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  2. Hi Abhishek, Thanks for your interest and help. As requested, I have backed up the Enpass data, wiped the data from the app, and uninstalled it. I have then re-installed the app from the Google Playstore and re-loaded the data. I have attached some screenshots showing: 1)App Version No. from Main Menu 2)Tag List 3)Password with character count. As can be seen, the tag and password issues have not been resolved. The logout issue is a design decision. I don't agree with it ( I think that every security app should have a logout button) but I can live with it if I have to. Hope this might shed some light Best regards Brian
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  4. Hi @sil1902@anschluss Please DM me the details of your WebDav demo account and share its login id and password along with the URL. I will then get this investigated for you.
  5. I heavily rely on multiple WebDAV connections - before 6.8.0 this has worked fine without a glitch but now even after updating to 6.8.1 (macOS App Store Version), synchronization is stalling and causing the Enpass App to burn CPU time. For some vaults, it reports errors requiring the WebDAV password to be entered, but does't accept the correct one. I'd rather not tinker with it and hope very much that the problem will be resolved soon.
  6. Cool! Thank you for informing me
  7. Hi @aaadeji We have reproduced the bug due to which this issue is occurring. Our development team is now working on fixing it and a patch addressing this issue will be released soon for the future Enpass versions. We appreciate your support and patience while we work on fixing it.
  8. Hi @Brian185 Please create a manual backup/set up synchronization on your Enpass Android device, reinstall the Enpass app and share your findings with us. If it does not help, please confirm if you are still facing all the issues you have mentioned or only particular ones?
  9. Never mind.. I restarted the enpass app en both categories and tags appeared..
  10. This is weird. I have Enpass running on my iMac and my MacBook. On my iMac it displays all categories and tags, but not on my MacBook.
  11. Hi, I imported my data from 1password into Enpass (iCloud sync) and have all the data in both my mobile (iOS) and desktop app (macOS) and everything syncs up nicely. In the IOS app I see all categories (logins, creditcard, notes, etc) but I do not see this in the desktop app. Categories is enabled in the View menu. I have a subscription via the mobile app and I have registered via the Enpass desktop app. How can I see the categories in the desktop app? Thanks, Stef
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  13. Thank you. That point hadn't occurred to me.
  14. I think you do, if you set "Lock on leave", you want to authenticate each time Enpass goes to foreground, that's the whole point. Majority of Android users use biometrics, which makes unlocking as fast as unlocking the screen. If you don't have or want to use biometrics, you can change you password making sure to use a keyfile and a shorter password
  15. Hi there, I have Version 6.8.2 installed and, sadly, it doesn't address any of the issues discussed above. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone running Android 8.0. Could that be the issue?
  16. EA1AHA

    macOS 10.13.6 Help

    Installed, thank you very much
  17. Hi Abhishek, Thanks for the reply. Glad that the latter two issues have been sorted. I look forward to receiving the latest update. I cannot agree with you about "lock on leaving". Having this set means that if you reply to a WhatsApp message, say, whilst leaving the Enpass window open, you are logged out of Enpass. Even logging on to an online site (like this one) from Enpass results in being logged out when autofill is initiated. I find it unworkable, especially with a long complicated master password. Am I missing something? Best regards Brian
  18. @Nyagaka254, Thanks for notifying me that autofill issue has been resolved by our 6.8.2 Beta version. If you are still facing any issue with autofill on any webpage, please share the following details on our support@enpass.io along with this forum link so that we can assist you better. On your Vivaldi Browser, open the webpage on which the issue is occurring. Use the command “Ctrl + S“ to save the webpage to your Desktop OR you can right-click on the webpage → Save Page As → Save. An HTML file and a folder of that webpage will be saved on your PC. Select both documents and compress them into a ZIP file. Then share that ZIP file with us at support@enpass.io, and we will get this issue further investigated.
  19. Hi @Tamascha, As we are exploring workarounds for the moment, we will require some more time to investigate it. I have also referred this to our developers and apologize for the delay in getting back to you. SI-2806
  20. Hi @Brian185 Welcome to the Enpass Forums. I will gladly assist you with all your queries - 1) The logout symbol (padlock) has now disappeared. - We have changed the UI of the Android application with the recent update. You can set Lock on Leaving or Lock After under Enpass app → Settings → Security → Auto-Locking. 2) Tags are not sorted - We were able to reproduce this issue and it has been fixed in our recent update. Please update your Android Enpass app to ver 6.8.2 and share your findings with us. 3) Long Pressing a password does not show character count/ Difficulty reading blue numbering on a black background - Character count not showing after long pressing a password issue has also been fixed in our update. Kindly update your app and let us know if its still not showing for you. Regarding blue characters on black background, our development team is working on fixing it and a patch will address this issue in the future versions of Enpass. #SI-2805 #SI-2820 #SI-2833
  21. Hi @aaadeji Thank you for sharing the details. I have forwarded your concern to our dedicated testing team and will be sure to notify you on this forum as soon as I receive any updates on this matter. Your patience in the meantime is appreciated. #SI-2860
  22. Hi @EA1AHA, Welcome to the Enpass Community Forums. Thank you for letting us know about your concern. I am sharing with you a link to download Enpass 6.7 which is compatible with your macOS 10.13.6. You can download it from here. Let me know if that works fine.
  23. Hi @Ivarson, I appreciate your response and I have shared your feedback with the concerned team for further investigation. In the meantime, your patience is highly appreciated here.
  24. Hi @Сергей Сидоренко, Welcome to the Enpass Community Forums. Thank you for reporting the presence of this issue. Recently, we have rolled out a new Enpass version 6.8.1 for Linux. Please confirm if you are using the same Enpass version. Further, please share a demo account along with its username and password as well as its URL to allow us to investigate it better. For security reasons, please share the details in a personal message or on support@enpass.io.
  25. Hi guys, exactly the same problem here with version 6.8.1 (1060) from Microsoft store. I have also downloaded the latest version directly from your website, but unfortunately the same issue occurs. Please fix asap. Thanks a lot in advance.
  26. I have more info into that bug – it has a pattern For 1st copy, you have to press the copy shortcut (cmd+c) exactly 3 times. For 2nd copy, you will copy the text after first shortcut. For 3rd copy, you will have to press 3 times. For 4th copy, you will have to press only one time. ...and so on... Monterey 12.3.1 Enpass 6.8.1 (Mac App Store) > Are you facing this issue on multiple devices? I can't check it, sorry.
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