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  1. Update: I too got the Android update today. And, after registering, it turned PRO. I checked my desktop app and it says PRO. So, everything's good on my end.
  2. Autofill on Gmail on Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit) isn't working after the 6.3 update (Microsoft Store). Also, none of my TOTP is working anymore. It says invalid TOTP Secret.
  3. So, just now, I updated my Enpass Windows app and was immediately prompted a free upgrade. I registered with my email address and later I found out that I got upgraded to Enpass Lite. That's fine, as I didn't purchase the Pro version of the app on my Windows account. But the thing is, I did purchase the Pro version on my Android phone. So, what would happen to my account when the Android update arrives later? If and when I'll be prompted to enter my email address on my Android Phone, if I use the same email address that I used on my Windows PC, will my account get automatically upgraded to Pro? Or the Enpass Lite that I'm offered on my Windows PC carry over to my Android Phone and I get demoted? I used the same email that I bought Enpass Pro on Android to register the Windows PC version of the app. Will the upgrade to Pro be automatic, or should I register with a different email address on my Android device and then change the email address on my Windows PC version with that. Looking forward to your reply.
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