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  2. Enpass keyboard issue

    I only have enpass keyboard enabled. It occasionally gets stuck at fingerprint validation for more than 20 secs after I press tap to fill on the keyboard. My device is running Oreo 8.1. Didn't have this issue on nougat.
  3. Enpass crashed

    Mine has done the same thing. And No Support. they will not answer my emails
  4. Upgrading to Pro

    How can you get the pro to work on all the apple devices after you purchase it on one?
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  7. Hello everyone, I've found out that in many of my Enpass records there are some doubled fields, and even some empty fields with no name and no content. How can I remove those fields from records. I found a command to add fields, to rename fields, to reorder fields, but nothing to remove them. Any suggestion? PS: by the way, is it normal that fields get doubled or empty fields pop up in records?
  8. Real import from 1password

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  9. Last week
  10. I really appreciate you all looking into this! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you test it in the field. I can't use Enpass via Dropbox on my HP Elite X3 until it is resolved, anyway so just let me know! Many thanks!!!
  11. Thank you for your help! Yes, I installed it from the Google Play Store. I even uninstalled and then reinstalled to make sure. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) I already tried the stable version, then I installed the Beta to see if it makes things work. It doesn't make a difference on my device. Edit: I noticed some other weird behaviour. In apps, the correct URL is detected but Enpass doesn't show the matching entry, even though it exists.
  12. Hi @LA6507, We tested this issue in our lab and found that Enpass does face some problems while syncing with Dropbox. Our dev team is working to get it fixed as soon as possible. Till then please bear with us.
  13. Thanks for sharing the video. That drives me crazy. To dig out this issue, I want a little input from your side so please let me know: Have you installed Edge browser from other sources other than Google play store? If you installed Enpass from Google Play Store then the package name should be "com.microsoft.emmx". On which device you are using Enpass? I've tested this issue on the same version of Edge browser ( and everything works fine here. It would be great if you can try installing the stable version of Edge browser from Google Play Store and check if you are facing the same behavior again. Thanks for your co-operation.
  14. Hi @DocJay, Thanks for bringing this to our notice. I've noted it down and shared with the dev team to look into it. Till then please bear with us.
  15. Fitbit as a FIDO U2F security key I recently got a Yubico FIDO U2F Security USB key for my PC to enable 2-factor authentication, and it got me thinking about 2FA solutions for my phone. Instead of buying a wireless dongle that must be kept somewhere handy, wouldn't it be great if a Fitbit could be used for 2FA, it's always right on my wrist.
  16. Hi there, I've noticed that Enpass is auto-filling username and password in a create account field a bit down the page at https://www.shutterstock.com/ I've disabled auto-submit login for this entry in Enpass but it still insists on auto-filling. This is one of those websites where you have to click 'Sign In' at the top of the webpage and bring up another window overtop of the main webpage to log in. In these cases I usually don't have to uncheck auto-submit login because there is nowhere to submit anyway. But on this page there is... so I have to disable it. However, it's still submitting. Can you take a look at this? I'm using Firefox 59.0.2. Thanks in advance! JD
  17. I was not sure where to post this problem that I am having. I have also contacted Dropbox about this issue - Enpass seems to load a Dropbox authentication webpage within it's application but I'm not entirely sure where to turn. I have been using the Enpass app on all of my Windows phones for over a year with no problems. I recently purchased an HP Elite X3 mobile phone and installed Enpass on it last night. I selected Dropbox as the cloud service for storage of my password file data and the app displayed a login webpage generated by Dropbox's cloud service. That webpage lists that recaptcha is the auth service that is used. I entered my login credentials on the page and tapped on the login button and the page just displays a loading icon but nothing else happens after that. I literally left my phone on that page all night and it never finished the login. This morning, I tried several more times but it never loads. When I press the BACK button on my phone, i receive the message "Not able to connect to Dropbox. Please check Internet connectivity." My internet connection is perfectly fine and I even have the Dropbox mobile app installed and logged in on my phone so I really need help troubleshooting this problem. I tested two of the other cloud services from within the app and they both work fine (Box.net and OneDrive). Once again, I have posted this problem in the Dropbox forum, as well. HP Elite X3 OS Build 10.0.152543369
  18. Hey guys, I'm using Ansible to deploy some services, and inside the config some variables are encrypted using Ansible Vault. Usually I need to copy-paste the password from Enpass to the terminal when Ansible asks for the password, but it also supports passing a path to an executable file that should print the password to stdout so that it can access for example the system keyring. Since you haven't published any official API documentation on how to talk to the desktop app, I've written a small script that mimics the browser extension's behavior and talks to the desktop app. With this implemented, whenever Ansible needs my password and my database is locked, the usual popup appears. Otherwise, it automatically fetches the password given some specific url. Now, since you have not published any API docs, is it fine to write apps that use the internal API? Do you have any objections as for making my small client public on github? Best
  19. Thanks, @Anshu kumar. I didn't know this option exists. I recorded a short clip of autofilling failing (looking for microsoft.com domain).
  20. Hi @Gilrich, Actually, to record a clip, you first have to enable the Allow Screenshot feature in the Advanced section of Enpass settings. Make sure to turn it off after recording. Thanks.
  21. Hi there, I'm a long time user, and generally a big fan of Enpass across my devices. I recently updated the certificate on my Webdav instance and hit sync on my devices, and no notification was given on this change. Given the nature of Enpass, I believe at minimum a notification should come up advising the certificate has changed and requesting a confirmation of trust. Some sort of certificate pinning solution would also work. I use Let's Encrypt, so this would be inconvenient to me (given it updates every 3 months or so), however I feel the security/convenience trade off is fine. Thanks
  22. Hey @Akash Vyas I tried to record a clip, but Enpass blocks recording within the app. I have Enpass version 5.6.7 and Edge version
  23. Backdoor in password generator ?

    Hi Vinod Thanks for demonstration that show my mistake and exonerate the generator . thanks
  24. Hi, First of all, thank you for enpass ! I like it a lot. Could you add the possibility to save pictures and documents .txt in our personal database. Pictures and documents should be encrypted. Adding the possibility to download our whole database when connected in a zip decrypted directory. Thank you for your Time. I really hope you will add all of this to make enpass better. Have a nice day
  25. Hey @Gilrich That's really strange indeed! We have tested this issue in our lab but were unable to reproduce it. It would be a great help if you can share more details (in form of some clip etc showing the failure of autofilling) so that we can investigate further. Thanks for your co-operation.
  26. Open multiple vaults

    Hey @Prateek Grover Thanks for writing in. We're working on it and as we've already mentioned in our blog, we'll be rolling out the beta by the end of May 2018. Beta updates on the MacOS are only available in the version of the app downloaded from our website. If you're using the version downloaded from the App Store, there's no option to enable the beta updates. Cheers!
  27. Premium Enpass

    Hey @Egoi_ Actually, the Pro upgrade of Enpass is needed to be bought separately for different platforms, because of the platform specific restrictions. For example, all the purchases on Play Store are managed by Google and will not be accessible on iOS or Windows Store. If Enpass would have been an online and account-based software then we would have enabled the access on all your associated devices. The same has been mentioned on our website here: https://www.enpass.io/pricing/ https://www.enpass.io/kb/i-have-purchased-enpass-for-one-platform-do-i-need-to-purchase-separately-for-others/ Thanks
  28. Open multiple vaults

    @Akash Vyas When can we expect beta launch for Enpass 6? Also, on my Mac app, I do not see any option to check for beta updates. Can you guide me through?
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