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  2. I looked around and searched to see if this had been suggested before and I couldn't find it but it seems like this should have been requested before... The one things that's missing for me is limiting what symbols are used in a password. It's annoying when certain sites limit what you can use and then you have to in turn either keep generating random ones until you get lucky or just remove them completely. Thanks!
  3. Hi @Yogi, Was fixed in ver 5.5.2.
  4. Hi @gmaddry, That means the file on cloud would be encrypted with a stronger password which user won't be able to restore on another device without providing that stronger (probably unknown, if auto generated), and this whole scenario would be very confusing for some users. The best and most secure way out is to use a strong master password. Cheers!
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  7. Hi Sunil, i just updated to V 5.5.3 and I still get this error. When updating , I also received numerous .dll errors. Thanks
  8. Hi Anshu, I changed the sync cloud service, now I use OneDrive and not Google Drive but today again the master pasword is not being recognized in the desktop version. Just in the mobile. I love this app but unfortunately this is the 3rd time in 2 weeks that the desktop version does not recognize the master pwd. It is so frustrating ☹
  9. Is there a way to add a check box option to a log in that already exists in my database? I'd like to have Enpass auto-tick a box for me.
  10. I am using Enpass with a tiling window manager on Linux. Due to the nature of tiling window managers, there is no such concept as "Minimize windows". So after starting Enpass automatically on login, it spawns the systray icon and the main window, and ignores the "Minimze to tray" setting. I have to manually kill the window to persist the systray icon and not having a momentarily useless window on my desktop. I know that my use case (Linux with tiling window manager) is somehow special, but this problem is well-known among the users of tiling WMs. So i am asking for maybe a command line flag which one can pass to the Enpass binary which results in Enpass not drawing its main window, but only the systray icon. If one needs the main window after that, he can still spawn it via a click on the systray icon. Thank you very much.
  11. Yes, it would be good to hear an update on this. Ideally supported by both the UWP app and the desktop app (maybe using the Desktop Bridge if that would provide the way for it to communicate with Edge).
  12. Any news about the Edge browser Extension? Or will this never comes in the near future?
  13. First I'd like to say that I am in love with your product, the functionality is great. Here is my suggestion: It would be nice if users had the ability to have the main view smaller sort of like a small 'list view' so it looks more organized, I think users would love to have that ability.because we'd be able to see more in less space. Thanks for making this great software.
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  15. same problem: Ubuntu Gnome with Adwaita-dark system theme
  16. Hi @Anshu kumar Today i am update Enpass to 5.5.3 version and my issue was fixed. Thank you.
  17. The App fully supports Windows Hello. And Windows Hello supports all kinds of biometrics. Test it, if your Fingerprint reader works for Windows 10 Login through Windows Hello, it'll work on Enpass too. Works for me with the Logitech Brio (3D camera with face recognition). Even the TPM 2.0 chip works for full Hello integration like it is on the Surface Devices.
  18. @Iliyan For the time being, until this restriction goes away, you can use a workaround if you need it. Split the file you want to save with a packer like WinRAR into 200kb archives and save them that way. I tired and it seems like you can save as many 200kb files under one key as you want.
  19. Hi @Santiago Thanks for writing to us and liking Enpass. Desktop version also offer very smooth experience but I am really very sorry to hear that you are having trouble in unlocking keychain on Desktop. To get rid of this issue please check out this link. If your problem still persists, please share some more info so that we can help you in a better way. On which devices (all of them, along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Does Enpass (desktop) also crash when you try to search for any particular item? Which Enpass version are you using on each device? Have you changed the default location of Enpass database? In which language along with its keyboard layout are using for Enpass? Have you recently changed your Master password on any device? We will do our best to make Enpass work smoothly on your desktop too. Cheers!
  20. Hi @benno I'm glad to know that you like our app. I have noted down your suggestion and we'll take it into consideration. Cheers!
  21. Hey @Anshu kumar First of all, thank you the enpass team for this great piece of software. I really like it and bought it for every device I have! This update sounds great. Does that also include improvements for the search query handling? Example: when I'm looking for an entry called "foo bar baz" and I type "foo baz" only, the entry "foo bar baz" will not be found. It's hard to remember the exact name for an entry when you have hundreds of them All the best.
  22. Have you guys considered offering the addon through the website instead of the Firefox Addons site, and adding an autoupdate url? The addon store seems to be really slow with accepting new changes. Something like could work. Then if it's signed and offered on the site, updates could be made without waiting for the Firefox AMO to review the changes.
  23. I must agree with you. I don't like LogMeIn company, I don't agree with their customer support, but I am LastPass user. I've been trying Enpass, because I would like to move to another solution, I found errors, some of them has been repaired, but it is very difficult to change company, which don't want hear users. So I make same decision to renew LastPass subscription and I'm waiting wheather somebody at Sinew hear our voices. They don't need hear it, because I've paid them, and it is not enough, it looks. Maybe Sinew is moreless same as LogMeIn company.
  24. To edit an existing login, I have to click the drop-down arrow, then click "Show Enpass", then find the login, then click the Edit button. Why isn't there an edit button right there in the applet menu like in 1Password?
  25. When does the function come? Is it already worked on? Please read more
  26. sorry for the up but ubuntu will soon give up Mir & unity for use Gnome & Wayland for 17.10. by default. If you don't work on the compatibility, enpass will stop to work soon on ubuntu.
  27. Ok, fisrt of all, and I alreadt said it before, the android app is by far the best App in the PLay Store, I triyed almost all and this is te best. The huge issue is with the desktop version. I received too many stop working, for some reason I am not able when I am a new user to sync the fisr time with google drive and the most important issue is that is the 2nd time that after a while the master PWD is not being recognixed. I just opened the app, I check one password but I receibed an stop working pop-up so I need it to open again and after that the master PWD is not being recognized again. I am so frustraiting with this, I love the Android App but I also need a desktop version and Enpass has too many issues.
  28. Hi @justaguy Sorry for the inconvenience. We will definitely improve it in a future version. Keep suggesting!
  29. Hi @debgram, I would like to share that the color of the Enpass icon is grey and it doesn't change according to the theme, even if it is communicating with the app or not.
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