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  3. I'm also experiencing this same issue. Was there any resolution?
  4. Yes, @Dentonthebear, is saying right. this question is not related to Enpass but i like to answer your question because i have already researched about it since 4 months ago. There might probably be numerous reasons when you want to Hack Someone’s Text Messages without Having Their Phone. In can you are looking forward to something similar then this is the place from where you can get right enough. 1- Hack someone’s Text Messages without Having Their Phone with Cocospy: As the first step, you need to register, so just give your email and password by utilizing a sign-up link. Then you can enter the username of the target iPhone on iCloud, give the identical password, and tap the option Verify. In the end, after you have logged in to the iCloud account, you have to access the info of the messages on the iPhone. Relax for some time till the Cocospy app sync the info every 24 hours. After the process of syncing ends, all the info on the iPhone messages can now be seen by you. 2- Hack Text Messages from another Phone: As the initial step just Signup for Cocospy and gain access to the Access Phone and download the app. In the end, you will see that the Cocospy icon will not be visible on the phone. This will make the phone user ignorant of the company of the spyware. On your favored display unit, users would be able to login to Cocospy application and check the info of messages on the target phone.
  5. Hello, is it possible that i can install Enpass paid Version without Google Playstore? I don't want to use this Playstore. Thanks Bub
  6. Hi Anshu, It's been a week since I email support about this issue and I've not heard anything. What should I do next? Thanks, Bowjest
  7. Artem

    Minimize to taskbar

    Hi I have the same issue on my two computers with LinuxMint 19.1 and OpenSuse Leap 15. Enpass 6.0.6 (323). Both commands are "/opt/enpass/Enpass -minimize" but them both do not start in the tray. The mint's enpass starts in full window mode and the suse's enpass starts minimased on task panel - not in the tray. This issue appeared a couple of months ago. What ever I do this it's still on.
  8. Using Linux Mint 19 - and Latest version of enpass. Everything was working fine until I did a sync on my primary vault (maybe a stupid move). Sync failed and error. Data wouldn't show up, but counters would show how much data there was in category. I exited and password wouldn't work any longer. I have purged - uninstalled - timeshifted reinstalled every time and tried to use password on a backup - no workie, enpass will not create a new user primary vault either. All files seem to be there, but no database. It is remembering too much and I don't know where to clean out the old stuff. I know it remembering because I had moved my vault to a new location and it is using that and not the default location /Documents/enpass. Anyone know where it is keeping this data, don't want to get out the shotgun as that is too messy. Thanks Jes
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hi, I too would like this, adding the possibility to have a thumbnail of the image. Basically, I would need an "image" field.
  11. Hello, I have the same issue. Good to see there is already a solution close.
  12. @JFS You can find the option below "general" --> Hide dock Icon... see attached screenshot
  13. maybe you can't sync with security patch 5 on android 8.0, because it is the latest version of Android, try to check it on other versions like 6.0 or 5.5.
  14. Oh god, I'm not the only one! I was wondering why my fan is so loud since some days, now I realised that it's Enpass and I wanted to report it here right now, and saw your comment! Especially when I wake up my Chromebook from suspend, my fan is spinning at 100% for ever, because Enpass is using 100% of the CPU for ever, if I don't reboot my Chromebook! And the Chromebook is getting really really hot! @Vikram Dabas Please fix this fast, the other bugs are just small ones but this one hurts the battery very hard and it's also not great to have my fan's spinning at 100% for ever after suspend.. Edit: I noticed that after I switched off my WIFI the enpass app was instant at 100% and I needed to force close it.
  15. Last week
  16. I sent a message to support with this question as I could not find an answer here in the forums, but thought this might be helpful to others once I find a solution... I have significant data that was imported into Enpass, credit cards for example - when I create a new Credit Card item all of the default fields are different from my old credit card items and the "Number" field which has field type "Card Number" will automatically hide the first 12 characters as asterisk in the search results and only show the last 4 digits, however if I modify an old imported Credit Card and change the Number field to be of type "Card Number" the full 16 digit card number still shows in the search results. Without creating a brand new Credit Card item and copying over the info from the old imported item (and hence losing all history from the old item), how can the old items mimic the behavior of the new fields that hide the full card number and only show the last 4 by default?
  17. Hi Team, I am seeing Enpass Extension or Service on my Chromebook peg my CPU very hard. I am guessing the task manager shows percentage of CPU load per task. It shows Enpass hitting my CPU between 250-350%? When it is like that my estimated battery life goes down to 2hrs from a full charge, and once I kill the task my battery life goes up to 5-6hrs. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, same results, though not right away. Overnight the behavior came back. Screenshot attached -Brent
  18. Problem: Setting up Sync is not working with Dropbox (maybe others too). Environment: Enpass Windows Desktop v6.0.6 (323) Enpass Extension Chromium Web Browser 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) (not default browser) (Enpass Extension installed). Google Chrome (default browser) (Enpass Extension not installed). Repro Steps: When I setup Dropbox Sync via Enpass Desktop: Enpass Desktop opens the default browser. I don't use the operating system default browser with Enpass, therefore don't have the Enpass Extension installed on the default browser. I use Chromium as my browser, which is not the operating system's default web browser. Enpass Desktop sends an authentication link to the default browser to Dropbox. Since I don't use the default browser, I copy and paste the authentication link to my default browser. The browser that I use is Chromium, with the Enpass Extension installed. When I log into Dropbox via authentication link and approve the authorization, Enpass doesn't recognize the authorization, and does nothing. Potential Reasons: Chromium not fully supported. Chromium is not the default browser. Enpass will open the default browser (which I don't use Enpass Extension) with the authentication link, I manually copy the authentication link, and paste the link. There's some sort of communication between: Enpass Desktop <=> Enpass Extension <=> Browser that is not working. Thanks
  19. Dentonthebear

    Enpass Start

    Hi MarvinD, While I understand you are not happy with the lack of feedback on your particular problem; could you give other forum users a rundown on how you overcame the issue?
  20. One more feedback: Sometimes, when I wake up my chromebook I get a connection error website from the enpass extension, there I can just wait a few sec longer and it automatically disappears or I click on connect. Maybe you could let the extension wait a few sec longer before opening this error page? It's currently annoying, at basically every restart of my chromebook I get this error page for 3-4 sec..
  21. What are the best possible methods to hack text messages? Are there any spy apps or software involve in it? If yes then kindly suggest some solution.
  22. to set up new devices first, you have to configure your device according to the VPN settings, but make new account for each separate devices so in case of data loss your accounts are not compromised.
  23. This worked for me today without changing anything or doing anything differently. I'll send you a link to my video anyway just so you can see what happened. Android Enpass version 6.06.200. PC version 6.0.6 (322) from the Windows store. Phone is an LG G6 running Android 8.0.0. PC is Windows 10 Pro 1809. I sync with self-hosted Nextcloud 15.0.7 running via Docker (docker.io/library/nextcloud:15.0.7). Yes, the date and time syncs automatically, BUT it's possible my PC clock was incorrect due to a reboot from Linux (which set it to GMT). It was late and I can't remember exactly what order I did things in, but I'm 100% positive my PC clock was incorrect around the time I was trying to sync. I know because I noticed it when I went to log in to another site. Could that cause the issue you'll see in the video I'll PM you? If so, I would be concerned about losing the TOTP secret. I always let the token sync to my PC before entering codes to finish the TOTP setup since it reduces the chances of losing the secret. It's the main reason I use Enpass for TOTP. The site you'll see in my video has a TOTP implementation that makes a good case for my fear of losing a TOTP secret. When I set up my account, it didn't as me to configure a recovery phone number. It can be done, but it's manual. I didn't think about it and was configuring TOTP first. Their TOTP implementation doesn't give recovery codes either, so, had I finished the 2FA setup before the TOTP config disappeared from my phone, I might have gotten locked out of the account without many options for recovery. I know there's nothing Enpass can do about another site's subpar 2FA process, but, once I scan a TOTP QR code on my phone and get TOTP codes I can use, my expectation would be for Enpass to ensure the TOTP secret isn't going to disappear.
  24. @Vikram Dabas But if I go to the Microsoft Edge Insider Addons website and select "Password Managers" then I get the following page: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/insider-addons/category/EdgeExtensionsPasswordManagers Here I see Enpass. So I thought you released it for the new Edge (with the Chromium Engine). Regards OLLI
  25. jjmrx

    Sync doesn't work

    Hi Anshu, are there any news regarding this issue? Thx Jesco
  26. Emmitt

    Sync doesn't work

    Enpass has no WebDAV functionality anymore! Months ago I sent you access data for my test account. But nothing happened! There has never been a file created on my system!
  27. Thanks for the reply @Ankur Gupta, I hope to see the fix soon! Unfortunately the nonce value is in the URI string, not the domain name, so the setting you mention doesn't help.
  28. The version 5 & 6 databases are not compatible and will not allow for synchronization.
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