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  1. It always comes up with the wrong ip address of the local wifi sync server. Works fine on phones and tablets. Why ? Thanks. Any help appreciated. Edit: Fixed!
  2. If it is ok which is the best provider that Enpass supports to use ? That works the most fluidly?
  3. If not a smart idea I won't do it. Just they can't type very well at all. If not recommended I won't or if not possible. At least is there anyway to keep yourself logged into Enpass without having to retype the master password ever again ?
  4. What is the best way to somehow let Enpass remind them it is there please?
  5. How do I get rid of this forever and for all future logins ? Is there a option to turn it off forever automatically ? It is not for me. For a friend who uses Enpass who refuses to use safer passwords. I keep telling them they should though. Can't change their mind. They do not like seeing this all the time. I told them just create a stronger password.
  6. ng4ever


    Anyway to customize what prints on each login please? All I need is the Username or E-Mail and password.
  7. Both logins are the same email and password. Why is their duplicates ? There is not on Enpass password manager on windows.
  8. Ok thanks but is it easy to add a new login with just having Enpass installed on a Android or iOS phone lets say ?
  9. Talking about adding all the usernames and passwords ? Sorry
  10. Would it be easy just having it on a mobile device or difficult ?
  11. Is it possible to easily use Enpass on a mobile device only ?
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