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  2. Found the issue - I just had to look for the 1610th entry in the .1pif file, delete those two lines and see if the import went further. It did... 2,603 items were imported, so that adds exactly up to the 2,532 +72 (archive) - 1 (the culprit entry). So that enpass can fix the bug, the issue was caused by a large 1Password note that contained my PGP keys - looks like that note was probably too large. It had 182,067 characters over 2,718 lines of text, and looks like this (see screenshot).
  3. I just tried the app store 6.7.3 version, but it still stops after importing 1609 entries. FYI I usually purchase apps directly from the developer's website as (1) the app store version sometimes have limitations imposed by Apple, and (2) so the developers get the full sale amount without having to loose Apple's commission.
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  5. You should upgrade to Enpass 6.7.3. There are some changes that include 1PF file importing. Try the import again with the latest version and see if the problem still exists.
  6. Nice suggestions you have shared here...i'm impressed...thanks for sharing them.
  7. Hey @jecxnate Just updating the steps here as a fix for the above concern with Windows. Quit Enpass(if Open) using CTRL+Q. Go to this location on your windows device (Data location). C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Packages\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_\LocalState For example: Here you will see a folder named Vaults. Rename this folder say to “XYZ”. Now launch Enpass Application. It will launch from Welcome Screen. Select the Previous Backups option. Now Restore the latest Backup by providing your Master Password. You should be able to restore Enpass from the last backup state now Cheers!!
  8. @pgo, Thank you for your patience. We did check this for you and it is working as expected on our end. Please check your account permissions with your administrator as Enpass is not able to create Enpass folder on Box with your account.
  9. Hello @yerled, The installation commands that you are using are correct and it should let you download the latest version of Enpass. And also remove Snap Enpass as we cannot use both at the same time. If you get any error? Please share the output of the commands in the terminal so that I can look into this.
  10. Hi @ehbowen, Thank you for reaching out to us. You can download the website version of Enpass for windows from our official website, refer to this link and let me know.
  11. I am really look forward to the extension as well. 1Password already has it live ! Also there is a bug on iOS 15.. previously i could open password protected pdf’s from mail on iOS, but choosing the password from enpass - but now that doesn’t work
  12. Importing from 1Password 1pif folder - out of 2,532 items (+72 in archive), enpass only imported 1,609 entries. The import skipped 923 1P accounts. It's possible there's an entry in 1P that causes enpass to fail reading the remainder of the file. Is there an import log to see where it hung/stopped so I can identify the 1P entry that is causing the enpass bug? I verified the data.1pif file created by 1P does has 2,593 "uuid" entries, so the issue is with Enpass' import process. Running 1Password v7.8.7 with local (non-cloud) password vault on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7. Enpass v6.7.2
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  14. I'm a registered user of Enpass. I don't use the Windows store. I used to be able to find a direct download for Enpass, but it doesn't seem to be posted on your site any more. I'm reinstalling on a computer which had to have Windows (10) reset. Where is the download available?
  15. Hi I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.3 and realized the enpass version I'm running is out of date, I checked the repo list follow-in your guide for deb https://apt.enpass.io/ stable main but I can only pull 6.5.0, I can get 6.6 using snap but would love to run your latest version. Is there a deb package I can download? I'm not finding any on your support site. Thanks
  16. Hello @Manish Chokwal , very good that you can repuduce the problem. I leave the account until you tell me, that i can delete it. Thank You Greetings Rainer Holland
  17. Now that iOS 15 is out, you might want to look into creating an extension for Safari on iOS. It looks like you'll get much better integration and a better password experience that way.
  18. Hi @hshjezai Thank you for sharing the details. I did check this for you and it is working as expected. Advise you to please update your Enpass App to the latest version from here. Do let me know if this worked for you.
  19. Hi @flyingbirds, Yes. Enpass Assistant lets you do the autofill using browser extension and basic functions like searching and viewing items, edit existing items, copying information, generating passwords,etc. Refer to this link for more information. Yes, Enpass must be running in the background because the extension fetches data from the App. Enpass is an offline password manager and it does not store any of our user's information on its server hence extension can not fetch any auto-fill data without the installed application. NOTE: You can set the Enpass app to auto-run on system startup and keep it always running in the system tray or menu bar. No, It is not an Electron app. Enpass uses a cross-platform QT/C++ framework that compiles everything to native code. Enpass is designed to run in the background for a long time and there will be no performance hit.
  20. Hello Enpass Password Manager 6.1.0 (407) Windows 7 Ultimate Mozilla Firefox 92.0
  21. Hi @hshjezai Welcome to the Enpass Community! Please share the below information with me and I will get it checked for you - Version of the Enpass App you are using OS of the device you are using The web-browser you are using
  22. Hello @Rainer Holland, I appreciate your efforts in sharing the demo account details with us. Would like to inform you that we were able to reproduce this issue. Request you not to delete the demo account, as our concerned team is still working on it. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
  23. Hello, is there somthing knew? Can you reproduse the problem? Is there somting I can do further. to help to solve the problem? The error occurs regulary.
  24. Hello I want to login to my Gmail account. I must enter the user name in a page and enter the password in the next page. Enpass Password Manager only suggests password to save not the user name. Do anyone suggest a solution to autofilling in two-page logins?
  25. is this similar to 1Password Mini? Does Enpass have to always be on to work with the browser extensions? Is EnPass electron app and will I have performance hit on my computer with having it on all the time?
  26. Hi @jecxnate, Welcome to the Enpass community. Thanks for sharing the screenshot of the issue. I have duly noted your feedback and it has been forwarded to the concerned team for further investigation. I'll let you know as soon as I have any updates regarding this.
  27. Hello Guys, I am using Windows 10 and installed the ENPASS via Microsoft store, My ENPASS suddenly require update so I update it and after I restart, It require again an update but upon checking the ENPASS in Microsoft store it is already updated. Can you help me please?
  28. Hey @ButisitArt57, Thank you for this UI update, I have asked the concerned team for feasibility and to look for a workaround. System-Wide Hotkey & Keyboard Shortcut keys are there in Enpass for making tasks like adding items, copying details or adding Web-Form easy and we definitely want to enhance this experience. Your patience is highly appreciated!
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