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  1. I have purchased the Pro version through the Windows store. How do I get that on my Mac? I would assume that once you buy the Pro version, it works on all devices you have?
  2. I just upgraded to the Pro version because I wanted the biometrics way to authenticate to Enpass. The thing I found is that when at the auth window, you need to pick biometrics as the auth method by clicking on the smiley to the right side of the window. I have a PC with fingerprint sensor, so it might be different for users that have a camera for Windows Hallo, but having to click on the smiley and then put you finger on the sensor, seems like an extra step that should not be needed. I would like to submit a request for Enpass to either have a function where the default auth mechanism can be chosen (Password / biometrics) or have Enpass be able to auto-detect which auth mechanism the user to trying to use.
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