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    With Enpass 5.6, I can configure a system-wide hotkey to open the Enpass Helper, type a search term, then use arrow keys followed by the return key to copy a password. On the new beta version this doesn't work: There's no setting for a system-wide hotkey to open the helper After opening the helper by clicking the menu item, the search box doesn't always have keyboard focus (it does occasionally have focus. I haven't been able to reproduce reliably) Once I've typed a search term, I'm unable to use arrow keys to select a result - I have to click the tiny "info" button With the entry details open, again it's not possible to navigate with arrow keys or hit return to copy a password I hope this can be resolved soon. I've been waiting a very long time for multiple vaults, and now I have it this new issue is preventing me from fully switching to Enpass from 1Password (I currently use Enpass 5 for one of my vaults, and 1Password for two other Vaults). PS: It would be really nice if, when using an arrow key to open an entry, it highlighted the password automatically. On Enpass 5.6 nothing is highlighted and I typically need to hit the Down Key three or four times before Enter to copy the password. (I'm using the macOS version of the beta)
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