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    Hey guys, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Recently, Opera changed their signing certificate for the Mac which leads to the failure of code signature verification in Enpass and thus, returns Enpass connection error while using the Enpass extension in Opera browser. We are implementing the fix and a new update will be rolled out asap. Till then we request you to please bear and co-operate with us. Thank you.
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    Hi there, I recently updated both Opera (stable version, osx) and the enpass manager to the latest versions and since then getting the connection error when trying to use the extension. The enpass manager app itself is working just fine, but the Opera Extension don't seem to be working properly. When trying to autofill (right click or by using the toolbar enpass icon) it just redirects to the speed dial page and/or shows the enpass connection error page. I also tried the chrome extension (via opera chrome extension integration), same error exists there. Also the extension in chrome / safari browsers are working just fine. Opera Version Details: 53.0.2907.68 Stable, Mac OS X 10.13.4 64-bit / Enpass extension Version 5.4.3 Thanks! Nico
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    Hello, In order to fix this bug, you need to open the Enpass app, then you have to go to Enpass Menu -> Preferences and disable "Verify the browser" option. After this, the Opera extension should work well. (Tested with Opera 53.0 and Enpass from Mac App Store 5.6.9, macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, MacBook Air 2012)
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    I too encountered the same problem after upgrading. I'm now on Opera 53.0.2907.68 on macOS 10.13.4 I found if you disable the Verify browsers setting in the Enpass desktop client, the browser extension will work again. Maybe the browser extension code signing expired? At lease you can get it work... hope that helps.
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    Hey guys! We are incredibly excited to announce the first beta release of our most awaited update - Enpass 6. You're more than welcome to join us to help in building a better Enpass for you. This is the first beta version of Enpass for Windows to help you guys get a whirl of the latest features. We know the beta build will have features that are still in progress, the app will be less stable than you’re accustomed to. Feedback on stability, as well as any other performance issues you experience, is crucial and extremely appreciated. You can download and install the beta from here and for further information head straight to our blog post. Cheers!
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    Hey all. It's been almost 25 hours on 5.6.19 without a crash. Numerous sleep cycles and consistent use, no problems. The Enpass team has stepped up. Thanks!
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    Hi, During WWDC this year, Apple announced support for third party password managers to autofill credentials in apps and Safari. This is a huge boost to the convenience of using password managers and should absolutely be added. Or perhaps you are already planning to
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    It would be REALLY useful to provide an on-screen notification if CAPS LOCK (and indeed NUM LOCK, if that is also possible) are active when typing the Master Password. If you have changed to CAPS (or NUM on a laptop keyboard, even though that is quite infrequent) it is not obvious when the Master Password you typed in fails, and some indication of status in the app on this screen would address this without compromising security.
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    When you select to use Windows Hello, it would be better if the application used this "by default" once started using the full key, rather than having to press the "hello" (smile) button to access this - or at least have the option to automatically use hello, allow use of hello, or not - maybe even better would be a selection of "Always use PIN, Always use Windows Hello, Allow use of Windows Hello, Always Use Full Pass Phrase".
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    I have over 1500 items in my 1Password, including Secure Notes, Wallet items etc. When I import from a 1pif file, everything is under import and I need to manually categorize. Please provide me a way to avoid this. Some times are clearly labelled what they are: Example: In 1Password: "typeName":"wallet.financial.BankAccountUS" Enpass: -> Should automatically go to Finance or Credit Card. That said, give the user the possibility to choose between having all items imported to the Import folder or automatically merge them. For a first-time import (with a fresh Enpass database), it makes sense to have Enpass auto-categorize during import. Otherwise, I understand one may want to avoid messing up existing data during an import. A choice proposed during import would be great.
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    Hey Enpass any statement would be great!
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    Hello. When signing up, we are requested to input both username and email (and both get saved to Enpass). However on some sites, during login, only email (or username) is asked, and Enpass sometimes fills the wrong value (email instead of username or viceversa) and I have to edit the values manually to be able to login. Can we specify a default login field to be used on a specific website? E.g. set the username as the default authentication method on a website, and email on another website.
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    Hello, ENPASS offers nice functions... but as long as the templates are not flexible... this software is just usesless... as you already can see by the many requests to this subject within this forum! What does this mean specifically? => All templates need the possibility to be individually customized by the user!!! 1. The possibility to change the name of the template 2. The possibility to change the icon of the template 3. The possibility to add fields in general to the template (if you use the template for a new element, this fields are always included) 4. The possibility to delete fields in general to the template Without this flexibiltity of ENPASS or an Password Manager in general, it will be not possible to work efficiently with the tool! Regards, kgurr
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    Hey @StephanP Sorry for the mess you're going through. I can only wonder how annoying this must be. We're looking into this issue as a high priority. It'd be a great help if you can try installing the traditional desktop version of Enpass from our website and let me know if the same happens there too. Your cooperation is appreciated.
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    Some hardware auth tokens such as Yubikey support a challenge-response mode. i.e. you initialise the token with a secret which is henceforth only available to the token (backup of the key excluded). You take the user's password and send it as the challenge to the token, which calculates a HMAC using the key and returns the response, which is used as the database password. e.g. https://sourceforge.net/p/passwordsafe/discussion/134800/thread/7463e2a3/#7e4e It'd be neat if enpass supported this.
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    Hi @pepto It won't be much longer! The beta of Enpass 6 will be released by the end of this month. Cheers!
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    Adding my +1 here as a paying Android app user.... would love to see Brave/non-Chrome browsers supported with autofill!
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    Started using Brave recently.....is this integration going to happen sometime soon ?
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    I have the same issue with the Brave browser. Using the Enpass keyboard isn't an option. Any progress on this request?
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    Many people have requested the ability to access multiple vaults. My request is different. I suggest allowing multiple people to log into the same vault with their own credentials. Passwords could be placed in different access levels, or possibly folders, which only users with that level of access could see. I work in IT, and we have many many passwords to remember for all the network hardware, internet accounts, etc. Certain passwords, like onsite hardware, most of the IT personnel should have, while online accounts for purchases, etc, should be restricted to certain users. But the users should be able to update the passwords in one place and have them updated for all other users. This would remove the frustration of remembering which password is in which vault, or remembering to update the same password in multiple places. Sharing folders with other users would also be nice. I have people in my life that I would like to share some passwords with, but not all.
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    Option to store (and protect of course) Pictures - Photos or Images on Enpass Store pictures like "Secure Photo" (mimiking Secure Note) or something like that Store pictures as "New Items" ... when you add a new item, another in the list can be "Picture" But even more, every type of added element should allow to add a picture, that's useful for example for when you add a credit card, a club card, a check, a bill, a handwritten note... etc. maybe allowing to add it as a "custom field" thought "add new field" action.... there is a "Field Type" Thats my request
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    Hey guys,Thanks for your suggestions. they are already in our roadmap and will be available with our future versions.