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  2. U2Coke

    Selective sync and WiFi sync

    I also would like to know what the new timeline is for Wifi sync. I am considering buying this software but i need Wifi sync. I don't want any 3rd party having any access to my data. Thank you
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  4. Telenic

    Change the Automatic Update settings

    Hi @Anshu kumar Please forgive me for expressing myself so badly: There is a backup function within Custom: Settings - Automatic Backups. And this is what I mean. Thanks in advance for constructive advice.
  5. miles

    Floating point exception on start

    I recently am unable to start Enpass: torre 0 ~ ↠ /opt/enpass/Enpass QFile::remove: Empty or null file name QQmlComponent: Created graphical object was not placed in the graphics scene. QQmlComponent: Created graphical object was not placed in the graphics scene. QQmlComponent: Created graphical object was not placed in the graphics scene. QQmlComponent: Created graphical object was not placed in the graphics scene. Floating point exception (core dumped) I've tried removing my enpass directory, `.config/sinew.in` files, and removing & reinstalling Enpass using apt-get. Does anyone have any suggestions? I had a look at the strace, but I'm not savvy enough to see a smoking gun.
  6. Whitey

    Latest version breaks webdav syncing.

    Hi @Anshu kumar. Glad you're alive! I suspected you had been eaten by a bear. I can't think of any other reason to not provide any update whatsoever in TWO MONTHS. I'll wait until Friday, if not I'll be moving to SafeInCloud, which appears to be a nicer solution that works well with webdav.
  7. Rolly

    Selective sync and WiFi sync

    Hi Anshu Vinod Kumar said in January that the WiFi sync will come in February betas. Do you have a new timeline for the WiFi Sync? We are desperately waiting for it. Thanks for an update. Best regards, Rolly
  8. Lyro_1

    Icons & favicons

    Hi, I have been using Enpass for a couple mounth now, after buying the Premium version which is very good. However, I am a bit of a design nerd, and I was quite sad to see that the icon system was not so good, and it seems that I am not the only one: Only a few icons are available by default. Some icons are quite outdated (see the Netflix one). Adding custom icons is long and buggy (the icons size is very messy). We cannot remove custom icons (after trying to add the same icon in various sizes, I got it in almost ten version and found no option to remove them). That is why I have been thinking about the following features, that I think could be good looking and more userfriendly: When new credentials are added, if the field URL is filled, try to catch the favicon and use it as an icon. If the website does not have a favicon, or the URL is not given, just leave the icon empty as it does currently. Added a little "refresh" button when editing a credential, which tries to catch the latest favicon (if the icon was a favicon) For the custom icons, just resize them to the size of the icon displayer. Adding a little cross on our custom icons (so that we can remove them easily) This requires that custom icons ALWAYS have the priority over favicons. I think this is not a huge feature, but it is the kind of details that improves the user experience, even a little (and that design nerdy, like me, will enjoy A LOT). Thanks for reading this!
  9. torchcodelab

    Enpass on macOS Mojave Beta

    It works for me after the most recent update as well.
  10. Anshu kumar

    Remove custom icon?

    Hey @Henrique T., This issue has been fixed and will try to push the update soon. Till then please bear with us.
  11. Anshu kumar

    Latest version breaks webdav syncing.

    Hey @Whitey, We are really sorry that you have to wait for a long time. An update of Enpass in iOS platform has already been submitted to the App Store and it's in the queue and hopefully will be available in the next week. I request you to please bear a few more days. Thanks for your co-operation.
  12. Anshu kumar

    Change the Storage Location

    Hey @Telenic, I would like to share that Windows Store apps store their data inside app sandbox and it's not possible to change the default location. To change the default location of the app, please download the Traditional Win32 version of Enpass from our website. Thanks!
  13. Henrique T.

    Remove custom icon?

    I'm having the same problem syncing my Windows, Linux and my iPhone.
  14. Anshu kumar

    Change the Automatic Update settings

    Hi @Telenic We are sorry to inform you that you cannot separately disable automatic updates of Enpass. The updates are managed by the Microsoft Store and you can disable the updates by the following method: Go to Microsoft Store > Open Settings > App updates > Disable the setting 'Update apps automatically'. Thanks!
  15. Whitey

    Latest version breaks webdav syncing.

    @enpass @Vinod Kumar @Anshu kumar @anshul This is what happens when you ignore your customer base and refuse to provide updates. They go to a competitor. Please learn from that. I've spent years recommending Enpass to friends and family, now it appears I'll need to find a new solution and start recommending this.
  16. Whitey

    Latest version breaks webdav syncing.

    Thanks @kingshill, I'll have a look at safeincloud too. My thread has been ignored for 2 months now, even though there was a promise of a fix "by the end of next week" in January.
  17. Anshu kumar

    Edge support on iOS

    Hey @Lenny Thanks for your suggestion. I have noted it down and forwarded to the concerned desk for further consideration. Cheers!
  18. Anshu kumar

    Sync doesn't work

    Hey @Emmitt, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please let me know what error message or code are you getting while using WebDAV sync so that we can proceed further. Thanks for your co-operation.
  19. Anshu kumar

    WebDav Sync Error: 908417

    Hey @crazyheinke, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. The reason behind getting the error code 908417 is that the server is not responding correctly to WebDAV quries made by Enpass. If possible, please share the demo account of your WebDAV via PM so that we can investigate it further. Thanks for your co-operation.
  20. Hello, at work I was able to use the Enpass Cloud Sync via OneDrive. The database could be synced without any problems. Today I get a Sync Error shown in Enpass with the following message: Something went wrong while syncing with OneDrive. Error code: 504056 In Enpass I have added a proxy that should be used by all applications that access the internet. But the website OneDrive is no longer allowed (same for Google Drive and Dropbox). So, what other ways do I have to sync my database? Best regards OLLI
  21. Berry

    Enpass on macOS Mojave Beta

    It works also again in Mojave 10.14.4 Beta 6 (18E220a)
  22. margaret_madison

    I want folders back!

    enter all up to five tags, enter them manually, memorize them all, because there is no way for me to look up how exactly I have to write them (both on cellphone/iPad and on my PC), do all of this on the darn tiny cellphone keyboard without mistyping.
  23. Also waiting for the portable Windows Version - because of same reasons as communicated from other users here before.
  24. davide_s

    Enpass on macOS Mojave Beta

    in Mojave 10.14.4 Beta 6 (18E220a) it works
  25. Roystreet

    Create / Change / Edit Types (Categories) Templates

    Any idea of when it will come to the Mac app? That's the one I'm interested in...Oh and the iOS app as well.
  26. Lukas86

    Enpass on macOS Mojave Beta

    @Zach Yes, the same here. Before this release I had to fix it by the command line after every reboot. Now the issue seems be fixed.
  27. How do I change the Automatic Update settings? Thanks Sven Enpass 6.0.6 (322) Store Version Premium Version Windows 10
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