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  1. Hello, I hide/minimize it using CMD+W/CMD+M so its running in the background. Its never focused but it come into foreground when unlooking the lockscreen.
  2. Hello, would that mean that I need to stop my chrome browser? I know that the issue does not come up when using Firefox. So I have my chrome started with debug enabled but when the popup came up after unlooking the lockscreen, I cannot find something about the extension activity. cat chrome_debug.log | grep npass no results Please tell me how I can collect logs, I think it would be the most efficient way to find the cause.
  3. Hello, since a while I am on the settings you recommended, with same behavior as before. Still the unlook popup comes up after unlook my Mac-Account from lockscreen. (Chrome was in foreground)
  4. Hello, I can confirm that the issue is still there with 6.4.0
  5. Hello @Kashish, sorry for my late response. I did some checks. I use the Enpass browser extension in Chrome and Firefox (on MacOS). I am very sure (but not 100%) that Chrome causing that prompts. Chrome is very often opened on-focus and not focused, or minimized. When I completely close Chrome the prompts seem not to came up. Pleas let me know if I can provide logs or do something to get this fixed asap. Kind Regards
  6. Hello, very often and since 2-3 month, when I unlooking my macOS lookscreen, Enpass is shown in the foreground and asks to unlook (with password or touch ID). Is that a misfunction? What do I need it for? I cannot find a setting to disable this annoying prompt. Enpass 6.3.3 MacOS 10.15.2
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