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  2. I’m trying to sync one vault with the same data across multiple devices. I want the same data on my iPad, iPhone and my spouses iPad. Is that possible? If so how is it setup? Thanks
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  4. I had purchased the upgraded version of Enpass on my previous Android phone (BlackBerry Priv) and it was working properly. I just migrated to a new phone (LG V20) and Enpass is only showing 16 of my 120 entries. I've looked for an option to upgrade the new phone, but so far I can't find it. Suggestions?
  5. Hi there, i recently moved to a new MacBook with Touch ID. Up to now I always entered my master password and had to plugin my usb device with the keyfile to unlock Enpass. Now I noticed that I can unlock Enpass just using Touch ID. The keyfile is no longer required. How is this possible? This was a totally unexpected behaviour for me. How is this working, I mean the keyfile must be cached/stored somehow to achieve this right? Is it possible to disable this "feature"?
  6. I downloaded 6.2 from the site and selected Restore from Enpass 5 Data Folder (after renaming the file), but I get "Invalid File". This is still not working. Help please!
  7. This issue has been fixed for a while - you now have the option to add and entry or simply Autofill when you Autofill a password entry.
  8. I would like to bump this as I am facing exactly the same issue.. please can we get this fixed as the original poster mentioned?
  9. The desktop Mac has an option to auto fill but NOT auto login to websites, as some websites break with that option switched on (please see screenshot). I didn't find the equivalent option in iOS. Please advise? Thanks
  10. Previous password vaults were useful to me until they started to charge a monthly fee to use their product. This is particularly unfair to small users, we are not huge companies with hundreds of passwords to keep track so the monthly fee is not justified. Are you charging a monthly fee? Will you charge a monthly fee in the future? If no, I am ready to buy your app.
  11. Thanks. Any keyboard shortcuts for safari and chrome extensions
  12. +1 on this one, really need this feature
  13. Hi @John Doe You could also try NightOwl which can manage Light & Dark Modes on a more individual programme level: https://nightowl.kramser.xyz
  14. Hey @Kathy, Welcome to the forum! You can restore the .enpassbackup file on Enpass v6 onwards. To do so, install Enpass(if not already installed) from website or respective app store and follow: On a fresh installation of Enpass, select Restore backup file and choose the .enpassbackup OR On an existing Enpass installation, create a new vault to restore the .enpassbackup file. You'll need the master password of the file to restore the data. Thanks.
  15. Hey @John Doe, Please change the Mac system's theme to dark mode to view Enpass in dark theme on MacOS. Thanks.
  16. Hey @chris7, Welcome to the forum! Could you please try reinstalling the extension and check if that helps? Also, check if auto-fill is enabled under Enpass settings. If you still face the issue, check with other browsers too. Thanks.
  17. Hey @John Doe, Thanks for your interest in Enpass. You can find keyboard shortcuts on the main Enpass window for item related operations by clicking ''More'' (vertical ellipsis) option on a selected item. Promotional offers are available only during a certain time; presently there are no offers/discount on app purchase. Enpass can be downloaded from Play store on Chromebook. You can use the app for free, however, there are premium features available as In-App purchases. Thanks.
  18. I already set up my account with just the master password. Am I able to add a keyfile to my account now? If so how? Also is there 2FA support for this app? Any way to check on a password in a pinch if one of my devices are not with me?
  19. You need to upgrade from inside the app
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  21. I'm using Enpass 6.2.0. The chrome extension used to work fine but now it doesn't show the enpass popup when I sign up or log into sites. I've checked that it's enabled.
  22. hi - I am a new user. Where is the option to change the theme on macOS to light, dark or something else?
  23. HELP !!!! I lost my enpass walletx.db file ......... but I have this folder of backups that have an extension of .enpassbackup Is there any way to get the data back using these .enpassbackup files?
  24. I just upgraded to the Pro version because I wanted the biometrics way to authenticate to Enpass. The thing I found is that when at the auth window, you need to pick biometrics as the auth method by clicking on the smiley to the right side of the window. I have a PC with fingerprint sensor, so it might be different for users that have a camera for Windows Hallo, but having to click on the smiley and then put you finger on the sensor, seems like an extra step that should not be needed. I would like to submit a request for Enpass to either have a function where the default auth mechanism can be chosen (Password / biometrics) or have Enpass be able to auto-detect which auth mechanism the user to trying to use.
  25. Hi, I have been having the same issue except that I have to enter the master password 4 times.... Windows 10 with either Engish Canadian multi-language or Canadian multi-language, either typing or using copy/paste.... No change in the results. Hope you can find a cause for that, it's a bit annoying. Thanks, Pierre
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