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  2. Site: https://pepperdronning.no/produkt/roed-kampot-pepper/ When Enpass Safari Extension is disabled it is possible to select a product type ("Gram") and the price is shown. When Enpass Safari Extension is enabled this is not working.
  3. I second @AnakinCaesar statement—this does not appear to be an issue on our side. I added your numeric name into a new entry and did not face the conversion you mentioned. Here are some steps to help troubleshoot the problem: What PC system are you using? I tested this on Windows 11 without any issues. Did you set the name on Android and sync it to PC, or vice-versa? You might want to check the type of content set for this field. Ensure it's set to "username" or another appropriate type. To do this: Open Enpass on your PC fully. Edit the entry and click on the written "username". A submenu will appear where you can change the field settings. Be sure to click "Save" before closing the submenu; otherwise, changes will not be saved. If you continue to experience issues, please provide more details about your setup and the steps you are taking.
  4. I am glad to inform you that, Our development team has created a fix for issue you were facing, which will be included in the future updates. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.
  5. I've already escalated the matter to our technical team for investigation, and they are currently working on resolving it. I'll keep you updated as it progresses.
  6. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. I would like to share that recently, Firefox changed it's signing certificate which leads to the failure of code signature verification in Enpass. Our dev team is working on the fix and it will be available in the upcoming update. Meanwhile you can on click Allow button and continue.
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  8. Hey there, So I added your numeric name into a new entry and did not face the conversion you are talking about. So what PC system are you using? I tried Win 11, no issues here. Did you set the name in Android and synced it to PC and/or vise-versa? In another note maybe try to set the try of content for this field to a different kind / check if it's set to username. To do so, open Enpass fully on PC, edit the entry and click on the written "username". A submenu appears, where you can change the field settings. Be sure to click Save before closing the submenu, otherwise changes will not be saved.
  9. Hello Enpass Community, I am encountering an issue with my Enpass password manager where my numerical username is being converted to scientific notation. My username is 9191043356783128, but Enpass automatically converts it to 9.19104E+15, which causes login issues. This behaviour is in both android and PC. Here are the steps I've taken: Entered the username 9191043356783128 in the login field. Saved the entry in Enpass. When viewing or using the saved entry, the username appears as 9.19104E+15. This issue is problematic because the converted username is not recognized by the service I am logging into. In Bitwarden: In Enpass: I would appreciate any advice or solutions to prevent Enpass from converting the numerical username to scientific notation. If there are settings I can adjust or specific steps to take to ensure the username remains in its original form, please let me know. Thank you for your assistance!
  10. It is not working in this environment: Debian Bookworm (12, all updates and patches) KDE (from standard packages, no extras or effects) Enpass from deb (newest version) Enpass opens the small window only, no matter how fast I double click. The only way to do it is, right clicking the icon and choose open enpass.
  11. with all respect I have for you "Enpass", what is the problem? 3 years since the request was made.
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  13. Thanks, being already part of beta in TestFlight. But latest version is 6.11.0 (1676) with the bug still active.
  14. That feature have a purpose doesnt it? this have been enabled in my computers for a very long time without problems, I understand there are workarounds but what about fixes? or is this feature abandoned? Is enpass team able to reproduce the problem on their end?
  15. You're not gonna publish on https://www.enpass.io/beta/?
  16. Hello, I use Enpass with a local key file and every morning I need to log in into Enpass again, even though I have set in the settings that Enpass should be locked only when the system is inactive for 9999 minutes (which is 166 hours), so this option seems not to work. When I log in into Enpass, I need to navigate to the key file every time, even though I have set the option that Enpass should remember the path to the key file (see attachment). This seems to be two bugs. Would be good if this could be fixed! Thanks, Maja
  17. To help us investigate the issue, please provide the following details: Enpass and OS version of your machine. Enpass extension version. If there is a specific URL where this issue is occurring. Share a screen recording of the issue, as it will help us better understand the problem.
  18. Please DM me your email address so that I can add you to our TestFlight. This way, you will be notified whenever we release a beta version.
  19. The feature of double-clicking the toolbar icon to fully open Enpass is functional. If it is not working on your end, I suggest you restart your machine and try again. If issue still persist please reach us out at support@enpass.io.
  20. If you see the message "firefox.exe is trying to establish a connection with a signed code not recognized by Enpass," you should allow the connection. Click on "Allow" to ensure Enpass can function correctly with Firefox. Alternatively, you can turn off Browser Signature Verification inside Enpass' settings.
  21. A Single click on the Icon in the Toolbar opens up the small Enpass window. Before a double click did open Enpass completely. I'm missing this Feature and a right click and select show assistant is just meh. Please bring back the double click, to open Enpass fully. Thank you
  22. Any news on this? Is there a roadmap when any beta in TestFlight will be available?
  23. Good morning, There is a bug with the placeholder value using Enpass on macbook (Chrome and firefox) and with android phones, it can't be change ! I use a website with three fields to log in : Username Password Decryption SQL Key For the decryption sql it can not be changed even after creating a new field specially for it, however it works fine with Bitwarden ! Hope that you can fix this soon Best regads, Mazen
  24. The issue you're experiencing with Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) not copying the "Backup" and "Vaults" folders might be due to security reasons designed to protect your data. For your data safety, you will need to manually copy these folders to your backup drive.
  25. Hi @All Our team is actively working on solution to fix this issue, once we have any update we will definitely share it with you. As a workaround use autofill by accessibility or Enpass keyboard for autofill.
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