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  3. Hi, same issue running Firefox on my Mac. OSX 10.14.6 Firefox 68.0 Enpass Password Manager extension 6.0.2 last updated May 27, 2019 Problem: Enpass always shows red background and is not usable since 3 weeks Cheers, Manfred
  4. Hey @Monyker, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please let me know on which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Also, please share the crash report mentioning your name in the comment box so that we can check where the problem could be. Thanks for your co-operation.
  5. Since the 6.1.1 (451) update, I see intermittent application crashes when using a password copy button. Enpass won't crash if I edit an entry, show the password, select the password and use CTRL+C to copy. It only happens sometimes when I use a copy button.
  6. Unfortunately I cannot speak for OneDrive, as of now I have upwards of a dozen clients using Enpass on thirty plus devices, all are using Google Drive without issue. Personally I am using Box and have done so since day one of v6, however I input the settings manually under a webdav entry as Box from memory was not originally supported/working. Never gone back to change it as I have not had a need to.
  7. Hi all, Very important discussion going on here. We had this feature once in Enpass as a mandatory setting and we remove it after backlash from users (convenience wins over security). Meanwhile, I have prioritize this feature request and it will be available as an advance option just like 1password. Cheers:)
  8. Fabian1

    Security audit

    Dear Enpass Team, do you plan an audit for ios? Best regards.
  9. The same goes for me. 1Password requires the master password after restarting the iPhone. The biologic unlock is not possible. With Enpass the Unlock is possible directly after the restart by fingerprint. That's not good and incomprehensible. Turning off the phone should always be a kind of a emergency stop. For example, many people turn off their phones at the border. With a switched off phone, a potential attacker has all the time in the world to think about how to crack it. Hackers have already demonstrated, that it is possible to take the fingerprint of a person from a coffee cup, make a copy an trick the iphone. Dear Enpass Team, please change. There is no reason that PIN and fingerprint remain even after a reboot. In addition, we would like to be able to set a timeout after which the master password is also retrieved. What exactly is so difficult about that?
  10. Hey @Greengood, Thanks for letting us know you would like to see support for "auto-type" . Significant user demand is a big factor that determines our priorities for new features. Due to frequently requested features like Website icons(coming soon) and catching up with newly released OS/Devices, the priority of the Auto-type feature went low. I'm really sorry to say that at the moment I can't assure you an ETA for the same.
  11. Hello, thank you for the fast reply. I will try this next time I have to login again.
  12. Hey @bernhard, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please follow the troubleshooting steps mention in this FAQ. Hope this helps!
  13. Hello, I have to Authentificate my iCloud Sync every Day on all Devices? Not Practicable!!! - Bernhard
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  15. I have Enpass setup as PRO on Windows 10; and as paid on Android. I have a few machines still running Win7, and I need access to my passwords on those machines. I was afraid that I would need to use the portable version (which is still in beta) in order to access my passwords on Win7 machines. The documentation was confusing to me -- When I saw the download for "Traditional Win32", I was not sure if this meant that the program would run only on the 32bit version. After installing it on the 64-bit version of Win7, I was glad to see that it does work. Does it work as well as the pro version on Windows 10? No. But that wasn't my concern - I wanted to make sure I could use it on Windows 7 until I eliminate the remaining machines running this OS. The browser plug in and the app do stop talking occasionally and I must load and activate the app before using the browser plug in - but this is a minor aggravation. This post is to help clarify for any new users, like me, who are confused about the operating systems that Enpass will function under. Windows 7 32bit/64bit DOES work.
  16. Hi, THX for the answer. Actually I finally found out that on my PC an old local file version was stored, which the app automatically tried to open at startup (unfortunately there does not seem to be an option to choose a certain file at startup?). Luckily I remembered the master password for this one and could open it. After resetting the PC data then in the menu I could import a backup, which I could create with my working iPad version and afterwards activated the sync with google drive again. So finally it seems that it is working :-)
  17. Hey @Harald_C, Sorry for the trouble you're going through. Please make sure you are using the correct master password by checking the caps lock off. Also, please try copy and pasting your master password in the password field to check if that works. If the problem persists, please drop us an email at support@enpass.io along with these details. On which all devices (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Which Enpass version are you using on each device? Does your master password contains any special character? Are you able to access Enpass data on any of your devices? Thanks!
  18. Hey @abhibeckert, Thanks for writing in. This issue has been forwarded to the concerned team and will be fixed in the forthcoming Enpass extension update. Thanks for your co-operation.
  19. Any update on this? Now with Dropbox limiting the number of machines you can have on a free account I really need to move this over to my onedrive for business account or look for another product.
  20. I used to use the Store version of Enpass on my office PC. Since yesterday it seems that our admin removed it centrally. Hence I re-installed it from the store but now I receive the following start-up message "The specified user does not have a valid profile" Tried as alternative to install the traditional version. This worked but now I cannot access my Enpass file (synchronised via Google Drive), because it always states "wrong master password". Frankly I am lost - any ideas how to solve this?
  21. I just tried... when I restart the device, 1Password asks to reenter the master password. Whats the difference?
  22. Hey @kpier, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. I would like to share that on iOS devices, when you select iCloud services to sync with Enpass, it automatically selects the default iCloud account which is already configured on the device. To sync with other iCloud account you have to perform these steps: Open Enpass on your wife's iPhone --> Create a secondary vault (temporary) --> And enable sync with the iCloud Drive , it will sync with her iCloud account. Now open primary vault and enable sync with iCloud Drive --> Which will redirected to the browser --> Now enter the iCloud login credentials (Which you want to sync with). Hope this helps!
  23. Hey guys, We're really sorry for the trouble you're going through. Our dev team is already on it and take a word from me that this issue will be fixed once the Catalina stable version is available. I really appreciate your support and patience.
  24. What is required for auto-submit to work with Enpass? I've tried testing it with a very simple login form and while the password is filled, the form doesn't submit even though "Autosubmit Login" is enabled: <html> <body> <form method="post" action="foo"> <input type="password" name="pwd"> <input type="submit"> </form> </html>
  25. I use 1Password and Enpass. They both store your master password in the keychain and 1Password definitely doesn't require entering it after a restart. Both 1Password and Enpass allow you to configure a timeout. The shortest timeout in 1Password is an hour - they store it in your keychain on flash memory exactly the same as Enpass (and probably for longer than an hour). If your passwords are sensitive enough for keychain's security model to be unacceptable then they shouldn't be stored in *any* password manager. Switch to something simple like a plain text file encrypted with AES for those specific passwords. If you want to be worried about anything, you should worry about browser plugins creating a significant attack surface. That's far more likely to result in a compromise than Apple's keychain database.
  26. I understand that the issue is with qt, but I also feel that Enpass seems to be throwing their hand up and declaring `not our problem`. This is a pretty serious bug for desktop users. I feel like Enpass should do more to address it or at least try to reassure users.
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