guys are so funny to call that feature "autofill". Haha. You know what? My computer has this great feature calle "auto-everything". It can do everything automatically. Really! I just have to press some keys and do some clicks and boom!, it does it all by itself! Even this message was composed with this function. It's so great! I didn't have to do anything (except for pressing some keys). Anyway! I'm staying with KeePass. It's entirely free and better (except for the UI design) and more configurable and ...