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  2. [crickets chirping] Guess I didn't explain very well... this would let Enpass reset your passwords for you on those systems that require it every few weeks. You'd never even notice, it'd just happen for you. Or it could let it reset passwords for you if there's been a credible report of password databases being stolen.
  3. I'm a relativ new Enpass user but satisfied with apps for Windows desktop, UWP and iOS. That I'm missing on the UWP app is a button to copy the field values (like user name, password etc). On classic desktop such a button exist and on iOS a simple copy command is also available. But in the UWP app I had to use the context menu which is working but not comfortable in a touch usage. Would be nice to see this little improvement soon implemented
  4. Anshu, this makes me and I bet many others very happy. Thanks for the quick reply and take care! Keep up the great work!
  5. Anshu, this is excellent news. Thanks so much! Looking forward to the feature.
  6. Updated to the newest version 5.5.5 (92). It just hangs quite soon after startup. Takes 100% of CPU and becomes unresponsive. Tried to disable ownCloud sync, didn't have any effect.
  7. Hi @EMike Thanks for writing in. You needn't to worry about it, and take it as a word from me that we will stick to our current business model of providing the offline version of Enpass. It is also confirmed that our individual users like you would not be forced to switch to any subscription model and would keep getting the updates the same way throughout the lifetime of Enpass. Cheers!
  8. Ok, i had to recreate a new full webdav Url from Zero and to update connexion string on all my iPhone, mac, iPad . And now it works !!!
  9. Incredible. I have a backup from yesterday from all my entries on my computer B. It seems that i just have to restore it ant it should sync back to computer A (throw my webdav sync url). But it do not works ! When i try to restore the backup (on computer B), it works fine. But sync configuration change at the same time from Webdav to nothing !!! If i configure webdav again, the duplicated entries are then synced back from synology and replace my local entries ..... Incredible.... if i find a solution i will tell you. Regards,
  10. Hello, I use you fantastic app for a while now. I use webdav sync on synology for a while, wich works fine. But all my entries are just duplicated. I would like to know how to remove the old ones automatically because i have hundred of lines. It's really easy to reproduce because your app do not make any check : 1 - I activated a year ago a sync with webdav url from my computer A 2 - I didn't use Enpass on that computer until this morning. 3 - I created a new webdav url a month later that i use since 11 months with computer B. 4 - i just realize this morning that my computer A do not use correct url , but old one. 5 - ok, i just refresh webdav connexion on the new url (the trouble is here, your app KEEP all entries locally even after changing sync method, it do not realize that it is a new copy of itself) 6 - all my entries are duplicated...... I'm really desapointed.. i need to check each record last update date and remove the one that is 1 year old .... Many many hours will be necessary for updating .... If you have an idea ? Regards, A.M.
  11. Hi @EMike It's good to hear that you like our product. I'm glad to share that we already have plans to implement Printing feature along with managed, formatted print output option. Cheers!
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  13. I have emailed support but haven’t heard back yet. Is there any way to get a confirmation your current model of local storage and syncing to third party cloud storage will be the long term direction of your product. I am moving to your product and want to recommend it to my clients currently using a competitor that is now changing directions to sync all data with their own proprietary cloud. I just can’t get behind that model. Your currently model is awesome and just looking for confirmation it will remain this way. Thanks very much!
  14. Just tested the txt export and it really doesn't work that nice since it doesn't put a line space between the records to help with formatting. Really a formatted print output would be awesome. Hope you can do this. Formatting doesn't need to be anything special other than a couple of blank lines or a line to differentiate the records. Thanks again!
  15. First I am very impressed with your product, approach and openness with your customers. I am converting myself and hopefully my clients from a competing product after they have changed their approach to a proprietary cloud first approach. Once nice feature often used by my clients was the ability to print to hard copy the entire database from the desktop version. It seems like I might be able to do the same with your product but I have to export it to txt first, which worries me that someone might leave the export file on their computer by accident. Do you think you could add a simple print feature under the file menu in the Windows desktop product? Might be nice to also be able to print a single record, but for now the entire would match the feature that is missing for us. Thanks very much!
  16. Solved in version 5.5.5. Cheers!!!!
  17. Hi @zyghom This issue has been resolved in the recent update(5.5.5) so please update to the latest version of Enpass and share your valuable feedback. Cheers!
  18. Hi @CHBMB Thanks for writing in. Just to make a couple of things clear, can you please let me know during sync process for which password you're getting the mismatch error. Is it Enpass's master password or your login password for Nextcloud account. If Enpass is showing error while syncing as Error syncing with cloud. Reason: Password mismatch, it means the mismatch is for Enpass master password of local database and database on Nextcloud. Mismatch for master password of Enpass comes once you change the master password on Enpass from any other device. Since Enpass data on cloud is now encrypted with new password, so your other devices will not be able to sync with the data on cloud and will show this message. Now you need to enter your new/changed master password to enable sync. For more details please check out this FAQ. If there is something else, please help me understanding it more precisely. Cheers!
  19. Okay thanks I will look into that
  20. Thanks, that's great news! Looking forward
  21. Now its really crazy, but it works fine.... I do the same yesterday (thanks for your quick answer), switch the iCloud Drive off and on, do some test items, mark some favorite and only the iPad works fine. But now: both devices are synchronised with the MAC.... Once again: Thank you very much for your quick support.
  22. Been using the Enpass & Nextcloud webdav sync for a long time without issue. Noticed today that sync isn't working. Keeps asking me for the password saying there is a mismatch. I can use the same password to login via the Nextcloud webui and also works for other webdav clients. (Gnome desktop Nextcloud integration being one) I'm using Nextcloud V12.0.0 and Enpass 5.5.3
  23. Hi @Bob Welcome to Enpass family! I will definitely help you in importing your database from 1Password to Enpass. For this, you need the desktop version for 1Password to export your data in unencrypted format. Please have a look at our user manual to know how to import 1Password data into Enpass. Cheers!
  24. Hi @Bob Yes, we do have already plans to implement multi vault support in Enpass and will be available to you in the next major update (Enpass 6). Cheers!
  25. Hi, are there any plans to implement multiple vaults in Enpass. I use 1password at the moment namely because of the multiple vaults.
  26. Hi, how can i import my ios 1password vault into Enpass (desktop or mobile version) cannot seem to find it anywhere on this forum or discription.
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