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  1. Thank you for your help. I'll start checking this on my entries.
  2. Hello guys, I update my passwords on a regular basis and use 2FA where it is available. The most providers of 2FA give you backup codes, i case you can't get into your account. Is there a way to store these backup codes securely? Can I just put them in the notes section? I would like to hide them as dots like the passwords. Will there be a feature like that?
  3. @gPaq I only tried this with the internet explorer. I thought it could be very nice for others to share this solution. You can try workaround with other browsers like firefox or other browsers. Maybe this can work too.
  4. I fixed this error by using the internet explorer as default browser (lol) Then I can restore my data and sync enpass.
  5. Today I got a new device, it is a surface pro 7. One of the first things I do when I got a new device is installing enpass on it. This time i get an error when I try to restore my data from OneDrive. When I try to authentificate, this error appears: First of all, I thought it was the browser, but i wasn't. I cleared the cache of my web browser. I tried to install enpass in version 6.6.0. Can you help me fixing this error?
  6. I have updated my devices too. I can confirm that the error is fixed now. I am so thankful for that.
  7. Good news: Enpass is thanking me for reporting the issue. The bug has been fixed and will be released soon in the next update of the enpass app.
  8. One possible solution i got is this: Take a manual backup of the data on all the devices. Disconnect the sync on all devices. Remove/Delete all the Enpass/Enpass 1 folders from the OneDrive account. Login to the site https://account.live.com/consent/Manage with the same Microsoft account and delete all the permissions for Enpass. Re-set up the sync with OneDrive on all the devices and check. But this did not work. The solution of @joefa didn't work too.
  9. @jakeD E.g. Google Drive works also fine. I think there will be a hotfix in the next days. Before writing this thread I checked what I can do. There was the recommandation to remove the rights for enpass to sync with the microsoft account. The second was deleting and recreating the cloud-sync. Both of them didn't work.
  10. Enpass sync fails on all devices - Enpass Support & Troubleshooting - Enpass Forum Hello I got the same issue today.
  11. After I started my PC this morning, I started enpass. I saw that the sync failed. The error was "sync failed. No data found on OneDrive". I checked all my other devices here i got the same error. I use enpass on: Windows (32-Bit App) iOS Android 7 Android 9 The enpass app is on all devices in the current version. I looked also in OneDrive. The directory where enpass is syncing is still there. I disconnected the sync everywhere and set it up again, but no improvement. What can I do? I am really dependent on enpass.
  12. This ist really das and makes me unhappy. I will start looking for an alternative.
  13. Thanks a lot. I hope I can make enpass better by reporting this bug/error.
  14. Hello, recently I changed the credentials of my microsoft account which i use to sync enpass with. The the problems startet again. The redirection fails. In my case it was not bad because I performed an upgrade on my linux mashine to ubuntu 20.04 and after installing enpass I was able to sync again.
  15. Actually installing Linux again helped to solve the problem. I am using an other ubuntu based distribution now and everything works fine.
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