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  2. Billys107E

    Update not working

    PLEASE, Could you please send me the link for the update i have been a loyal promoter of enpass but these simple needs are not addressed quickly nor are solutions provided.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I currently use SafeInCloud but have purchased the mobile apps for both that and Enpass. SiC can't unlock the browser extension with TouchID on my laptop. Before I purchase the new Enpass desktop app, can anyone confirm that its browser extensions can?
  5. Locutus

    Password history feature buggy

    @Vinod Kumar Actions performed: I generated a password Clicked copy to clipboard button Pasted into my browser to register on a website Tried to login on website using generated password, but the generated password was not listed in the generated password history
  6. I have used autofill for USPS (United States Postal Service) when logging in on my Android Pixel 3 XL using Chrome or Firefox browsers. The login credentials require a Username and Password. When Enpass offers the autofill on my Android phone it fills in the Username with my Email and Password, although I have my Username field first on my Enpass entry. Does this mean that autofill on Android automatically fills in my Email in my Username regardless of the fact that I have the Username field at the top of my Enpass entry of USPS? I have ignored the autofill and changed my virtual keyboard to the Enpass keyboard when logging in so that it fills in my Username and Password on the USPS website and fills them in nicely and orderly.
  7. molepage

    Enpass 6 not compatible

    You may want to try again in case the fix from this thread helps: If not, please just ignore my answer.
  8. molepage

    enpass not available in play store

    @Vinod Kumar I'm happy to report back that it worked for me. The app appeared in the store, I successfully updated, re-setup sync and all is now fine and dandy. Thank you so much!
  9. Jungmac

    Macbook is Crash in Dropbox Login

    It it turns out it's caused by a conflict with my personal anti-virus program. It is a program that I usually use only in Korea where I live, so I think most of you will have no problem. I'll have to contact the virus program development company. If you were interested, thank you.
  10. OLLI_S

    Where is Enpass

    Hello, when I started Enpass this morning at work then Enpass told me that the update to is available. I downloaded and installed it. I also printed out the Release Notes to see what has changed (and here I also see 6.0.3). And 20 mintes ago I installed for Android. Here at home I also have Enpass Traditional Win32 installed but here no update is offered. So I went to the download page but here only 6.0.2 is available. I tried different browsers and also deleted the cache in the browsers. Also at the Release Notes I just see 6.0.2. So did you withdraw the new update? Why? Best regards OLLI
  11. If you don't want to pay, install the previous version - simples!
  12. Jannnw

    Error when restoring form Google Drive

    Hello @Anshu kumar I looked forward hearing from you on Monday, but still no solution?
  13. stigvi

    Updated versions

  14. DerCelly

    Enpass crashes when using Chrome extension

    Hey @Anshu kumar, sounds good, thank you. BR Marcel
  15. Hello, I have some improvements for the Password Generator in Enpass. Include Symbols Currently you allow to Exclude certain symbols in the password generator. It would be very helpful when I would include certain symbols (like the _ or the #) because some websites don't accept all symbols. When users include symbols then only those symbols should be used. Allow to adjust generated passwords When I generate a password please allow me to adjust it (in the green heading where I see the generated password). This way I can remove a single character from the password and replace it with an other character. But I also can enter a password and check how secure it is. I have some "special" colleagues and family members that use unsafe passwords and this way I can convince them that they should use Enpass. Best regards OLLI
  16. Roger

    Duplicate an entry

    You can either select the item you want to duplicate and press Ctrl+D or select the item and click on the menu in the attached image and make a duplicate from there.
  17. IrSykes

    Restore Backup on IOS via WLAN

    Here is the cydia impactor guide.
  18. Hi, I was happy with Version 5, because with that version, i was able to login to my wordpress sites. With the new Version 6, that doesn´t work anymore. If i click on the entry, then it fills out the login form and send it, but then noting happens. It does not log in, and give me the empty login screen again. So i have to copy the login data manually. Why does this don´t work anymore?
  19. xarekate

    Multiple vaults for same cloud

    @100 Watt Walrus Sorry, for the confusion. Ididn’t know that it’s that different to Nextcloud / WebDAV.
  20. Anshu kumar

    Close on exit NOT minimize to systemtray

    Hey guys, It's already in our roadmap and will be available with the subsequent update. Thanks for your co-operation.
  21. Anshu kumar

    Updated versions

    Hey @stigvi, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Can you please point out the issues which you are facing so that we can check and try to fix in the upcoming update. Thanks for your co-operation.
  22. sleepless

    BUG - Some Symbols can't type at Masterpassword Field

    Hello, what's the status of this issue? Thank you
  23. Anshu kumar

    Enpass 6 crashes directly after start

    Hey @Fchen, Sorry to hear that the workaround didn't help. Can you please share the crash report mentioning your name in the comment box so that we can investigate it further. Thanks for your co-operation.
  24. Anshu kumar

    Enpass crashes when using Chrome extension

    Hey @DerCelly, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. This issue has been fixed and the update will be rolled out soon. Till then we request you to please wait and co-operate with us.
  25. Anshu kumar

    enpass not available in play store

    Hey @molepage, We have just pushed the update. Please check and share your findings.
  26. Hey @OLLI_S Thanks for bringing this to our notice. Noted and forwarded to the dev team to look into it. Thanks for your co-operation.
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