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  2. I've noticed this on several of my machines. Some are blue in the taskbar, some are white. What is the difference? I've searched help but found no mention. I can't be the first to ask? Can I?
  3. It would work if she were logged into your iCloud account on her iPhone, but her iPhone logged into her iCloud account will never see your sandboxed vault unless you put a copy somewhere her account can see it. If none of the other methods I suggested worked, try setting up a free Dropbox account and use the same account for both your wife and yourself and set up Dropbox to sync your Enpass vault(s) instead of iCloud.
  4. I'm running iCloud sync over 6 apple devices, Macs, iPhone, iPad and I can't see where the enpass vault is located even with your cool CmSft. trick. Works fine on wife's Mac after logging in under my account after a prompt. I just got it running on a Win10 machine and it works fine. Surely Enpass can get this working on iPhone app.
  5. Currently I am using KeypassXC with yubikey challenge-response in a ten user environment. Because of lacking KeypassXC multiuser support, I'm looking for alternatives that allows me to use a database stored on my own server, not in the cloud. Enpass could be one, but I'm unsure if they support yubikey. Does anybody know ?
  6. There is no such feature of Chrome OS, I'm afraid.
  7. I would love this feature. Any update on the status of this feature?
  8. Last week
  9. Well, I looked in the manual for the official word on this and while they do encourage you to use cloud sync to share a vault, you can only officially sync one vault per cloud account, so it means you'd need more than one to sync two. Not sure how true that is because I was able to create another vault in my account with a different name also synced with iCloud and it seemed to work, but as yesterday, perhaps I'm missing something. In any case, you can open your iCloud Drive in the Finder and press Command-Shift-. (period). This will show hidden files. Press that key combo again in the Finder to hide them again. However, I didn't need to use that to access my Enpass vaults. They are visible in your iCloud Drive in the Documents -> Enpass folder. If you share that folder with your wife and it is placed in her iCloud account in the same location, I'd bet her Enpass would find it. Make sure she has read-write access to the shared Enpass folder. Oh, and make sure you make a backup of everything before trying to share it, just to be safe.
  10. Thank you for your reply! The API that allows apps to use iCloud storage places the files in an invisible directory that you cannot access from your iCloud account. At one time I figured out how to get to these hidden file locations using Terminal, but I can't remember how I did it... Anyway it seems to me something you can program into the app, after all Enpass iCloud works fine on Macs (including my M1 with 12.1 Beta) by allowing the authentication step.
  11. I have a Premium account whitch is showed in my Iphone and Ipad,but on my Laptops it is wiewed as Lite It still works as a Premium accout with no restictions How do I fix so it is showed as a Premium account ??
  12. Hi. Like many people, I own a raspberry PI and I would like to be able to use the application enpass. Can you tell me if you are going to release a version for this one ? Best regards
  13. Bump ... the product cannot be considered secure without regular security audits - and done by external auditors.
  14. You can still use a YubiKey or similar device for Quick Unlock ...
  15. caspergsht42


    I'd like to see support for U2F unlock (yubikey) for Quick Unlock, like it's possible with Touch ID and Apple Watch.
  16. Thanks Abhishek, Once we have added family members to https://console.enpass.io/ when they use the windows app, are they logging in with their own login they created with Enpass or is everyone suppose to be using the same login?
  17. That’s not Enpass doing that. It is your Mac. Either you tried to open it in Word at some point and the Mac associated the file type with Word or Word is your default text editor. However, this is easy to fix. 1. In the Finder, select one of these backups and choose Get Info (Command-I or select it from the Finder File menu or right click on the file and select it there). 2. Find the Open With section of that window and click on the small triangle to show the content if it isn’t shown already. 3. Under the drop-down you find there select “Other” at the bottom of the list. 4. In the file selection window select “All Applications” from the Enable drop-down. 5. Select Enpass and then click Add. 6. Back in the Get info window, click the Change All.. button and Confirm. This will change all backups to be associated with Enpass.
  18. I have been having the same problem for weeks. It is happening on my desktop version of enpass. Iphone and Ipad are working. In response to JAR, where do I find preferences to get to wifi sync? TIA
  19. I haven’t tried this, but I think this could work. It is possible to share a folder between two iCloud accounts. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210910 Set up sharing on the Enpass folder in iCloud and invite your wife only using her iCloud email/login address. Tell Enpass to restore from her iCloud account. If it works, great. If not, plan B would be for her to use WiFi syncing and have you run the WiFi server on a machine with your vault on it. She’d get your data via WiFi every time she’s on your home network. Another possibility might be to use local folder sync. Make sure both your wife and you have a folder you can both access An old school method is for you to periodically backup your vault and have her restore from your backup periodically. I’m pretty tired tonight, so I’m sure I’m missing something, but hopefully this helps.
  20. Hi, I setup iCloud sync, which is working great across my Apple devices. I want to share the vault with my wife. I could setup on her Mac, it allowed me to logon to my iCloud account to access the data file. With her iPhone, Enpass does not offer the option to use a different iCloud account, so it just looks at her iCloud account. Hopefully there is a trick to getting this to work?
  21. Thanks @Discordant I agree with you on other Password Managers or the Browsers Password Manager, but I think there should be a way to hide the Browser's Autofill Suggestions. Currently, if you click on the Escape key it hides the browsers autofill suggestions while keeping focus on the input, but clicking on the input again will just show the autofill suggestions again. So maybe the enpass extension can present a Escape key click or something like that. I think for now another option would be to hide the "Show Inline Autofill Popup Menu" on page load, but still keep the input icon so the user can click on that instead. Related issue here: I think if you allowed this feature and a user clicked on the icon then the enpass extension should be able to enable an Escape key click and then show the "Inline Autofill Popup Menu" or if really needed clicking on the icon would remove focus from the input which should remove the browsers autofill suggestions, then clicking on a login which fills in the form should then add focus back to the input or form. I think those are pretty easy methods.
  22. I really enjoy the new Inline Autofill Popup Menu, but it can be a bit intrusive and I would almost prefer to not have it show on page load. There is a setting to disable it, but then it also removes the input icon. I would prefer to keep the input icon so if I click on it then it would show the Inline Autofill Popup menu. So it would be great if there was a setting for "Hide Inline Autofill Popup on page load". This setting would only be available when "Show Inline Autofill Popup Menu" is enabled. Also if you click on the input icon (which shows user intent) then the Inline Autofill Popup Menu should show above all other menus or context menus. Currently the browsers input autofill suggestions show above the Inline Autofill Popup Menu. This is not ideal as it makes it hard to see or select the Inline Autofill Popup Menu. Reference this issue: Thanks
  23. I really enjoy the new Inline autofill popup menu, but chrome's autofill suggestions covers the inline autofill popup menu. See Below. I would personally like the in-line autofill menu to show above this. OR have a setting to allow that. One issue with that would then be needing a way to hide the inline autofill popup menu so you can select the browser's autofill suggestion. Personally, I feel that if there was a setting to "Show Inline Autofill Popup Menu above other menus" (disabled by default so it doesn't cause issues when users update) then that would be enough for now and if users complain about not being able to click on the browsers suggestion then they can just turn off that setting. Please this feature is a must as of right now it makes the Inline Autofill Popup Menu almost useless for me. I know i can disable the browsers autofill suggestions, but that is not ideal as I do use them. Thanks
  24. I’m not sure they can. I’ve used quite a few password managers over the years and third party in-line password integrations like Enpass, 1Password, Dashlane, etc. offer have always appeared below the browser or system-native password/form-filling drop-downs. Generally if you are going to use this sort of feature it is best to pick and activate only one to be active. Either choose Enpass or choose your browser’s functionality. Of course Enpass still works as it always has with this feature turned off, it’s just not quite as convenient.
  25. This also happens with Chromes Autofill suggestions. I would prefer not to disable this feature in chrome, but instead have the Enpass In-Line menu show above the suggestions. Possibly have a setting for this. OR is there a way to disable/hide the browser's autofill suggestions while Enpass's In-Line menu is showing, but then once it is gone then re-show the autofill suggestions if needed. See Here
  26. @Gulshan Dogra and Enpass Team A few things. First off, thanks for the software and the updates. Firstly, I really like the icon that shows in the input field that I can click on to enable the enpass in-line menu login features, but as described above the automatic display of the in-line menu has some issues. I wish there was a setting to disable the automatic in-line menu on page load, but keep the icon in the input field. Currently if I disable the in-line menu in the Browser Extension settings it will also remove the input icon. Further if in-line menu is disable on page load, clicking on the input field icon should then show the in-line menu as it does now. I will make a separate issue for this. Secondly, the in-line menu shows behind my input autofill suggestions making it difficult to select or see the results of the menu. As seen below. It would be ideal if this in-line menu would show above the suggestions. Or at least add a setting so it can be set to show above the suggestions. I will make a separate issue for this. Thanks
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