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  3. Hello, First, sorry for my bad english, I will use Google Translate from the French. I was using Keepass, but I wanted a simple, user-friendly, cross-platform manager that allows me to use automatic filling easily on Windows and Linux. I installed Enpass, which is very well done, and I installed the extension for Firefox. Before passing completely to Enpass on my 2 systems (Windows - Linux), I do the test on Linux, but the automatic filling does not work. My configuration: Linux Mint 18.1 Firefox 52.0.1 64bit Extension Enpass password manager 5.3.4 Enpass 5.5.2 Could you tell me if this is normal or if I have to do something specifically to make it work? Thank you very much
  4. Hi, Here are the repro steps: Install openvpn on iPhone. add openvpn config file which look like xxx.ovpn as attachment. You can do it on PC then sync this item to iPhone. Choose the item contain the .ovpn file, then click other apps, choose openvpn. Then enpass will crash.
  5. Please change the first letter of the Czech translation of the word share from "z" into "s" (in Mac OS). The right form is "sdílet" not "zdílet". There are missing translated buttons Help and Cancel n Subset Password dialogue. Thanks.
  6. As the title says, whenever I have the extension enabled, if I start chrome and quickly start typing an URL, I get interrupted by lost of focus and have to click back again on the browser to continue typing. Removing the extension fixes the behavior. Enpass 5.5.2, Chrome 57.0.2987.110, Windows 10 x64
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  8. You are right Enpass can not handle it. RoboForm also saves all fields without errors. I also go back to RoboForm, though as for me Enpass look like better. And what is important is absolutely free (Desktop and Android)
  9. No that didn't work. What worked was deleting the google folder and letting enpass create a new folder.
  10. Hey guys, great product! Is there anyway you can organize the downloads, it's very confusing. For example, I have windows desktop beta 5.5.1. When I started it today it says there is a new version 5.5.2, but I'm not sure if that's the beta or release version. When I go to the downloads page the beta version there is 5.3.1. In various forum posts there are different versions, but I can't find the latest one no matter how hard I look. I suggest some kind of central repository and maintain it so the latest version is always available, and post up release notes with them. Seriously guys, make it easy for consumers.
  11. Would love to use the new Autofill API in Enpass once Android O is officially released.
  12. 1Password do it correctly, this is why I returned to use 1Password, I like enpass more than all others and I like to support smaller companies, but 1Password is working perfectly for me and enpass has various bugs and missing functions, for example it cannot save additional fields and in Facebook it saves the info correctly but when filling it writes the info in the sign up section instead of sign in section. I hope enpass fix those issues soon because I really like it.
  13. There is no way to save values for these fields.
  14. Any help from you? Do you confirm a login problem? When it will be fixed?
  15. Hello, I have a suggestion for Enpass that increases the security of passwords and alerts the user when a website was hacked and a password change is recommended. The password manager 1Password has a feature called watchtower. They have a internal database of security breaches (the site was hacked and user data was stolen) and check if the password of the specified website was changed after the breach. So they have two modification dates: one modification date of the password itself and one for the total entry. Example: The password entry for a page was last changed today, but the password itself was changed 2 years ago. When there was a breach for this website 6 months ago, then 1Password would alert the user and recommend a password change. For the password manager KeePass there was a new plugin released today, called HaveIBeenPwned. This plugin downloads the public breach lists form "'have i been pwned?" and from "Cloudbleed Checker" The website of the plugin is Suggestion: I suggest that you add also such a feature in Enpass. In my opinion it is OK if you use the public lists (like the KeePass Plugin). So Add in the "Password Audit" two new entries for these services and check all password entries. It is up to you if you implement a separate modification date of the password. Regards OLLI
  16. Hi, for some reason the Enpass Browser Extension correctly detects the login page, but the page where you have to enter the TOTP code is not recognized correctly, so the list of items to choose from in the extension is not pre-filtered to only show amazon, or matching items. This means everytime I log in to amazon, I have to search for the item I want to use manually in the list of all items, to get the TOTP code, which is tiresome. I use Enpass (Beta), with Enpass Extension 5.3.4 and Firefox 52. Thanks in advance for looking into this issue, please don't hesitate to ask if you need further info.
  17. +1 for the Autofill API of Android O. This would be awesome! Hope you can get it in your development roadmap for the Android app
  18. Right you are....
  19. Hi, this is already a feature request:
  20. Apparently yes. It is still very cheap if you compare it to other password managers (except KeePass)
  21. I have used 1password for long time on iOS, macOS, Windows and Android. But currently i am switching to linux, since apple's new hardware disappoints me. 1password has no linux support, so i checked the alternatives. LastPass has monthly subscription model, RoboForm as well. I tried KeePass as well, it has a great ecosystem, but it was too tinker-y for my taste, e.g. Browser integration (you have to install a plugin for KeePass, KeepassHTTP, and a browser extension, and all...) Keep in mind, i am coming from apple ecosystem where it "just works" in around 65-70%. I selected Enpass because it has a 1password style approach (which KeePass hasn't), plus the switch was cheap (just a mobile app, desktop is free). I payed around 60€ in 2013 fir 1password, plus 8€ for mobile app. Enpass has no forced Cloud Sync option like LastPass, and like 1password is slowly forcing its users into. Enpass has official Linux Support and isn't very tinker-y. It works out of the box for me. So, my main reason for Enpass was: Linux Support, no forced cloud use, works out of the box. If you come from Keepass, i'd recommend Enpass over 1password. It has lower price, no monthly subscription model, and lets you keep the control over your data.
  22. Hello, I am using KeePass and I think about switching to Enpass. But I also tested 1Password. What arguments do you have for Enpass? Why is Enpass better than the others? I am using a Windows 10 Pro Desktop and also a Windows 10 Mobile phone (Lumia 950 XL). I also have an older Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4, this is the model that won't explode if you turn it on). Give me reasons to switch! Regards OLLI
  23. Hello, I have understood that Enpass Desktop is for free and that the Windwos 10 Mobile version costs 9.99 Dollar. When I also have an older Android phone, do I have to pay the 9.99 Dollar for android too? So I have to pay twice? OLLI
  24. Hello @Anshu kumar thank you, now I know that I will use the Windows Desktop version, where I can store the database in any folder of my choice. Is it also possible to rename the database? I would like to rename it from walletx.db to OLLI.db. What else do I have to to when I want to rename the file? Regards OLLI
  25. Hello, I am using KeePass and I think about switching to Enpass. In KeePass (and also in 1Password) I have a feature to download the Favicons of all entries. This feature is missing in Enpass. In KeePass I also can add a custom Icon to an entry (for example: Software Licences that have no URL). Please add also this feature. Regards OLLI
  26. I just buy Roboform and what does that mean? if you have ever become aware of the icon little green icon on the task bar from time to time has black sunglasses.
  27. Installed the latest update when it was rolled out. The bug seems to be fixed. No issues with the browser extension so far.
  28. Hello where are you from if you want help you can join our team...
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