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  2. Regardless of the chosen browser I get this web page with "Remember my apple ID" instead of "keep me signed in". But I got another issue with the apple ID - every time I try to log in on the browser it requires 2 factor auth and I have input the provided password from my iphone. The checkbox "trust this Computer ..." never shows up. Maybe that's the causing problem.
  3. Hi @C__O, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Follow the below steps and let us know if the issue persists. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi @jakejohn, Thanks for sharing the details. I have noted down this issue and notified the QA team to look into it.
  5. Hi @oliwor, Let us know if you had shared the logs with us?
  6. Hi @Woutcam, Thanks for writing to us. We appreciate your request of adding the feature. Please note that we already have a feature request for the same, which is aligned for implementation. Thanks for the co-operation.
  7. Hi @Woutcam, Thanks for writing in. I have noted down your inputs and forwarded it to the concerned team for further consideration.
  8. Any update on this, is this being reviewed, worked on, on the roadmap? This would indeed be a great feature to have, what would be even greater, is if these different language dictionaries can be used at the same time, allowing Enpass to randomly generate a password with multiple languages.
  9. I would like to be able to create sections in a randomly generated password (pronouncable or not pronouncable) in order to randomize those sections again. example: randomly generated password (pronouncable= yes, length 109= 15 words, uppercase= yes, lowercase= yes, separated by= underscore): Named5_Varied_9Refold_1george_Croix_6foggy_7Undying_Dents_Meyers_frock3_Exquisite_Hums_1Anaconda_dud_Uncouth6 This would be divided into either sections with random length or user-preference based length sections like so in case of unpronouncable: Named5_Varied_9//Refold_1george_Croix//_6foggy_7Undying_D//ents_Meyers_frock3_//Exquisite_Hums_1Anac//onda_dud_Uncouth6 This would be divided into either sections with random length or user-preference based length sections like so in case of pronouncable: Named5_Varied//_9Refold_1george_//Croix_6foggy_7//Undying_Dents_Meyers//_frock3_Exquisite_//Hums_1Anaconda_//dud_Uncouth6 Each individual divided section can then completely separate from each other be randomized based on a user-preference amount of times thus creating a truly randomized password for extra security. A bit like the concept of encrypting with different cryptokeys.
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  11. I have a similar problem but on a Mac (Catalina). I use Enpass with Cloud Sync and I login through "Sign in with Apple". Every time I use Enpass, I get a message that my iCloud session has been terminated and that I need to login again. This is really annoying and has been bothering me for many weeks now. As this problem only affects my rarely used home Mac and not my Mac at work (Mojave), it might have to do with the OS? Please fix this. Thanks and regards Christian
  12. Windows 10. Enpass 6.4.2 (669) Enpass Firefox extension 6.4.0. 78.0.2 (64-bit) Not tried.
  13. Sirio

    Snyc issue WebDAV

    Hi Which demo account I don't understand what I have to do.The sync. with the another Tresore (Family) works but not with the default. Thx
  14. @Chris uses Enpass Hey Chris, First sign out of iCloud account on your system's default browser. Next, as soon as you select iCloud in Enpass sync settings, Enpass redirects you to a web page which looks like below : Here, you'll find the checkbox next to Keep me signed in. Make sure to check it and then proceed to enter the password.
  15. Hi @Sirio, Thanks for sharing the details. For quick troubleshooting disconnects the sync from all the devices and reconnect. If the problem persists, please share the demo account of your WebDAV to us on support@enpass.io, so that we can investigate where the problem could be. Thanks for your co-operation.
  16. Sirio

    Snyc issue WebDAV

    WebDav Connection established but: Sync Error code 908401, no file on Share Enpass 6.5.0 (473) on iOS, DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2
  17. I have the same problem. But I don't think running the program as an admin is the solution. Before the 2004 win10 update I could run it as a normal user.
  18. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please revert to us with the answer to the following queries and we will get it sorted out for you: On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Which Enpass and Enpass extension version are you using? Which Firefox version are you using? Are you facing the same problem with other browsers too? Thanks for your co-operation.
  19. Hi @Nick Waller, Thanks for writing in. Please let us know are you able to access all your data? If yes please take the back of Enpass data and follow these steps and revert to us: Turn off the sync from all device. Open Dropbox in any browser --> App --> Open Enpass Folder --> Select vault.enpassdbsync file --> Rename it as oldvault.enpassdbsync. Open Enpass on your Mac and enable sync with the Dropbox. Hope this helps!
  20. Hi @romu, Thanks for sharing the inputs. Our team is working on this issue, and we will keep you update once we hear from them. Till then, we will request you to please co-operate with us. Thanks!
  21. Resolving duplicates would be a great feature. +1
  22. Hi @Jos Berkers, Thanks for writing back in. If possible, please share the video of the issue. It will help in clear understanding of the problem before further proceedings.
  23. An addition to the above! The entries where the problem occurs on my Windows PC, appear normally in my iPhone App. It looks like it is exculsive for the Windows version.
  24. Last week
  25. Hi Pratyush, since this announcement has been made before: Which of the exact issues I mentioned in my post are worked on? Patrick
  26. Hi, I have found something related to this issue. By deleting the saved session in xfce4-session-settings and making sure to not save current session in the shutdown menu, Enpass now starts minimized to tray as it should. Since session saving is not a must for me (the only need I have for it is having two instances of conky running on startup, and I can achieve the same thing with scripts) this has effectively solved the issue for me. Cheers
  27. Enpass won't fill in login credentials for https://www.barnesandnoble.com. Seems to have a problem with a login frame. I can open the login frame in a new tab, and Enpass will populate the login credentials. Enpass Firefox extension 6.4.0.
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