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  1. Now with version 6.0.1 on iOS and Linux, WebDAV is working perfectly.
  2. @Vinod Kumar that's great news! What is the eta for an update? Today? Few days? Weeks?
  3. Enpass already has this. Right-click on a password to see password history.
  4. @Vinod KumarI just sent it again. did you get it now?
  5. There are symbols in the creds, but no non-English or non-ASCII characters. I sent you a PM with details on how to access my test server. Did you get it?
  6. bllfr0g


    Try running /opt/enpass/Enpass
  7. I've set up an ubuntu server with nginx and WebDAV, just like the server that I ordinarily use for syncing my Enpass. This setup worked fine in Enpass 5, but with Enpass 6 (on both Linux and iOS) attempting to sync just causes the client to crash. I want to make this server available to the Enpass team for their debugging and troubleshooting effort around the WebDAV crash in enpass 6. How can I communicate the details?
  8. I just tried this, didn't work for me. I still can't sync webdav.
  9. It's not a problem with self-signed certificate. I have a good cert from LetsEncrypt. Still, I tried checking the "Bypass" box, and even still, it's no good. Enpass 6 crashes as soon as I try to set up WebDAV. Same exact setup worked fine with Enpass 5.x.
  10. I have my own WebDAV server running on nginx. I've been using it forever to sync older versions of enpass and it's always worked great. When I try to sync enpass 6 with this WebDAV server, enpass crashes immediately. This is true on iOS and Linux clients. This is a serious regression and makes enpass almost useless for me. Will it be fixed soon?
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