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  4. keedhost

    Regex support in the url

    Hello. It's should be very cool and usable if you'll add regex support for url in the browser plugin. For example. I am IT engineer and I must work with too many our web-services. First pool of names is git1.server.com, git2.server.com, git3.server.comб git4.server.com, and for this servers I use LDAP credentials. Second pool is api.server1.com, api.server2.com, api.server3.com and this servers accept the other credentials. Third pool - dns-auth-sydney.internal, dns-auth-kyiv.internal, dns-auth-london.internal... And combinations like those are too much. I just want add new field - "regex URL" that supports grep expressions and put there regex URL like: git[:digit:].server.com or [^]api.server[:digit:].com or dns-auth-[:lower:][.].internal and autofill will wokr in the browser for all URL that match this regex
  5. Anshu kumar

    Sync without cloud

    Hey @iamprasad88, The feature of the Wifi sync is already on our roadmap and will be available after the final release of Enpass 6. Thanks for your patience.
  6. jankkm

    Master password unlocks all vaults

    I don‘t believe that this is a bug, they probably designed it this way. It would be good to get a statement from Enpass here though.
  7. Anshu kumar

    Latest Mojave Update (10.14.1 Beta (18B67a))

    Hey guys, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Our dev team is looking into this issue and I will update you about it on Monday. Happy Weekend!
  8. Anshu kumar

    Pwned Password Lookups (1Password did it in a few days)

    Hey @keedhost, Thanks for writing in. The features for checking pwned passwords have already been implemented in the desktop version of the app. You can check for the password pawned by right-clicking on the password field. Please have a look at the user manual. For mobile, we have already implemented in the beta version of Enpass 6. If you're willing to check you can download it from our website. Cheers!
  9. Last week
  10. Sounds great, but...Add to Vault isn't one of the options in the contextual menu:
  11. Martva

    Latest Mojave Update (10.14.1 Beta (18B67a))

    Same here. Beta4 of 10.14.1 Mojave breaks Enpass 6 beta 220. App only displays white window. /var/log/system.log says this and only this: Oct 19 11:25:51 MacBook-Pro Enpass6[1954]: DEPRECATED USE in libdispatch client: dispatch source activated with no event handler set; set a breakpoint on _dispatch_bug_deprecated to debug Looks like you need to change some libraries here. If you want, I have saved a crashreport.
  12. Posting here since Clean Talk dont let me post the following message on the forum:

    Hi all!

    I'm having troubles using Browser extensions with Enpass 5.6.9 and Firefox 62.0.3 on Ubuntu 16.04. When I open the browser and Enpass and try to use the autofill it shows the "Enpass Connection Error" page.

    Here's the output of lsof -i:10391:

    Enpass    5354 alek   30u  IPv4  79194      0t0  TCP localhost:10391 (LISTEN)
    Enpass    5354 alek   32u  IPv4  78326      0t0  TCP localhost:10391->localhost:47448 (ESTABLISHED)
    EnpassHel 5371 alek   20u  IPv4  76564      0t0  TCP localhost:47448->localhost:10391 (ESTABLISHED)

    But if I reinstall the Browser extension (from https://www.enpass.io/enpass-browser-extension/) everything will work again:

    Here's the output of  lsof -i:10391:

    Enpass     5354 alek   30u  IPv4  79194      0t0  TCP localhost:10391 (LISTEN)
    Enpass     5354 alek   32u  IPv4  78326      0t0  TCP localhost:10391->localhost:47448 (ESTABLISHED)
    Enpass     5354 alek   43u  IPv4 128315      0t0  TCP localhost:10391->localhost:47866 (ESTABLISHED)
    EnpassHel  5371 alek   20u  IPv4  76564      0t0  TCP localhost:47448->localhost:10391 (ESTABLISHED)
    EnpassNMH 18301 alek    6u  IPv4 129414      0t0  TCP localhost:47866->localhost:10391 (ESTABLISHED)

    It's several months that I need to reinstall the Browser extension each time I need to use Enpass, I'd like to know if this is a known problem and if anyone managed to solve. I've searched online and in this forum but I didn't find a solution.

    Thanks for your help

  13. GwynBleidD

    HTTP Auth

    There is support for that in Firefox API and it is being used on BitWarden (only when there is single match for site, basic auth prompt won't show up then, you will be automatically logged in) and on passman (displaying popup instead of basic auth when there is more than one match, when there is one, works like in BitWarden). Why can't it be done in enpass?
  14. You're a welcome Anshu kumer. Just an update about the main window moving from the main screen to the secondary screen: after doing a fresh install of Mojave (I was on a testing partition earlier), the main window always reopen on the main screen, never on the secondary one.
  15. I like to change my passwords regularly. One of the problems I find is that some websites have very different rules for the passwords. Including length, special characters to exclude, character class to include etc... Some websites require special chars but don't like certain characters like <>& for some reason. There is no way to specify complex password rules in enpass at the moment. Can you guys add the following features into the product Support for extended ascii chars like √˚∂å etc... for stronger passwords. Allow users to create and save password rules Rule to include character class or specific characters Rule to exclude character class or specific characters Rule to set the password length range Allow password field to be associated with created rules in each login entry Add a way to generate passwords with above rules on the login entry itself E.g. max password length: 32, min password length: 12, exclude: (<>&) Include: One capital(A-Z), One lowercase (a-z), 3 special characters (?%$#@*",'), one ASCII character (È√ø∂) If you can allow me to save the password rules for a particular login entry, and the generate button picks up the rule automatically it would be amazing. Edit: I just tried the Beta version of Enpass for the first time and noticed that some of my requests have been addressed already. Great job on staying on top of things guys. This is why I recommend you to all my friends and coworkers. I scratched out the features you guys put in beta. Can't wait for it to be put on the stable branch.
  16. havenerd

    Third beta for Android is now out!

    Loving Enpass 6 and using it across Windows, Linux, and Android! Two things I was wondering about on Android: 1. In Security settings I have Ask Master Password set to "At Least Once a Week", but I get prompted often several times a day, possible bug maybe? 2. I'm assuming that fast scrolling (see attached screenshot) will be making its way back soon? Thanks and keep up the good work!
  17. iamprasad88

    Sync without cloud

    On iPhones, we are able to restore passwords without using cloud services. If this can be extended to sync passwords between devices (phones/tables/laptops) that would be awesome. I really don't trust any of the cloud services but there is no way to sync without using one onto phones or tablets.
  18. iamprasad88

    yubikey support

    I also agree. YubiKey challenge-response mode can be used as an alternative to master password or pin. Keepass has it.
  19. I did check the files - it is there and has Read and Write permission for my user (644) and the command you told outputs this result: �"wXLrXGGjLYpNIlPpwZKhF+GPQ7UnKiY8dLjSK7y0j8ttejcOHlUmvq2ptzA6qlVuIv34+Ebzrt+hTTwhy0C0Ym8PwKh1Mvn/y/NO5MQG03+O9W2JuIc3gtRbZPByPhpo"
  20. Hi @Anshu kumar, trying to get the Enpass extension to work with Firefox under Linux, I face the same issue. I can confirm that the file .mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/EnpassNMHost.json exists on my machine, is world-readable and that the path in the file is correct. I can also confirm that EnpassHelper is successfully started by Enpass, and I can see a EnpassNMHost process for some time. So at first glance, everything looks fine, however I get the Enpass Connection Error when clicking on the icon. What I noticed, which might be helpful: when I start firefox from the commandline, I can see this error message being printed: JavaScript warning: moz-extension://d35a2cae-4679-4b23-bc27-df6cda4eeeef/data/commonJS/sodium-asmjs.js, line 0: Successfully compiled asm.js code (loaded from cache in 1582ms) JavaScript error: moz-extension://d35a2cae-4679-4b23-bc27-df6cda4eeeef/data/commonJS/sodium.js, line 1: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. This seems to be coming from the Enpass extension, AFAICT... Clearing the directory .mozilla/firefox/*.default/storage/temporary/moz-extension+++d35a2cae-4679-4b23-bc27-df6cda4eeeef/ did not change the behavior, neither did creating a managed-storage JSON... Gentoo Linux amd64, Firefox 62, Enpass 5.6.9 with browser extensions enabled, Enpass Extension 5.5.2.
  21. misterspock

    Search Problems with Beta 6 macOS

    Jup. I have these options enabled. On ios, with both options enabled, the search is much faster. Since 220 it's better, but still slow.
  22. Since yesterday update to latest Mojave Version (10.14.1 Beta (18B67a)), Enpass Vers. 220 does not start. It starts, showing a white square and hangs after this. Processor ressources start increasing heavily. So, it's not longer usable...
  23. Hey @nephilim, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Can you let me know are you facing this problem in any specific scenario like when you wake the system from the sleep or any other? Also, please let me know the following so that we can investigate further. Which Enpass and Enpass extension version are you using? Are you using any Antivirus or third-party security-related software? Are you facing the same problem with other browsers (Firefox/Opera) too? Thanks!
  24. Anshu kumar

    WebDav to Seafile server not working

    Hey @mdovey, Thanks for sharing the account details. Our QA team is looking into it and I'll update you once I hear from them. Till then please co-operate with us.
  25. Anshu kumar

    Firefox extension gets disabled

    Hey @Pete1001, Sorry for the trouble you're going through. To check if the Antivirus is blocking please turn off the firewall from Antivirus settings or you can try starting your system in safe mode. If the problem persists, please perform these steps and share the output at support@enpass.io: Open Enpass and make sure that only the Enpass Firefox extension is enabled, now run the following command in command prompt: netstat -ano | findstr 10391 If this doesn't show any result, please try 10391 to 10395. Whichever command gives the output, then run this command: echo off & (for /f "tokens=5" %a in ('netstat -aon ^| findstr 10391') do tasklist /NH /FI "PID eq %a") & echo on Note: The value of findstr 10391 can be changed according to the output. For ex: suppose the output comes after running this command "netstat -ano | findstr 10392" then you have to run this command: echo off & (for /f "tokens=5" %a in ('netstat -aon ^| findstr 10392') do tasklist /NH /FI "PID eq %a") & echo on Also, please let me know are you facing the same problem with other browsers (Chrome/Opera) too? Thanks for your co-operation.
  26. Noted and notified the QA team to look into it. Fixed. Our dev team is working to improve Tag functionality. Thanks!
  27. Hey @mwang Our dev team is already working into it and we'll try to push the update soon. Noted and forwarded to the concerned desk. Please follow these steps to move data from one vault to other. Select the particular vault in which the item exists. Now select the particular item and right click on it --> You'll have the option Add to Vault. Hope this helps!
  28. Man, I'm just running into issue after issue today. BUG: I'm unable to scroll the sidebar or the items list. Quit and relaunch fixed it. ISSUE: When right-clicking on an item and selecting "add tags," in the little overlay that pops up, the cursor should already be in the field where you're going to type the tag name. Shouldn't have to click to activate. SUGGESTION: Because the Edit screen rolls out from the right (instead of just editing in the Item View where you already are, everything that isn't the Edit screen is grayed out. This makes it impossible to scroll the sidebar and see the names of all your tags. If you want to add a tag to an item you're editing and can't remember name of the tag (was it "shop" or "shopping"?), you have to exit the edit screen, scroll the sidebar to see your tags, open the edit screen again and add the tag (or use the right-click mentioned above). At any rate, it's not possible to scroll the sidebar when in Edit mode. I suggest that Edit should take place in the same screen where viewing an item takes place.
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