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  1. Is data on EnPass encrypted before being uploaded to cloud sync ?
  2. Do I have to resetup Wifi Sync on the other client devices like my phone and tablet ? Like if I do a complete format and reinstall of Windows or Mac OS ?
  3. Though being able to select a custom one is great but it would take to long to do it for over 100.
  4. I use Macrium Reflect a lot and restore to a previous image where changes that happen before are not there anymore. For example I may go back a day or few hours. This means all the logins or other info I saved won't be there if I added it during then. When I go back Enpass is still setup just with my previous login and other info from previously. Be it a day or a few hours. Is there anyway to fix this issue? I back up manually my .enpassbackup file but thought that would work but you can't restore it unless you have a fresh install of Enpass and I do not want to have to uninstall Enpass and reinstall it ever time to do this. I have a few solutions in mind. Anyway to move the default vault or the whole Enpass info folder in C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Enpass to somewhere else ? Like D drive instead or any other drive or partition. So when I go back a image it still sees the most current vault.
  5. I never get any. Yes I check my spam folder. So far the only reliable support method has been the forum which I don't mind.
  6. Obviously I don't want to save is as a plain .csv file but is the enpass file it saves as secure and good enough to recover from please ?
  7. Wow this Password Manager is getting better and better as time goes on! Hopefully you all do not fail me. Thanks for all the help and support for this program!
  8. Hopefully a long time. Just wondering? Sorry for posting it here please move if necessary.
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