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    Hey @brosenz Thanks for your patience. The feature for automatically downloading the favicon from website URL has already been implemented in the development tree of the next major update but at this moment I can't assure you final ETA. Cheers!
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    Hi, @Anshu kumar, thank your for your answer. In deed, I didn't have `lsof` installed. Installing it fixed the issue after I restarted the browser. P.S.: Probably you should include a warning in the installation wizard.
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    Hi @Monk32, Thanks for bringing this to our notice. I've forwarded this issue to the testing team to look further on it. Till then, please bear with us.
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    Hello, thank you very much! The Problem is already solved, here a sort overview about the solution: I don't use the traditional (dowload from your website), i just use the store (bridged) version. Other browser extensions working very well (for example Edge and Chrome). With your suggestions for troubleshooting i could analyse that on a working machine there was a open Socket for the NMHost.exe but on the problematic machine not. The Problem was that on the working machine the user which installed the NMHost.exe is the same user which use enpass. The user has administrativ privileges. On the problematic machine the user which use enpass doesn't have administrativ priveleges. Installing NMHost with a different user as the one which uses enpass seems to cause this problem. So i just gave the user which uses enpass administrative privileges on the problematic machine for installing NMHost and removed them afterwards. Now the connection to Firefox works fine (even without administrative privileges on the machine)!
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    Hey guys, I understand how eagerly you must be waiting for the update. Though, I can't assure you of an ETA yet I can say that the most requested and desired features are being implemented and it'll be worth the wait. Stay tuned on Twitter (@EnpassApp) and Facebook for more updates!
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    You are talking about Enpass 6 for a while and espacially about the feature for supporting multiple vaults. Not only in this thread. It's a so important feature. I switched to Enpass a while ago from 1Password and use it with WebDAV Sync on different plattforms. But the migration is still ongoing because of this missing sharing feature. :-( Any kind of news would be really cool.
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    Who is the more probable target: your personal NAS that no one really know exist, and that holds only one person's passwords?(and even then, no one knew it held your passwords database until you wrote it here) Or, say, lastpass servers that thieves know holds billions of passwords? Unless you are worth multi-billions yourself, I think your NAS is safer.
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    Hey @Brian Thanks for writing in. Please have a look at the release notes here. Cheers!
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    That's true. I also encounter this problem since updating to Fedora 27 (Gnome 3.26.2) today Other legacy icons (like cloudstation) still works with Topicons Plus gnome extension.
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    Thanks Ak. Took me a while but I found out about AUR arch rocks. Playing with manjaro and antergos
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    I would like to submit a request for consideration under "Tools". It would be great if there was an option to search for duplicate entries: I do not mean just the username and password, but the actual URL. Not sure how I keep doing it, but I manage to create duplicate entries here and there and this would be a great DB cleanup option for users like me. Otherwise, I seriously love this app! I still use it concurrently with LastPass, but have been more rapidly switching to Enpass for daily use. Thanks for the hard work!