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  2. Hallo, wo finde ich die Browser Erweiterung für Firefox? In meinen Erweiterungen bzw. Add ons finde ich nichts Viele Grüße Murmel
  3. Hmm.. the same problem is now happening on my Android. It is not syncing w/ Dropbox. Says it needs the password of data on Dropbox. Would that be the pwd of the Enpass file or the pwd of Dropbox account?
  4. I paid for a license on my Blackberry and have changed to Android. Enpass pro seems to be working well on my Linux devices and my Android, but it's asking for a license for my Windows PC. Do I need a for each device type to run pro? Thanks, 2much2do
  5. Hi to all, After this I opened a ticket to Synology. This is their answer. With their suggestions I solved. This problem could be caused by a modification in a specific environment. To fix a bug, our developers have adjusted the mechanism during file upload, which will call SYNOACLPermCheck to check permission, but it will have problem if the shared folder is in Linux mode. According to your description, I think the shared folder is still in Linux mode on your NAS. Could you go to Control Panel / Shared Folder and check if the folder can be converted to ACL? (See attached
  6. Hey @cpoh Could you please share the demo account (via PM) on your WebDAV server and we'll iron out the issue. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the welcome :-) No, i did not update the DSM, i'm still at the latest 6.xx. On my iDevices it seems to work, after deleting the data on the NAS and re-sync them from an iPhone / iPad. Both iPad and iPhone are syncing, so i suspect the WebDAV is working. My Mac and my Win-Machine are throwing the above error codes.
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  9. Hey @PeteDoyle Welcome to the forum! In Enpass, it is very easy to sync data between devices, no matter which platform they belong to. All you have to do it to setup sync using a common cloud account on all devices. Hope this helps. Thanks!
  10. Hey @warmup We really understand how frustrating it could be. The priority of this issue has grown low as we were simultaneously focusing on many critical issues. Now, I will prioritize it and we will try to get it resolved ASAP. Thanks for the co-operation.
  11. Hey @GuyR Thanks for writing back and for the detailed explanation. I totally understand that changing the field of items manually is cumbersome but there is a downside of doing this automatically. Let's say if you moved and item from Login to Password category (maybe by mistake), there are chances of data loss due to truncation of certain fields which are not there in Password category (One-Time code, Security Question and Answer). Many more cases may arise when we consider the customisation of categories and templates. So to avoid all the possible issues, we retain the original fie
  12. Hey @Mahmoud Abolfadl Thanks for sharing the details. We tested the issue on 3 websites that you mentioned- While testing, the autofill issue with Egyptian national railways has been reproduced and aligned for a fix. Could you please confirm if autofilling credit-card is failing only on the website of Egyptian National Railways? Unfortunately, we don't have valid login details to log-in and test the autofill behaviour for credit-card. Are you getting this autofill issue with Ana Vodafone app or website? Thanks for the co-operation.
  13. Hey @mason We are extremely sorry for the trouble you have been facing from a long time. Enpass uses the Qt framework for GUI and there was a bug in the framework because of which Emojis were not rendered properly. The issue has been fixed by Qt and we will also fix it in Enpass in any of the coming releases. Please bear with us. Thanks!
  14. Hey @rorywohl Unfortunately, sorting or controlling the icons/categories from the sidebar in collapsed mode is not possible. However, you can control list of categories showing in the sidebar by expanding and clicking on three dots (...) to edit categories. Attaching an image for your reference. @Ivarson Thanks for your answer on this.
  15. Hey @arturmavl Welcome to the forum! & thanks for sharing. This page is for Qt 6.2 which is scheduled to be release at the end of September 2021 (Qt 6.2 Release - Qt Wiki).
  16. Update: https://doesitarm.com/app/qt-framework/ Qt Framework now fully supports Apple Silicon! Update with native support coming soon?
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  18. The flag can be displayed on iOS, but not on macOS. This bug has been submitted by email for almost a year, and it is disappointing that it has not been fixed yet.
  19. I think it is a bit difficult like I transfer whatsapp wagbpro data from Android to IOS
  20. This is exactly it. This is what I experience as well plus I’ll add the following using @ryan29 example. Imagine that his MS 365 sub tag has 300 items in the list. When the refresh happens, that list of items scrolls all the way back to the top which means you have to scroll back down to find the item you were working on before the refresh (and hoping you remembered which one you were working on). I’ll be anxious to see how this behaves after the fix you have is implemented. Is there a release date for this?
  21. Hey @cpoh Welcome to the forum! Did you recently updated the DSM? There is a known issue where the WebDAV sync is broken for Synology devices with latest update and the same is being discussed here- We have notified the Synology team regarding this issue. If this is your case, we recommend you to wait for the update from the Synology. Otherwise, please share a demo account (via PM) on your WebDAV server and we'll look into it. Thanks!
  22. Hey @Podrageanu We really understand how frustrating it could be. The priority of this issue has grown low as we were simultaneously focusing on many critical issues. Now, I have prioritized it and we will try to get it resolved ASAP. Thanks for the co-operation.
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    Hey @Tote Thanks for writing back. Your suggestion to add a Subscriptions category has been shared with the team for further discussion.
  24. Hi everyone, perhaps someone has an idea: - i'm using enpass on desktop (mac, win) and my iDevices. - everything is updated and latest versions - i just noticed, that the sync is runnung nor more (error) - was running for years - if i delete the enpass data on my Synology NAS, i can newly sync the data from all apple devices - if i then try to sync the windows enpass i get an error 915993 or 907987 or after new install 908403 - if i delete the enpass data and try to newly sync the data from windows, i can see the creation of a tmp file in the webdav folder, but get an error
  25. Hi @Garima Singh ! After introducing Vault in Enpass i started to use them and moved a lot of items into separate vaults. When browsing through the 'Tags' Section now i see a lot of the moved items in the original vault. When clicking on them it shows different symptoms like On Android it show that the item has been deleted and i should remove the shortcut from the Home Screen On MacOS, clicking the item, it just shows the Audit screen and no item details. On MacOS it also sometimes shows only the note field of the item details. The other Fields are gone. So it may n
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