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  3. niklas

    Windows Hello improvements

    Hi, I don't know why but somehow it now automatically opens the Windows Hello dialogue, so I think this was just a temporary bug. But it would be nice if you could set Windows Hello as primary method for unlocking Enpass if someone has Windows Hello set up. So that you don't have to click on the Windows Hello smile icon before.
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  6. https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/470-enpass-connection-error/&do=findComment&comment=4203 This person is right. The Enpass extension is causing a huge amount of errors.
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  8. Please consider implementing this suggestion. I think it would be great if one could add a secondary means of securing a specific folder or entry within a vault.
  9. When I try to import a shared entry from clipboard I get an error (‘shared element is invalid…’). This error appears every time while starting enpass. How can I stop it and why failed the import ?
  10. Last week
  11. niklas

    Window bug

    Hello, I've discovered a bug in Enpass 6 beta version. In the previous version Enpass 5 everything is working fine. To show you what I mean, I recorded a video: Please let me know if there'll be a fix for that. Thanks!
  12. Whenever I enter the master password I set up (why was it required to be SOOO long this time? Why couldn't I just use the same master password I had for the regular pass? First problem) It says it's not correct. Since I was never able to import the files from the regular enpass (problem 2), how do I just start over and create a new data file? I can't see any way to do it without entering the master password. So there has to be a way to at least delete the locked file and start over, how? if not, why not?
  13. niklas

    Windows Hello improvements

    Hi everyone. I'm testing the Enpass 6 beta and I recently bought a fingerprint scanner. When Enpass is locked and I want to unlock it I can either type in my master password or choose the smile icon where I can login with my fingerprint. But the problem is that when I click that, there's a new process visible in the task bar but you have to open it manually and you can then unlock it with your fingerprint. The best and most comfortable way would be if you just have to press a combination you set up in the Enpass browser extension configuration and it auto-fills (what it also does at the moment) even if Enpass is locked. So what I mean by that: When I visit a website where I have to login, I just press the combination which I've set up and then Windows Hello prompts me to scan my finger with the fingerprint reader without any other things to do. So it would be nice if Enpass automatically uses Windows Hello instead of the password so you don't have to choose the smile icon and then the Windows Hello form should show up without having to open it manually. I hope I explained it well. Please let me know if you can do anything to improve this scenario. Thanks.
  14. I would like to say that I really love Enpass and have bought it for all different platforms. I really like the new design. Looks more modern and things are laid out better than version 5. Really love the colored feedback of the password strength as you change it. Criticism: Not a big fan of the scrolling momentum / inertia on the desktop app though. Maybe it is good for the mobile experience but doesn't feel natural on PC. It will be great if it can be disabled in the settings. Would be great to see options to change the theme of the app (not a big fan of purple which is the only option for now).
  15. Yep, I also got 5.6.19 (5548) from the Store overnight. Hopefully this puts an end to this issue!
  16. JeffB

    Beta 6 + One Drive

    Enpass 6 Beta (1) does work on Win10 Insider Preview. Appears to leave local OneDrive file open, even after closing the app.
  17. The update is in the Store for everyone. My wife's computer was updated this morning. Thanks to the Enpass team for getting this resolved. Now looking forward to the Enpass 6 updates with an Edge extension. Go Team!
  18. avinator

    how to install in Arch?

    You realize this thread is 6 months old, right? Furthermore, did you read the entire thread? Guess not...
  19. EbaYau

    how to install in Arch?

    Hi... The documentation is on the wiki for a reason. If you are unable to read and comprehend it, then Arch is not the right distribution for you. If the documentation does not answer the questions you have, then feel free to ask for clarification, however, we will not regurgitate the information already available to you on the wiki.
  20. Thanks to Lorenzos13 for the quick fix <Menu> <Preferences> and disable <Verify the browser> seems to be working for me
  21. Hey all. It's been almost 25 hours on 5.6.19 without a crash. Numerous sleep cycles and consistent use, no problems. The Enpass team has stepped up. Thanks!
  22. Enpass version Not sure about the AntiVirus. It is a work computer running Windows 10 No proxy I didn't try other browsers because I won't use other browsers. I moved over to the beta version for the browser plugin to work but I have to manually change passwords on my phone as there is no Android 6 beta yet.
  23. Hello, First of all I would like to congratulate the team for the new version of Enpass, it has basically everything I was missing in the previous version. You really did a great work here During my testing I noticed that after some inactivity the client could freeze
  24. FuN_KeY

    iOS 12 autofill

    I would also be very interested in this feature. The Safari plugin is working great but it would be even better to have a OS level integration as it would benefit builtin apps.
  25. Hemant Kumar

    Security audit

    We are on it and the audit will start with the final Betas of Enpass. We assure you that the final release in the market will be duly audited. Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding.
  26. Anthony, It's been over 9 hours now without a problem. Fingers remain crossed but the least the blood is not cut off now.
  27. Fingers crossed! I've had nothing pushed to me in the Store as of writing this so I guess they didn't provision me to receive the beta updates.
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