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  2. Unable to restore purchase

    I acquired a new phone but Enpass will not restore my Pro purchase. Please help
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  4. Attempting to purchase upgrade to pro shows the purchase dialog then gives error after I accept. I used it heavily on my old windows phone and now dozens of my passwords are behind the error. Been waiting for a reply from support all day. I’m rather close from just sending my business elsewhere.
  5. Last week
  6. Edit Category Templates

    So, I sort of answered my own question : I created a half-assed template by creating a new entry, rearranging the fields to my liking, and adding a single character to the title in order to enable it to be saved. Then, when I need to create a new entry, I right click and 'Duplicate' to reproduce the "template". This works only with manually added records of course. I wish I could just right click on a Category name and have some options to delete, edit, rename, etc. I guess the developers are too busy with their day jobs to respond to something so obvious.
  7. Edit Category Templates

    Within an individual entry item I am able to rename, delete, add, and reorder fields but when I add a new entry to the category I am back to square one. I would like to be able to edit the entire category template so that every new entry is in the same format. Is there a way to do this?
  8. Enpass Extension for Microsoft Edge Browser

    https://www.enpass.io/blog/enpass-extension-for-windows-microsoft-edge/#comment-704 <- Here you said last week "Just want to share the news that the next week, the Enpass extension for Edge browser will hit the Store." and now the "next week" is over.. why no extension? And why no info
  9. Seriously, what are you guys thinking? For any well designed piece of software, there is no reason to separate the standard from the portable version. There is no reason for these two distributions to not be the exact same thing. *sigh* Everyone else can do it, why can't you? People using the portable version also use Firefox... now at version 57... which is incompatible. This has been fixed in the standard version 5.6, but the portable version continues to frustratingly lag behind. It remains incompatible. Any chance you'll get around to updating the portable version from 5..5.4 to 5.6? Better yet, get rid of the standard version entirely and allow the portable version to be configured in a way that mimics the so very slight differences to the standard version? It's about time that happened.
  10. sync'ed but not really

    this is still a problem, perhaps you should introduce a last modified timestamp with each entry, it not only helps the user to sort and organize their entries, you can also use it as meta data to detect changes/updates to increase reliability of the sync feature.
  11. Is it possible to have Enpass launch a file using the OS default application for ut? Instead of an URL, I'd like to enter "file://C/temp/secret.zip" and just click it, instead of copying it.
  12. Just purchased Enpass. I have installed Chrome Extension and have Windows 10 Desktop version of Enpass Build Version 5.5.7 When I try and open Chrome Extension an Error message appears "Please start Enpass desktop app and make sure you have checked "Enable Browser Extension" in Enpass Preferences, before using Enpass Browser Extension." However, I cannot see anywhere in the Desktop App to enable the extension. Where is this option located? It looks nothing like the image that appears with the warning message
  13. Enpass not available on Mac App Store?

    Thanks for your answer. May we ask what happened?
  14. I really do not want the large block alphabetizing capital letter next to the folder names. The folders are already in alpha order. That letter is bold, off center horizontally, a different font, and ruins the smooth appearance of the list. Please make it go away in an update option. Please.
  15. double-click to copy

    Hello @bunnyhero I've noted it down for internal discussions. Cheers!
  16. quicker access to TouchID

    Hey @bunnyhero Thanks for your inputs. Improvements in TouchID behaviour are already in development queue. Cheers!
  17. Thanks for your reply. I could solve my Wifi issues by updating the routers firmware. The Qt framework fix is still working fine. I'll then wait for Enpass 6 :-)
  18. Hi @rauppe31, This issue is related to the Qt framework bug which has not been resolved yet. We tried to hardcode the environment variable, but it keeps on causing sync related issues on some of our test systems. We prefer to wait until the upstream bug has been fixed. However, next major release, Enpass 6 will not use Qt network APIs and will not have this bug. We are sorry that you have to live with manual workaround for a while.
  19. Hey @hartungstenio Unfortunately, this is how public Window Hello API works. We have no control over this behaviour. Cheers!
  20. Hello @ggedde Thanks for bringing this to our notice. I have noted it down and shared it with the dev team to look into it. Cheers!
  21. Hi, It seems that Apple moved Safari extensions to the MacAppStore and looks like Enpass is missing from the list. Please advice
  22. double-click to copy

    i see, that makes sense. but i still think there are way too many clicks required to get to the password. on the other hand, i have discovered (on the mac) that i can use the keyboard to navigate the UI-- hitting ENTER when the password is focused copies it to the clipboard. this is easier and quicker for me.
  23. @Vinod Kumar @Anshu kumar I have this issue again even when setting the system variable. As soon as I start Enpass I get those high pings and the network throughput is terrible slow. Sometimes also when Enpass is closed. I would also like to quote @Vinod Kumar As I can see this (for me) big issue hasn't been fixed in over one year. This is unacceptable.
  24. I use Enpass in my Lumia 950, and it works just fine. I only have one problem with it. I have set the app to unlock using Windows Hello. The flow for this is: I open the app The app displays the Windows Hello dialog and authenticates me I have to tap "OK" to open the app This last step is what really bothers me. First, it shouldn't exist. When Windows Hello recognizes me, the app should just open. Second: if I take too long to confirm (more than a couple of seconds), Windows Hello will try to recognize me again (and this time it will fail). I think this is a problem with Microsoft's implementation of Windows Hello, but if there is anything you can do about it, it would be great.
  25. I have noticed high CPU usage by Windows 10 Enpass app after unlocking my Surface (with or without Windows Hello). It happens every time if I do following steps: Unlock the app using Windows Hello or don't cancel the little Windows Hello window Lock and unlock my Surface The app tries to unlock even though it's not in focus and doesn't stop until I close the app. This issue has a significant hit on my Surface's battery life and causes apps to freeze. I take notes in school using Microsoft OneNote and it has frozen multiple times after a while when I have forgotten Windows 10 Enpass window open and scanning in the background. Freezing has stopped every time after I have closed Enpass. Has anybody else had this problem?
  26. quicker access to TouchID

    +1 please. or at least make the touch ID button a lot bigger, or let me navigate to it with the keyboard. clicking on the small menu bar icon, then navigation to the small touch ID icon, is way more friction than necessary. thank you
  27. The Browser shortcut works great, but I have noticed that on Account Alias Login Pages on AWS Console that when the focus is on an input the shortcut doesn't work. I have to click off of the input then the shortcut works. I am using Firefox Developer Edition 56.0b12 and Enpass 5.6.0 on Mac 10.12.6 I can't paste the link to it as it has a token it in. So you can get to that login page by going to: https://console.aws.amazon.com/ Then adding a random account ID like "happy" then click next. There you will see a login with 3 fields. Account ID, IAM User, and Password. Whenever on that page with one of the fields having focus the Shortcut doesn't do anything. For now I am just clicking off of the inputs, but it is annoying. It may be an issue of AWS blocking it or something, but I have many accounts that I need to use for it and would really appreciate some insight. Thanks
  28. Can't change backup location

    Hey @binkyd Sorry to hear about the trouble you're facing. Please delete the backupLocation key from the Enpass configuration file to set the location to its default. Please quit Enpass (if running) and follow the steps mentioned below to know where to find the configuration file. Open Home--> Press Ctrl+H (to unhide hidden files)--> Goto .config--> Open Sinew Software Systems folder--> Now open Enpass-Desktop.conf using text editor. Here, look for the backupLocation and delete the line. Hope this helps!
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