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  1. This is second time this happen when I change a password in the browser and get a prompt to update an existing item. I check that I want to update the correct site but in the password manager I see it updates a totally different item. I am happy there is history feature to restore the password but this is serious issue. How can I trust the update existing feature working properly. Details: Windows 10 Pro (64) 1809 Enpass 6.0.2 (241) I was uses the Edge Extension. Update: It seems to work now.
  2. I have also been effect by the update today and got the same issue of the UI misaligned and causing difficulties in using the program. My HP OMEN Laptop has 4K monitor and it looks like the default scaling for it is 250%. I am not going to go crazy and change any settings on my laptop. It looks like it works on my Surface Book which as 3000 x 2000 Resolution and 200% scaling. I see the developers have responded that the update has been sent to Store but waiting for the certification. I hoping that Microsoft hurries up and certifies the new update.
  3. Thanks, I did not know. Pretty cool but then the next question is to have some history icon to expose the feature instead of it being hidden.
  4. I am thankful for Enpass's team for their quick assistance after the big update to Enpass 6. I got my Sync working with OneDrive and Premium features working on all my devices. One thing I liked about Lastpass which I think you should include in your new release is the ability to keep a history of all the password changes for a particular login.
  5. I have purchased the Premium Features on my OMEN Laptop through the Windows 10 Store In App Purchase. I was trying to restore the purchase on my Surface Book but get an error while restoring the purchase. The question I have is do I need to purchase premium in-app purchase per windows device?
  6. I was able to resume syncing by following what you said by going to the desktop browser and browse a folder. Then in the app, I disconnected and said to delete the onedrive data after I made a local file backup. I then reconnected and it was able to resume syncing. I think it is working but sometimes it flashes the error but it goes away. Mine is a personal OneDrive account.
  7. The recent Enpass 6 update broke the OneDrive Cloud Syncing on All Systems. I first notice the sync error on my iPhone then my OMEN Laptop and lastly, my Surface Book. All the systems presented with the same Sync Error: 508403 and directs the user to the following page: Sync Error Help Page The OneDrive Cloud sync system was working before the recent update and now the update has broken the sync system. I would appreciate it if you can patch and fix the issue. Thanks. If you need any information on resolving the issue, I can provide that information to you. Details: iPhone 8 Plus: iOS 12.1.2 (16C101); Enpass App 6.0.0 (196) HP OMEN Laptop: Windows 10 Pro Version 1809; Enpass App 6.0.0 (218) - Windows Store App MS SurfaceBook: Windows 10 Pro Version 1809; Enpass App 6.0.0 (218) - Windows Store App MS Surface 3: Windows 10 Pro Version 1809; Enpass App 6.0.0 (218) - Windows Store App
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