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  2. I have installed Enpass V5.6.2 through Google Play onto my Blackberry Passport running When I try to upgrade to Enpass Pro my Google password is not accepted. I changed my password and verified it was working correctly. I tried to purchase using 2 step authentication as well as one step and always same error message. ALSO getting error trying to sync with Google Drive: Not able to connect to Google Drive. Please check Internet connectivity: Error Code: -113.
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  4. Any thoughts on when that might make it into a release? I need that on a number of sites I access, and having to copy/paste is a huge pain I'd rather not live with.
  5. Need help upgrading from Enpass 5.5.6 to 5.6.0

    Thank you for responding Akash! After I clicked the "Next" button, the following error message appeared in the message box (in red): URL scheme not supported: https (https://dl.sinew.in/linux/packages) Should I try changing "https" to "http" ?
  6. Dear, Enpass developers. It's almost three months since I first started using Enpass, and by far, it's the most hidden gem of password managing services. Unfortunately, I have something terrible to report.... Lately, I'd been using this app frequently on Windows 10 and Android 5.1 (Marshmallow). It did a good job integrating with the cloud (I was using Google Drive) so I could view and edit items wherever I want. But then, something went wrong.... After I reinstalled it on my PC (OS reset) and reintegrated it back, there were about 3-4 login items that disappeared (it was last week). I already tried pressing sync multiple times on both devices but they just wouldn't show up. I thought the problem is in the Windows software because even when I had the opportunity to create a new login on my phone and attempted it, the new one even did NOT appear on my PC. I already checked both the Internet access and sync notification, no problem 2-3 days later, I tried to move my login details to another cloud — which is Dropbox, hopefully thinking it's just a cloud problem and getting fixed soon. I first took a list of which items disappeared on my PC, deleted those items on my phone so they could be seen as synchronized (I knew it wasn't good but it's okay since I already took a list), then I changed the cloud (from GDrive to Dropbox) starting on my phone. Finally, I reset Enpass both on my devices, just to make sure it worked perfectly. And yeah, “they are now synchronized perfectly with all login details showing up on both of them.” However, it's getting more complicated. Today (as of Nov 21), I just realized one of my login details had totally gone. It was a project/board management account, and I completely didn't have any idea how it went. I even tried to go back to Google Drive and..., no. It's not there. In the end, two accounts of mine have already been lost. Well..., just two maybe not really impacted my life, but I couldn't neglect how IMPORTANT they truly are. The first one came when I tried to change one's account password with its built-in password filler, and I didn't realize the clipboard from Enpass will be deleted AUTOMATICALLY after 30 seconds by default. This is the second one, and while I've been really eager to show some support, I'm really traumatized. After the whole experience, I decided to stop entirely using any password manager... at least for now. If I ever come back, I'm not going anywhere besides here because I've done trying almost everything from other big competitors and they don't exactly fit my need (to tell you the truth, even LastPass had a critical security hole in my last usage). But please, I beg you.... ENHANCE its data security and protection much further, especially when you've already determined to utilize cloud services from other providers. Its Android app too — although already fulfilled some basics — still needs a lot of refinement (ex. not yet supported with Firefox). I guess that's all. Thanks for hearing me out. Sincerely, Umar. Note: At that time, I was a free user, but I can tell the Android app never reached its limit. P.S. I think I created this post in a wrong thread, and I don't know how to move it. Please help me if it is.
  7. Archive items

    Hey @L0bit0 Thanks for stopping by and writing in. I've noted down your suggestion for internal discussions. Cheers!
  8. Hello @Akash Vyas Thanks for you Info. Currently this is not an Option for me, i use the Firefox, Thunderbird, Putty, WinSCP and Enpass as portable Version in an encrypted Volume, which are not related to the PC, so i only need this File and i can work on any PC. Do you have any ETA for me? Thank you!
  9. Face ID support for upcoming iPhone X release?

    Face unlock!!! Great!!
  10. Would like to integrate Enpass into a few desktop apps on Linux, any way to open the database and query for entries through an API?
  11. Custom logos and templates

    Hey guys, Enpass 6 is still in the development phase and I can't assure you of any ETA, not yet. You don't need to worry about that, it'd be a free update for our users. Cheers!
  12. Hey @Matteo Thanks for writing in and sharing the details. I've forwarded this issue to the dev team to look into it. Cheers!
  13. Need help upgrading from Enpass 5.5.6 to 5.6.0

    Hey @Tom Wilson Thanks for stopping by and writing in. Please follow these steps to update Enpass on your system: Go to Enpass folder. Open the Enpass Maintenance tool. Launch the EnpassMaintenanceTool. Select the Update Components. Click on the "Next" button and follow the instructions Hope this helps!
  14. Hope to increase FTP/sftp synchronization

    Hey, We already have this noted in our feature requests, however, we don't have plans to implement this anytime soon. Cheers!
  15. Hey @Alex Currently, the portable version of Enpass doesn't support the latest extensions, you'll have to use the traditional desktop version for that. However, updating the portable version is planned after a new update of the traditional version. Cheers!
  16. Hey @fragger You need to use the traditional desktop version of the app in order to use the extension with Firefox 57. The portable version of Enpass doesn't support it because Firefox Add-ons has been changed to WebExtension and uses native messaging instead of web-sockets. However, we do have plans to update the portable version to support it. Cheers!
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  18. App is crashing

    Hmm, 5.6.0 is now crashing on me too, any update on the issue?
  19. Firefox 57 problems

    Thank you @islerfab, this worked for me! (One warning: Enpass does not work with Edge anymore on my system, because for that the store-app is required). Thanks! John
  20. I am seeing this same behavior. It has been going on for a few months now. I thought it would get resolved in an update, but it is still happening. I opened a support case this weekend. We'll see what they have to say. Very frustrating. It crashes about half the time I relaunch it. Instead of prompting for my Touch ID, it just displays the white screen with lock for a few seconds then crashes. I am on an iPhone7 with iOS 11.1.2, though this has been happening since around the time i upgraded to 11.0
  21. yahoo mail

    Good Morning New here and need help. As I populate my data base I have found that the login to yahoo mail does not accept the password, but does accept the user name and stalls at the password screen. Am I doing something wrong? In anticipation of a response Thank you
  22. Custom logos and templates

    Do you have an E.T.A. for the Enpass 6 version? And also very important: I already paid for several platforms, is the update free, or do we need to buy it again?
  23. Firefox 57 problems

    I solved my issue by installing the traditional Desktop application (not the one from the store), which is still version 5.6.0. I hope that helps you as well! Can be found here: https://www.enpass.io/download-enpass-for-windows/ (in the section "Download from Website")
  24. Archive items

    Hi i am using enpass for some years, so i have a lot of entries. Some times i want to archive items that i do not use anymore, but i do not like to Delete (just in case...) I am ading (old) at the end from now, but will help to maintain my list clean being able to move to a different place were search do not look or where we can clearly can check just in case, but not afecting "acive" items.
  25. Firefox Android

    Hello, I have been using Enpass for several months on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android 7 with Chrome or Safari Since the release of the new Firefox, I would like to generalize its use on all my devices but it is not effective with Android. Indeed, the Enpass notifications do not work with Firefox Android and being French (sorry for my english), the Enpass QWERTY keyboard solution does not satisfy me ... Can we finally hope for an evolution on one of these features: an Enpass keyboard in AZERTY or an Enpass extension for Firefox Mobile ??
  26. Firefox 57 problems

    I have the same issue and its really frustrating, its an total overhead to search the Logins and then copy and paste it...
  27. I am getting Oreo real soon (OnePlus) and hope that Enpass supports Oreo Autofill API, so that I don't have to use the Accessibility Service and autofill finally works in Firefox, not only Chrome. Are you working on Oreo Autofill at all or did you decide not to given its market share? AFAIK LastPass has a working Beta. To me, this will soon become an important feature of the password manager.
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