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  3. I bought Enpass for my android device a few Years ago (when it was only 10€). Now I got a new iOS device and there is only one none subscription option for 40$ (which now is for Android and iOS). According tho this article Enpass Blog I should have access to the pro features on my iOS device, but unfortunately I don't have. Currently I only have the free version on my iOS device, but pro features on my android phone and my laptop. How to get the pro version on my iOS device?
  4. Operating System: Arch Linux KDE Plasma Version: 5.17.5 KDE Frameworks Version: 5.66.0 Qt Version: 5.14.0 Kernel Version: 5.4.11-zen1-1-zencjk OS Type: 64-bit Processors: 8 × AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 2700U w/ Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx Memory: 14.6 GiB
  5. Enpass's window is very large, how to solve it?
  6. Yesterday
  7. I am trying to find the Enpass Executable for Windows 10, so that I can create and rename a "shortcut" for it. In what directory is the executable located?
  8. I'm getting an error when trying to add. It says download interrupted
  9. I am having exactly the same problem on POP_OS! 19.04 which is based on Ubuntu. It worked fine a few months ago but now its freezing when I try to scroll the list of entries or type anything in the search text box.
  10. Thank you so much for this. Rolling back the version work for me as well. Hopefully the developers can figure out what is different in their new versions that is causing the problem.
  11. Can a staff member please answer the difference of synching via Google Drive and Dropbox? Why only one 'sync_default.walletx' on Google Drive but a lot of files in Dropbox?
  12. I tried those two commands but I still had no success
  13. I am currently creating many templates. I got the idea that it would be nice if you could share it with other Enpass users. Is there a way to export or import the templates? Then everyone could publish their templates here in the forum and make them available to others. This would create a large template database for the Enpass community. It would also be great if you could create templates from existing entries. I have taken over a lot of entries from 1Password. I would like to make a template out of such an entry - of course without content.
  14. I have the same problem with the categories: 1. Categories that I have created in the past are not displayed in a new multiple vault. The checkbox in the category editing section is checked, but will not appear in the sidebar if only the new multiple vault is selected. I have created about 30 of my own categories and I would also like to use them in new Vaults. This is a real bug. 2. Entries that are moved / copied from one vault to another vault lose their category. I have to drag the entries back into the right category individually. It is very tedious and unnecessary work. In addition, I cannot see which category an entry is assigned to anywhere. Where can I see which entries are not yet assigned to a category? Why Enpass don't creates the category if it not exists in the vault, when the entry is copied / moved to this vault? Please answer.
  15. Last week
  16. This has happened to me too. My entries wiped out entirely.
  17. Hello, very often and since 2-3 month, when I unlooking my macOS lookscreen, Enpass is shown in the foreground and asks to unlook (with password or touch ID). Is that a misfunction? What do I need it for? I cannot find a setting to disable this annoying prompt. Enpass 6.3.3 MacOS 10.15.2
  18. You can see screenshot from my Dell Latitude 5490 below. As you can see main application interface is extremely big — I believe it is related to icon size issue. UPDATE: I use latest version. .
  19. hi there, i enjoy using enpass now for a few month and really like it a lot! two things which make working with it for me difficult are: 1) the note field is in edit mode far too small. i use it extensively and scrolling in this tiny window is a pain... ;) 2) the main window disappears after a certain time (i don't know why at all). since i cmd-tab to switch apps it does not appear when selecting the enpass app-icon. getting it back means moving to the menu bar and clicking on window -> main window. a couple of times a day... so it would be great if this window could just stay open or alternatively a shortcut to get it back to the front. like cmd-1 or so. hope you can add these changes soon in a future update. thanks a lot! kai
  20. Hi @Eriya, would you consider updating your AppImage to the latest Linux version (6.3.3)? Kind regards
  21. PC, Windows 10 OS Version 1909 (Build 18363.592) Enpass Password Manager extension for Chrome, version 6.2.1 Vivaldi 2.10.1745.27 (Stable channel) (64-bit) It has worked without issues until yesterday. Reboot did not help.
  22. Thank you! That option was very well hidden indeed
  23. Hello @Steph@n, Thanks for explaining the problem details. We'd been busy identifying the issue and look for a solution to them. Enpass currently doesn't support auto-fill of the identities that have been imported from other PW managers. You can, however, create a similar identity within Enpass and auto-fill. We acknowledge your feedback and thank you for highlighting this. Our team has started working on the vulnerability and we'll be releasing a fix for this in the forthcoming updates. Let us know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks.
  24. Hey @Deftoned762, We tried but weren't able to reproduce the issue with OneDrive sync on our Linux machines. Could you try running the command sudo apt-get update on your Linux system, and check if the OneDrive sync works. Thanks.
  25. Hi Kashish, No joy, also as per the original post I want to use OneDrive I was testing Google Drive to see if it was an isolated incident - however it appears that all platforms for me are not working. No FW or proxy in place.
  26. Hi @Yevhen Kushnir Thanks for sharing the details. I have noted down this issue and notified the concerned team to look into it. Hopefully, a fix will be available in the future updates. If there's anything else, let me know. Thanks.
  27. Hi @An Enpass User, We regret the inconvenience. Sometimes re-booting the device might help. If the problem persists, please share the following details so that we can help you better. On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Which Enpass version and extension version are you using? Which Vivaldi version are you using? Thanks for your co-operation.
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