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  2. I give up! This is such an annoying issue that I now moved to Bitwarden. Bye, bye.
  3. What if my computer and mobile gets reset same time and my cloud password is saved in Enpass. How am i suppose to access my cloud backup? When i think of that situation it scares me badly. Enpass Individual subscription is just fee for the software but there is no ease of mind. I have premium subscription which cost everyone 21.49 Euro yearly which does not have any cloud storage so if we are paying just for an offline password manager with so called security then why don't we just use keepass? it also comes with several plugins to sync with cloud. what makes enpass so special? I am roboform u
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  5. Hello, Everything worked fine in android 9 but as soon as I upgraded to android 10 on Feb 5, 2021 Enpass quits or restarts after about 5 hrs and the master password is needed to log back in. My locking settings are "lock after 10 min." unlock with a PIN and that's it. Android 9 would stay logged in for days or until I changed it. I'm on a Oneplus 5t with LinageOS 17.1 and Enpass Is anyone else seeing this? What's the problem? maybe upgrade to 6.6.3 Thanks and good day to you
  6. @Pratyush Sharma Roboform Version Enpass Version 6.6.0 (775) OS: Windows 10 Pro OS Version: 20H2 OS Build: 19042.804 Due to security concerns i am not able to share those websites publicly so i have sent you message in inbox for samle website URL which have more then 2 login fields.
  7. Hey @AndrewL Thanks for delineating your requirement. As far as I understood you want to have an option to choose a location in the root folder of the cloud so that you can share a vault with different users. We have the same feature request from our business partners and are willing to incorporate this soon but at the moment I can’t assure you any exact ETA for this. Thanks for your understanding.
  8. Dear John I have already exported my contents before my previous smatphone get broken. The only think I want to say is that I have already paid for an advanced account and I have also shared the screenshot of my Purchase Receipt. At this point I think it will be fair from Enpass to allow me to have a new account without pay other money since, I repeat, I have already paid for a professional account. If this will not be possible they have stolen my money, because I will need to pay for an account I have already paid. I agree about the fact that if someone loses their password, it can't be recov
  9. Hey @PaulR Thanks for describing it. We have shared the details with the team and will get back to you once we receive any update.
  10. Hey @Chad Hope you're doing great. I recollected your suggestion to provide a customized option to save different levels of items to auto-fill in Enpass so that searching the item while auto-filling won't be messy, esp in case of bank account. I would like to share that you don't need to create three different type of items (Login, credit card and bank info) to auto-fill on bank websites as you can save all the mentioned three levels in a same bank item. When you open any webpage, Enpass will automatically detect the kind of information required (credit card, debit card, login i
  11. You should reword the title of the post. It’s needlessly inflammatory. Enpass is not stealing your money regarding your situation. Your backup won’t help if you don’t remember the master password. Your only option is to find a device with enpass still logged in and you can use that to export your content out. If you only had one device with enpass logged in which is now broken and don’t remember the master password, you can’t do anything else. You are locked out for good.
  12. Fotan

    Constantly crashing

    Thanks. It's a really annoying problem.
  13. Hey @Reiska That's strange. Please check if you have reduced or minimized the main window of the Enpass app. If yes, please extend the window size on your Windows device and let us know if the issue is still there along with the device OS on which you are having this issue and the snapshot of the error page/screen?
  14. Hey @DesignT Please check if you running two Enpass app on the same device? To check the same, open activity monitor and search for Enpass. If there is two, quit one of them and share your findings. If no, please share the below details- On which device with OS version are you getting this issue? Which Enpass version you using? Thanks!
  15. Hey @ScottyJavea Thanks for writing back. Please send the crash report again to us mentioning the link of this thread in the description box, it will be helpful for us to identify the crash report sent by you.
  16. DesignT

    Two menu app ...

    Hello, Somehow I am getting two menu apps. Please take a look in the attached image. Is there any way to fix this ? Thanks
  17. Thank you for your reply! I have the manual backup using the export function of Enpass, so I haven't lose my data. But I cannot access to my previous phone because it has broken so I have a new phone but I cannot enter to enpass using my previous account since I have forgot the master password. I only can create a new user but I cannot understand why I have to pay one more account since I had the Pro-features in my current one (that I can't have access on it since my old phone doesn't run - not not even with the biometric). This is my situation. Hope to have clarified enough
  18. So all data is stored on the customers devices, and the app doesn't send data to any other places than the customer's own devices? That sounds good, but only assuming I can trust this to be true. But Enpass is not open source (only the encryption part of it is?), so all I have is your word for it. After the Edward Snowden incident we know for a fact that American companies may be forced by law to create back doors in their products _and to lie about it_. The combination of closed source and being subject to US legislation seems like a total deal breaker for any IT product where security or pri
  19. Hey @Erin Welcome to the forum! For quick troubleshooting, kindly logout from the google-drive cloud account from your default browser and try to set-up sync again with the same cloud. If the problem persists, please make another browser a default browser to set-up sync with Google-drive and check. Let me know if this is not helpful. Thanks!
  20. Hey @Fotan& @ikabupini We've been able to reproduce the crash issue on macOS and created an improvement ticket for the same. Stay tuned for the subsequent updates of Enpass. Thanks!
  21. Hey @remosito We have received your request on our support email with Ticket ID ECS-18738 and reverted you on the same. To prevent duplication of efforts, please revert on the same if you have any concerns. Thanks!
  22. Hey @eno Thanks for sharing your inputs. We have reproduced the issue with the beta version of the Brave browser and the same is notified to their support team. To run Enpass smoothly on your windows device, please install the last stable version of the brave browser and let us know your feedback.
  23. Hi Garima, Stuck again. Took six tries to get a response, so it does show that it will work. No problems with my Android app. Any ideas. ScottyJavea
  24. Sorry, but I fail to follow. No you can't recover the password, nor change it, without knowing the current one. If you still have access to all your items from any device (by using biometric), you are able to change (if needed) the registered email (account) to get Pro-features (setting up a second vault). If you can't get into the vault by any means, you're locked out if you don't have older backups. If you still have access to the data with biometric login, Enpass Support should be able to assist you if you need help to a. Changing the account so you'll get the Pro-f
  25. Hi, I use the chrome extension on Brave Beta, but since the last few days, the extension stopped working on both of my computers. If I click on the Enpass extension button, it'll open a new tab searching for Enpass, even if it's already up and running. It'll eventually time out, and fail. Since this started on both my computers on the same time, I'd suspect it's caused by a Brave update, or an Enpass/extension update. Both computers run Windows 10, and use the Microsoft Store version of Enpass, version 6.60.
  26. Sorry to get back, I really don't know where the problem lies. On another computer, same system basically, it's working without glitches, despite having multiple users on Brave. Uninstalling the extension didn't help, would uninstalling Enpass completely probably help in such a case?
  27. Thank you for your kind reply. In the past I started with the free version but after a bit of time I paid for the licence. I have reached the support for ask how to recover the master passwored. They said to me that is not possible. In the meantime I need to change the smartphone so I reinstall Enpass and now I can enter my previous backup, but like before, I haven't the master password, so, for example, I cannot use enpass on my pc like before (with the master password). So I need to return to the full use of the app, both with the touch id and with the master password. When I re-install Enp
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