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  1. ng4ever


    Anyway to customize what prints on each login please? All I need is the Username or E-Mail and password.
  2. Both logins are the same email and password. Why is their duplicates ? There is not on Enpass password manager on windows.
  3. Ok thanks but is it easy to add a new login with just having Enpass installed on a Android or iOS phone lets say ?
  4. Talking about adding all the usernames and passwords ? Sorry
  5. Would it be easy just having it on a mobile device or difficult ?
  6. Is it possible to easily use Enpass on a mobile device only ?
  7. Whenever I go back a image with Macrium Reflect sometimes I lose the previous logins/passwords I added. Only a few but still. Maybe I am doing it wrong ? Any solution ? Sure I could backup manually the local files but then there is no way to replace them easily to Enpass after going back a previous image. At least not that I know of.
  8. Cloud Sync. I don't think I will enable it but wondering still.
  9. Can you sync 2 separate windows computers wifi sync with Enpass installed both to the same Enpass mobile app ?
  10. Is it allowed to use a One Time Plan by buying it 2 + times for family members in the same household ? Would we still be able to share logins and passwords easily with each other?
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