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  2. I see no Enpass folder on Drive, even though Enpass is working on my system...
  3. Currently at version 6.4.1 and no sign of Wifi Synchronisation yet. What is the current status?
  4. Is there any news on this topic to expect? It's been a year and nothing so far.
  5. FYI, I have the exact same issue but on MacOS (10.15.4). Enpass 6.4.1
  6. Hey, I refreshed one fingerprint (because washing the hands of corona more often - they had hard time to read finger) and now I can not open enpass, because I do not remember the masterkeyword. Enpass blocks it because of adding a new finger... It would have been good to be informed by Samsung or enpass before ading a new finger that enpass will not work after donig so... Is there a possibility to take of the new fingerprint out of samsung or to let me send a new password. There are all my new passwords and I have no access to them... URGEND help needed! (Samsung Mobile Phone 9)
  7. Hi there, I recently changed operating system on my phone to /e/. Enpass is available here, but going pro gives me errors, probably because of the paying system that's not fully functional. Does anyone know of a solution to this? Thanks a lot! David
  8. FYI - I came here for this too. Using 6.4.1 as mentioned above. Alternatively, I found that hitting the Copy button while in the Generate Password window generates a brand new password.
  9. Das gleiche Problem habe ich ebenfalls, da scheint es ja noch keine Lösung zu geben. Ich nutze Windows 10
  10. No wonder I should setup my own dev,qa,sta,pre-prod ENV, Before I go ahead and update stuff. I was not able to open the page on Safari, So the latest update ( Before this Version ) came by & It all started working. After release. 6.4.1 (642) - It stopped working again. I changed the browser's & Made Chrome the default, it opens the page on Chrome, But after logging - I have faced error code attached as a screenshot. Can this be resolved, I also advised, A proper testing should be there before these releases go out - A lot of dissatisfied customers from Enpass have moved on.
  11. We will just keep complaining...keep this subject alive! If they have any, even the smallest,.......good intention with this program and there customers .....they respond !
  12. Last week
  13. I did some work on structuring my list/logins, so I copied many passwords briefly and pasted them into additional entries. I did not delete the old entries but changed them because I had put together a few logins, which I now wanted to have listed separately. Now under the category "Identical passwords" they are now listed although I deleted the passwords after I copied them. Can I update the list of the password check or are the passwords somehow cached even though I deleted them?
  14. I am almost ready to give up hope. They don`t even give a decent response at this topic. A real shame, the program is fine....but it needs to have wifi sync. If they don`t ad this option i am afraid the will lose the competition!
  15. It's a nightmare! Slowly but surely the topic should be at the top of their priority list!
  16. Hi, i did it with the same result, error 907500 Finally I solved it, was the webdav server, it login but can't write. Thanks for your help Pratyush Sharma.
  17. Same error about OneDrive password in PC Windows and Android devices. I didn't any OneDrive ou Microsoft account changes.
  18. I have used Enpass across 3 PCs and an Android Phone for years. The sync is via OneDrive. It has been fine until just now. This morning, fine, just now it says Sync Error - Password of data on OneDrive is required. I click Resolve Now and enter the correct OneDrive password (I know it's correct, I just checked by login to OneDrive by Broswer and none of my OneDrive synced PCs have a problem) and it says: Incorrect Password. I then try the correct Enpass password (I know it's correct because I just logged into Enpass desktop with it) and it says: Incorrect Password. ??? I don't want to change my OneDrive Password as this means having to change my Microsoft password across multiple devices and email accounts - a royal pain. I don't want to chaange my Enpass password as I'd have to do that over multiple devices (but if I must, I must). The only change from this morning is that I was invited to join Microsoft Teams using an email address which isn't my main account or the one I use for OneDrive. Why can't I sync with the correct password and how can this be resolved?
  19. I have been using iCloud to sync, but I am unhappy that when the Windows or Linux desktop apps are unable to sync due to expiry of iCloud access, they do not give any warning. (The Mac desktop does give a warning). This resulted in a newly created login which I needed to access away from home was not available as the desktop had not synced. When I checked I found at least 1 weeks worth of updates had not synced. So which sync service have people found to be the most reliable so that I don't have this issue again? Thank you!
  20. Hi Pratyush, Thanks for your feedback. In the meantime I have wasted too much time with update attempts. In the end I simply uninstalled Enpass and reinstalled it again. Now I have the latest version 6.4.1. Thanks for your hints. Kind regards and STAY HEALTHY! Tom
  21. I took the above steps and it did not work. Then I deleted the database when disconnecting from OneDrive. The next time I tried my Win10 computer and 2 Samsung phones (S9 & Note 8) connected and synchronized. However, I did all of the above, except going into OneDrive and deleting all the permissions, a few days ago and it worked as well. Then this morning nothing could synchronize again. It works for now, but not sure how long.
  22. HalloNo function since update After the update, Enpass has disappeared from the Safaro browser. The extension in the browser is activated. Enpass Icon only appears in the top menu bar of the MacBook. Automatic password filling does not work that way. Always have to start Enpass manually and then search for the passwords manually. Settings have not been changed Need help
  23. How did you exclude in Sophos Endpoint Security and Control? There is no possibility for me to exclude anything. I even cannot find the option "settings". Using the latest Version of Firefox and Sophos Endpoint Security and Control. Thanks for Helping.
  24. I had a very strange problem happen today. I noticed that Enpass was no longer syncing with OneDrive. When I told it to sync, it seemed to connect to OneDrive OK, but then said the (master) password on the file was incorrect. This was a bit strange because I had not changed the password on the file. I checked the Enpass client on several PCs plus my mobile device and they all had the same issue. However the local copies of Enpass still allowed me to get in with the same master password that I have always used and that should have been on the file up on OneDrive. I tried manually entering the master password so that it would start syncing again and it still said the password was wrong. When I clicked on the Help button, it said the password had been set about two years ago on one of my PCs (a PC that I recognized). In other words I don't think the file was "hacked" and the password changed otherwise the last time the password changed would have been more recent. Additionally I use a unique password with my Microsoft Account and also use 2 factor authentication, so its very unlikely that my Microsoft account got hacked and my Enpass file somehow compromised. I ended up resolving the issue by disconnecting the OneDrive sync, deleting the Enpass file on OneDrive, and then telling it to sync back to OneDrive. Any idea what was going on here? Why would it all of sudden think that the password on the file on OneDrive was bad?
  25. Hi @Pratyush Sharma By changing the URL saved with enpass from punycode to the Japanese domain, item information that matches the URL with enpass now hits even in the Japanese domain However, when trying to log in to the Japanese domain site, another tab opens and the user name and password are auto-filled In the case of English domain, you can log in by auto-filling in the same tab I want to be able to log in with the same tab even in Japanese domain In addition, we took a video of the difference in behavior between the Japanese domain and the English domain site please refer Japanese Domain Site English Domain Site *Because there is a lot of personal information, the whole screen is blurred Please note
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