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  2. Thank you @Vinod Kumar! For future reference I needed to play around with the settings a bit, this is what turned out to work for me: QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=1 QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=0.5 /opt/Enpass/bin/ %U It also does not work when I add it to my .bashrc file, it only works when specifying on the command line as above or adding it directly to the script.
  3. Thanks very much Vinod. Installing sys-process/lsof and then a reboot, indeed fixed my browser connection issue completely. Now everything appears to be working fine. In terms of the "QSQLCIPHER driver not loaded" error condition, I'm not sure exactly what the issue was. The thing I was seeing was when I selected "Minimize App to System Tray", the app would autorun, (even though I had not selected it to), and I would get the error condition described. I was confused as to how exactly Enpass could be set to autorun, when I had not specifically selected it. Right now I'm running the 5.5 beta, with "Minimize App to System Tray" selected, (and not autorun), and everything appears to be working correctly, so I'll keep it there for now. Thanks again, Jason
  4. Hi @jasn, Thanks for trying Enpass on gentoo. You should install "lsof" as a dependency to fix browser connection error. Also, the proper way to autostart Enpass on system reboot is to enable "Autostart on system startup" option in Enpass settings. Other methods for auto-starting will lead to launch incorrect binary without properly initialing Enpass environment and hence "QSQLCIPHER driver not loaded" error. Cheers
  5. Hi @klktrk, You are right, It should be Our server is still supporting both protocols for legacy reasons. However, is properly code-signed and you can check verify signing certificate details with codesign -dv --verbos=4 /Applications/ It should validate with following details: Authority=Developer ID Application: Sinew Software Systems (7ADB8CC6TF) Authority=Developer ID Certification Authority Authority=Apple Root CA Also, Mac Gatekeeper(with protective settings) will automatically block the launch of app it is not code signed properly. Cheers!
  6. Hi, @pwasiewicz Thanks for writing to us and sharing your use case. Option to export selected items is already in our roadmap and will be available in future updates. Thanks.
  7. It would be nice to be able to export entries that are assigned to the specified folder only. I have many items for my clients separated by folders - sometimes they want to send them exported passwords. I know I could create separate vaults for clients, but till enpass will support multiple opened vaults - it is more convenient to keep passwords in the one, my master vault. Regards
  8. @jidar Thank you for reporting this issue. We have noted the website for further testing and it will be fixed in upcoming release.
  9. I performed a clean install of 5.4.1 using the Enpass installer, in favor of the Gentoo ebuild. One of the reasons is that the installer installs a decent uninstall tool, which does not get installed with the Gentoo ebuild. I also specifically installed the software as sudo/root, and installed Enpass into /opt/Enpass. I think that I recreated the "QSQLCIPHER driver not loaded" condition when I specifically select the "Minimize App to System Tray" option in the Enpass settings. Prior to selecting that option, I rebooted my system several times and Enpass didn't autostart, and I could open my wallet without issue. Then I selected "Minimize App to System Tray", and reboot, and Enpass autostarts, and generates the error condition described. Then I decided to try the Linux 5.5 beta, and I configured it with the "Minimize App to System Tray" option, and rebooted, and it appears to be working correctly. I'm not sure this is the issue, but if anyone else is experiencing similar issues, they can try uninstalling Enpass and the Enpass data, and then reinstalling the app completely. Then after running Enpass, don't select the "Minimize App to System Tray" option, and see if Enpass works correctly through a reboot of the system. Alternatively you can try the beta 5.5 to see if this addresses the issue. As far as the browser connection error, still no fix for this issue on my system. Thanks..
  10. Hello, I'm having two problems with Enpass 5.4.1 on a new Gentoo Linux / KDE Plasma 5 system. The initial installation works fine and I can sync and open my wallet without issue. However, the first problem is that I cannot get a connection to any browser. I've tried Firefox, Chromium, and Vivaldi, with the plugin installed from their respective official sites, and they all give the Enpass connection error page. The only similar thread reporting this problem here is this one, and they mentioned that starting Enpass first, and then the browser, worked for them, however it doesn't work for me in this case. The second problem is that after a reboot, the Enpass app autostarts, (without my setting this in the app), and asks me to unlock my wallet. It won't recognize my master password, and I get the "QSQLCIPHER driver not loaded" error message in my .xsession-errors file, as reported in these two threads, (1., 2.), and probably this one too. If I uninstall the Enpass application, and delete my data, then I can reinstall and resync, and everything is fine, until I reboot. BTW, after the reboot, when I enter my master password into Enpass, the following lines are generated in my .xsession-errors; QSqlDatabase: QSQLCIPHER driver not loaded QSqlDatabase: available drivers: QSQLITE QMYSQL QMYSQL3 In terms of installation, there is an unofficial Gentoo ebuild maintained in the ssnb overlay, here, which I used to install Enpass 5.4.1. In the Gentoo ebuild system you can rename the ebuild to the current version number, and it will typically install the named version. So even though the last Enpass ebuild in the ssnb overlay is for version 5.3, renaming it to 5.4.1, and installing it in my local overlay, allowed me to install Enpass 5.4.1 successfully, (in /opt/Enpass). However, I also downloaded the Enpass Linux installer and followed the instructions here, which don't specify running the installer as root, and the app was in installed in my user home directory. Feel free to ask for any additional information that may help identify these problems. At this point, an answer to the second issue is the higher priority, as, for the time being, I can live with the first. Also I have two questions regarding Enpass; 1) Is it recommended to install the app for all users? (If so, does running the Enpass installer as sudo/root accomplish this?) Or should the Enpass installer be run as a user, and installed in the user's directory structure? 2) How can Enpass autostart when I didn't enable it? There is nothing in my ~/.config/autostart directory. Does the Enpass autostart option install an autostart file somewhere else? Where should I look? Thanks..
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  12. Attempting to use the autofill plugin for chrome or safari doesn't find the fields at all. Both are animated when attempting to use autofill but no info is pasted into them. The HTML for the form looks like the below: <form role="form" method="POST" action="/signin"> <input type="hidden" name="csrfToken" value="<removed>"> <span class="FieldDebug"> </span> <div class="Field TextField filled FloatingLabel"> <div class="FieldLabel-Right"> </div> <label class="FieldLabel">Email Address</label> <input type="email" class="TextField" name="email" value="<removed>"> </div> <div class="password-field FloatingLabel"> <div class="Field TextField"> <div class="FieldLabel-Right"> <a tabindex="-1" href="/signin/forgot?email=<removed>">Forgot your password?</a> </div> <label class="FieldLabel">Password</label> <div class="FieldGroup FieldGroup-Right"> <input type="password" class="TextField" name="password" value=""> <span class="addOn"> <span class="Toggle">show</span> </span> </div> </div> </div> <span class="MobileOnly" id="ForgotPasswordLink"> <a href="/signin/forgot?email=<removed>">Forgot your password?</a> </span> <div class="Checkbox Field"> <label> <input type="checkbox" name="rememberEmail" value="true"> <span class="faux-check-and-label"> <span class="check-label-content">Remember my email address</span> </span> </label> </div> <div class="FormActions"> <button type="submit" class="Button Primary"> <span> <span class="iconWrap"> </span> <!-- react-text: 47 -->Sign In<!-- /react-text --></span> </button> </div> </form> Thanks!
  13. @Ankur Gupta How can we verify that this 5.2.1 disk image is a legitimate download? Do you have a checksum we can use? Since there is no https, the MTM attack would be trivial here.
  14. I also experienced this a few times. But it only happens sometimes and it's not reproducible, so the bug is hard to find i think...
  15. Vikram, Disabling the Auto-Submit Login allows me to login to the Dell CMC. Thank you for your assistance.
  16. Hi @Topa, You should set QT_BEARER_POLL_TIMEOUT variable with -1 value. QT_BEARER_POLL_TIMEOUT should come under variable column and -1 should be under Value column. A screenshot is attached for your reference.
  17. Hi @robert.endicott Sorry to hear about the trouble and I sincerely apologizes that you haven't received any update from the support team. As far as I think one of the possible reason for your problem might be the 'Auto-submit login' for you Dell CMC item. So I suggest you to please disable it (see attached screenshot) for your Dell CMC item (Disabling 'Auto-submit login' will automatically fill the login details but doesn't auto-submit them to the webpage). Now, visit the URL and once the Enpass fills the logins details, manually click the login button and revert whether it works for you.
  18. @kyddox Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have noted this site for further testing and it will be fixed in upcoming version. In general, Enpass only saves username and password, although we are working on an improvement to store additional fields.
  19. Hi @cimm, Enpass does have HDPI support. In most cases it works out of the box, but sometimes you might need to adjust a few environment variables to make it work. e.g. Please try adding following environment variables to force for 150% scale on your primary display. QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=1 QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=1.5
  20. Hi @Airstar, Yes, you're right that TPM 2.0 is required for new hardware but api support for TPM 1.2 has its own limitations, and the one which is restricting the Full time Hello support on Enpass is lack of TPM key attestation info when asked for using the Microsoft provided APIs. TPM key attestation is a protocol that cryptographically proves that a key is TPM-bound. This type of attestation can be used to guarantee that a certain cryptographic operation occurred in the TPM of a particular computer. We use KeyCredentialManager.RequestCreateAsync() API to get authenticated encryption keys to protect the Master password. Now, we need to check where those keys are stored. It can be on a Hardware TPM or a simulated software TPM. To get this attestation information, we use GetAttestationAsync(), which is generated by the TPM chip. Unfortunately, Above api attestation information is only available TPM 2.0 or higher. So, in case of TPM 1.2 (one in your laptop) or a simulated software one, there will be no attestation information. We have no means to distinguish between a TPM 1.2 or software TPM. So limitation of API is the only reason that we support full-time Hello unlocking only on devices where keys guaranteed to be bound to hardware TPM. You can read about the related information in section 3.1 and 3.4 on Hope it helps!
  21. Any update on the timeline? Waiting to signup and using Enpass untill this function is available.....
  22. Some fields are saved incorrectly and not common fields are not saved, ill post you screenshots of every clcik to illustrate the bug
  23. im having the same issue in
  24. Hi, i am switching from 1password to enpass, in 1password i can fill a form and save it whithout sending it, it is important for me because there are some sites that prevent software like enpass or 1password to retrieve data when sending it, this type of forms can be saved to 1password by clicking save new login button and it works perfect but it cannot be done in enpass, can you consider this feature?
  25. On MacOS Sierra 10.12.3, running Enpass v 5.4.1 Attempting to sync with owncloud version 8.2 I am having the same problem mentioned above. I enter https://MYHOST/owncloud/remote.php/webdav/, username and password, and I get the green "Connecting..." and nothing ever happens. No error. No timeout. I have to close the dialog window. I *am* able to connect to my owncloud server using Safari. And I can connect and browse files via the Finder's Go: Connect to Server command, where I can mount the remote files to my laptop. So I don't think the Mac OS SSL libraries are the issue here. Once I reverted to the above linked 5.2.1 (47), everything worked.
  26. I recently switched from 1Password to Enpass as Enpass supports Linux and I am in the process of switching from macOS to Ubuntu. My new laptop arrived and I am moving over my passwords... turns out Enpass does not (yet) support HDPI and it's pretty unusable without. Are there any plans to support HDPI (Retina, 4K, whatever you want to call it) Linux systems? Thank you.
  27. It is US Bank
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