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  2. Thanks for the explanation. After pressing "TAB", the highlighting goes to the right button, "Login ausführen". It can be executed by "SPACE". Do you have an idea how I can convince Enpass to use this button?
  3. Thanks for your answer, but I'm already allowing the extension in private mode (see an attached image). I didn't have a problem a few months ago, but at some point I started having this problem
  4. The issue lies within the login form handling, either Deutsche Bank has their order messed up or Enpass chooses the wrong order. Order = which login button has a "higher" priority, comes next when pressing "TAB"
  5. Hi, at the Deutsche Bank Login Webpage Enpass keeps pressing the wrong button. https://meine.deutsche-bank.de/trxm/db/ It is supposed to press the "Login ausführen"-Button (which also changes its colour for a short moment). But then, the (wrong) "Login mit Verimi" Button is executed. What can be the problem? I have also started a new enpass entry from scratch. The same problem occurs in different browsers (Chrome for Mac, Safari, Firefox). Kind regards SLS
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  7. I have the same question... anyone??? I'm on Sonoma in case it matters.
  8. I can live with the 25 password limitation IF they are the passwords I most desire. IOW, I rarely/never use most of my passwords on my mobile device. Is it possible to create a second vault containing just the 25 passwords I want and have the mobile device only use that vault?
  9. But this issue has been open now for over three years. How long does it take for your engineers to realize that lack of support for hardware security keys puts your product at a serious disadvantage in comparison with your biggest competitors?
  10. To resolve this issue, please follow these steps: 1. Open the Enpass extension settings on your normal browsing window. 2. Right-click on the Enpass extension icon. 3. Select "Manage extension." 4. Turn on the option that says "Allow in private mode." This should address the issue you're experiencing. Let me know if you need further assistance!
  11. Hi @funkemunky Feature requests undergo a thorough evaluation process, considering various factors such as feasibility and other considerations, before implementation. This ensures that new features meet quality standards and align with the overall product vision. Your patience and understanding are appreciated as our team works diligently to address and prioritize feature requests.
  12. This Feature undergo a thorough evaluation process, considering various factors such as feasibility and other considerations, before implementation. This ensures that new features meet quality standards and align with the overall product vision. Your patience and understanding are appreciated as our team works diligently to address and prioritize feature requests.
  13. Our technical team is actively working on a solution. Fixing this bug may take some time, and the resolution will be included in the upcoming updates of the application.
  14. It seems there might be some confusion in the setup process. Here are the correct steps to set up Enpass: On the welcome screen, click on "Personal." Enter your registered email to activate your account. Once activation is complete, you will see all cloud sync options on the next screen. Select Dropbox as your preferred cloud service. If you already have data on Dropbox, it will prompt you to enter your master password to proceed. Following these steps should help you properly set up Enpass with your existing data on Dropbox. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, feel free to ask for assistance. We're here to help!
  15. In the free version of Enpass, there's a cap of 25 logins for items stored in your smartphone's vault. However, there isn't a specific method for selecting which 25 items are synced to your phone. If you require storage for all your items, I recommend considering an Enpass subscription, which offers expanded features and storage capacity. You can explore the subscription options at [Enpass Pricing](https://www.enpass.io/pricing).
  16. Enpass just pulls 25 entries randomly from your vault.
  17. Last week
  18. I'm a new user of Enpass (free version) and have a question regarding the smartphone app. I see there is a 25 login limit to how many logins can be stored on the smartphone. How is the 25 to be delivered to the phone determined? Can I select the 25 or does Enpass just pull the first 25 it sees (or something similar)?
  19. Hello! As the title says, extension does not make dropdown on Firefox private mode. When I select auth info by Clicking extension icon on toolbar, it opens new tab instead of filling auth info. This problem occurs only in Firefox's private mode, not in normal mode or Chrome's private mode. My environment: OS: macOS Ventura (M2) Browser: Firefox 123.0 (It was occurring at least as of 122.0.1) Extension version: Enpass version: 6.9.3 (1592) Another environment (Linux, Firefox 115.7.0, Extension version, Enpass version is fine. Let me attach 2 screenshots, one is on normal mode, another is on private mode. ("クリックしてEnpassのロックを解除" means "Click to unlock Enpass" in Japanese)
  20. Hi, you guys use bitlocker for password authentication in Windows. Is there anything stopping implementing PAM?I’m sure QT has an easy way to implement it since that’s what the desktop app uses. This is the biggest thing I miss from 1Password and makes me heavily consider switching.
  21. The usage of Enpass UI itself ist not the problem. It is the usage of a password that requires a new log in all the time, even within the specified timeout in settings.
  22. Hi, should‘t it be a basic function to do what is selected in the settings? It does totally ignore the setting to lock after x Min. You have to login with each and every usage of Enpass in any application or webpage. This is really very disappointing, especially that it does not get fixed after years.
  23. When installing Enpass on Windows, and setting up the first vault. It only show OneDrive and Google Drive as options to connect to. And it forces you to connect using one of the two, in order to get into the app. So if your existing vault is on Dropbox, you have to first connect to OneDrive or Google Drive, finish the vault setup, then add another vault that connects to your Dropbox, and then disconnect the primary vault that you created during the setup. This is very bad for usability - it should allow you to connect to the other providers as well during setup.
  24. I bought enpass while using my laptop and it worked great but some time ago I switched to pc that originally was without a fingerprint reader but I bought one form kensingtone and it works nicely but for some reason I cannot disable password on my pc. When I enable hello login I have a prompt underneath saying that I still will be required to use password at evey enpass run, while on laptop I have a different message saying you can use ms hello to unlock enpass. Why? And how can I do to only use fingerprint without using master password every time? It's iritating not to mention I bought this fingerprint reader just for this purpose.
  25. @Amandeep Kumar Any enpass version on any platform. The only possibility to see what category an item belongs to, is to see an item directly from a choosen category. If you view an item from the All categories view, there's no field or description to correlate the item back to is category.
  26. So, with Apple announcing it now 'uses new algorithms that cannot be beaten by quantum computers but which can still be run on and protect messages on today’s classical computers.' Should we not be thinking about this for our own password tools now too. If your passwords/notes are stolem now and decoded in 20 years, its still an issue. Thoughts?
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