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  1. Since upgrading to iOS 17 and app version 6.9.2, about once a day the Enpass app tell me that I "haven't used it in a while" and then it asks me to sign in again with my email address and a validation code. I've been using Enpass for about 7 years and this has never happened before.
  2. It was immediately after I upgraded Ubuntu from 20.10 to 21.04. I know that Ubuntu 21.04 switched to Wayland as the default from Xorg, and wonder if that is related.
  3. There are three small bugs on Ubuntu 21.04: "Autolock when System Sleeps" no longer works. "Autolock when System Inactive for x Minutes" no longer works On Firefox browser, clicking on the Enpass extension icon brings up the assistant in a random location on the screen, not right below the icon. (On Chrome, clicking the icon still brings up the assisting directly below the icon.) None of these are huge deals but I thought they were worth reporting.
  4. Now with version 6.0.1 on iOS and Linux, WebDAV is working perfectly.
  5. @Vinod Kumar that's great news! What is the eta for an update? Today? Few days? Weeks?
  6. Enpass already has this. Right-click on a password to see password history.
  7. @Vinod KumarI just sent it again. did you get it now?
  8. There are symbols in the creds, but no non-English or non-ASCII characters. I sent you a PM with details on how to access my test server. Did you get it?
  9. bllfr0g


    Try running /opt/enpass/Enpass
  10. I've set up an ubuntu server with nginx and WebDAV, just like the server that I ordinarily use for syncing my Enpass. This setup worked fine in Enpass 5, but with Enpass 6 (on both Linux and iOS) attempting to sync just causes the client to crash. I want to make this server available to the Enpass team for their debugging and troubleshooting effort around the WebDAV crash in enpass 6. How can I communicate the details?
  11. I have my own WebDAV server running on nginx. I've been using it forever to sync older versions of enpass and it's always worked great. When I try to sync enpass 6 with this WebDAV server, enpass crashes immediately. This is true on iOS and Linux clients. This is a serious regression and makes enpass almost useless for me. Will it be fixed soon?
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