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  1. Ok, thanks for the update. Much appreciated.
  2. Same here, on both Mac and iOS. Not impressed.
  3. Can someone from Enpass PLEASE let us users - especially those (like myself) who have paid for your product - know what's going on with this issue? It's so annoying.
  4. My concern exactly. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”
  5. I can only assume this post is meant to be sarcastic! I can't believe a new update has just been released but the startup bug is still there. This isn't hard to fix, Enpass!
  6. I've now been using Enpass for a few days and whilst it initially seemed to be a great replacement for 1Password, I'm really at a loss as to why this bug hasn't been fixed because it's actually quite simple to do. This leads me to wonder if Enpass really is the right product for me if its developers aren't interested in the smaller details. 1Password received constant bug-fixes which indicated considerable attention to detail, and this is something that's very important to me when using a password management application!
  7. I'm a new Enpass user and am also puzzled as to why the Enpass app isn't minimized at startup. I even tried to manually add it to my Mac login items and checked the "Hide" box, but the app always starts fullscreen. Can you guys please fix this bug because after reading this thread, it has obviously been present for quite some time. I have an Intel MacBook Pro 16" running Big Sur 11.4 with the Mac AppStore version of Enpass 6.6.3.
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