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  2. I have commented on this sync issue before. You guys may not care as you already have my money, but I stopped recommending your program to others months ago, and now I am actively looking for another password keeper. The fact you don't have a true sync, either by cable, wi-fi or blue tooth is just do not fit me needs. I am surprised more people haven't dumped you over this issue.
  3. Is Dark Theme not available in I assumed it wasn't until I saw that production 6.5.0 on the Mac App Store is shown with a dark UI. Is it only available on macOS 10.14+?
  4. Hi folks, The new Preferences window in b6.5.0 feel much more Mac-native, but some of the tabs require scrolling to see all their content, and that fact is not immediately clear. There are no scrollbars to indicate additional content "below the fold" (unless you just happen to start scrolling, then they appear), and scrolling in stand-alone Preference windows is not normal behavior for Mac apps. Normal behavior would be either... The Preferences window defaults to the size and shape it needs to accommodate all the content on the largest tab The Preferences window redraws its size and shape to show all the content of whichever tab you've clicked Most Mac apps go with #2, including System Preferences.
  5. Hi, I have same issue. I am using version 6.5.0 (700) on Win10 PC. On iOS device there is no problem. On PC I am using ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall version: Message is >>> Hello, Your email was used to register a new device with Enpass. Device: DESKTOP-******* Date and Time: Sep 23, 2020 9:23 p.m. UT If this wasn’t you, please drop us a mail at support@enpass.io. Regards, Enpass Team The message is received not only 1st time I use Enpass in session, but every subsequent time in a session. It is most annoying but otherwise, a great App. Best Regards
  6. Beta 1) Preferences > General > uncheck Show Enpass in Menu Bar 2) Close Main Window 3) In any browser, try to launch Enpass Assistant from the toolbar RESULT: You're taken to "Looking for Enpass," and after Enpass launches (and minimizes itself to the Dock for some reason?), then you're taken to "Connection Error" in the browser, even though Enpass is now running. UPSHOT: Closing the Main Window quits the app if Show Enpass in Menu Bar is turned off, therefore when you then launch the app via Enpass Assistant in your browser, you get the "Looking for Enpass" browser page, followed by the "connection error" browser page, even though Enpass is launched in the process. SEE ALSO Beta 6.5.0 (699) BUG - Main Window sometimes fails to render for a related update to that bug.
  7. I've found a way to reliable reproduce this problem — and it seems to point to another bug: 1) Launch Enpass Main Window 2) Preferences > General > uncheck Show Enpass in Menu Bar 3) Close Main Window HERE's THE NEW BUG: Instead of closing the window and continuing to run in the background, removing Enpass from the Menu Bar results in Enpass quitting when the window is closed. I'm going to make a separate thread about this bug. 4) Re-launch the Enpass Main Window (double-click icon in Applications, or launch from Spotlight) RESULT: Enpass is launched but the Main Window renders "invisible" with just the outline of the window and the red-yellow-green dots in the upper left corner NOTE: This is 100% reproducible the first time you launch after unchecking "Show Enpass in Menu Bar." Subsequent launches may or may not render the window correctly. But if you go back into Preferences, then turn back on Show Enpass in Menu Bar and then repeat steps 2-4, you will get the same result 100% of the time.
  8. Ues i am also try to change from dropbox to google but without solve problem. I await your fix... Thank Hispa
  9. Hello Pratyush Windows 10 Pro 1909 / Enpass 6.5..0 (707) With Enpass 6.5.0 installed no ‘rogue’ single duplicate password entries at present, but I had previously cleared those (by restoring my vault from a json file) prior to the installation of 6.5.0 so I’m unable to say if anything has changed in relation to that. If the app is closed while full screen it still overrides the manually adjusted app size, so as before the window size at Exit is the one Enpass stores as its restore down size. Let me know if you require further information. Regards, Thoughts?
  10. Hi, I hope it gets considered... but in the meantime is there any workaround you can offer. Possibly a way to synchronise the 2 vaults outside Enpass. For now, I had to add a comment on every shared entry to remind me that is shared and ensure I copy it over. But when I update a login on the primary vault and copy it over to the secondary vault it creates an additional login which is wrong. It should offer the option to overwrite the existing one or create a new one - just basic copy/paste rules. Can I at least have this function? I seem to have more work and more to remember to do instead of having Enpass making my life easier...
  11. Hi Garima, I am not a developer or programmer. Can you or anyone else tell me how I can run this expression under Windows 10: public IAsyncOperation<KeyCredentialAttestationResult> GetAttestationAsync();
  12. Ik had het al geprobeerd. Maar ik heb hier geen succes mee gehad. Het probleem blijft bestaan. Ook als ik overstap naar een andere cloud blijft het probleem bestaan.
  13. In the Enpass browser extension for Chrome, I have the option "Autofill details without showing Enpass assistant" enabled. I assume this means when I visit a login page, Enpass should automatically enter my login details, without having to manually click the toolbar icon and select the site. However, this rarely works. Even when the URL matches exactly and there's only a single entry for the domain, I almost always have to manually fill the login form by clicking the extension icon or right-clicking and selecting Enpass from the context menu. I'm using Enpass version 6.5.707.
  14. I'd like to suggest a history funktion for all fields. I was a long time LastPass user and enjoyed the history funktion in the notes a lot. Sometimes you change notes by accident. To see how they looked like before is a huge help.
  15. Hey @Sridhar Welcome to the forum! We need the following information from you so that we can get it checked for you. Version of 1Password and its default language? Version of Enpass you are using? The device and OS on which you are trying to import? Thanks!
  16. Hey @daver58 Thanks for the patience. We need a little more input from you so please try disabling the internet and then run Enpass on your system. If you experience any change, please share the feedback with us. Thanks!
  17. Hey @Francie We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please follow the steps mentioned below and revert to us if the problem persists- Take a manual backup of the Enpass data on all the devices. Disconnect the sync on all devices that are synced with One-drive. Remove the Enpass/Enpass 1 folders from One-drive account. Re-set up the sync with One-drive(except new one) on all the devices and check. After successfully completing the above steps, try to restore data on the new device using the same One-Drive account. Hope this helps.
  18. Hi, I'm using 6.5.0 (700) (latest update, says the AppStore), but I still have to click to activate Toucd-ID every time. Bug? Regards, Heiko
  19. Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the improvements in search performance, which is clearly visible in the latest 6.5.0 release for OS X. It is certainly not as fast as it could be, but development obviously goes in the right direction. Now search is not only functional, but also very much usable again!
  20. Hey @Kaz Welcome to the forum! You can search for any data saved inside the Enpass app. To do so, please change the search preference option from ‘Title/Fields’ to 'passwords'. Let me know if the problem persists. Please go through this link to our user manual to know more. Thanks!
  21. Hey @100 Watt Walrus Thanks for your sharing your feedback on this issue. We'll look into this issue at our end once again and keep you posted on further developments. Thanks for the co-operation.
  22. Hey @Ralle82 Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. We appreciate your feedback on the copied to clipboard functionality. Please note that we have noted your suggestion. Thanks for the suggestion!
  23. Hey @Ralle82 Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. Currently, it works with Ctrl+Shift+h in Enpass. However, we really appreciate you for exploring the app and sharing this valuable suggestion. Thanks for the suggestion!
  24. How can I upload the files? The folder contains data with other types! Is there a way to upload anywhere else?
  25. Hey @hispanico Thanks for sharing your input. Please co-operate with us a little more while our team is looking into this issue.
  26. Hey @Sk0ly & @Der43e We are extremely sorry for the trouble you all have been facing from a long time. Please co-operate with us a little more while our team is looking into this.
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