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    Hi, When I come to a site in Chrome that has a Login/password saved, there is no visual indicator on the extension icon that a password is saved. It doesn't light up. Most extensions I use will up when active/usable. Help! This web page had a password saved, but icon is gray and there is no indicator that there is a Login saved for the page.
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    this Feature is also an essential one that is absolutely decisive for me. Unless this will not implemented, i will not be able to consider switching
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    I also would like to know what the new timeline is for Wifi sync. I am considering buying this software but i need Wifi sync. I don't want any 3rd party having any access to my data. Thank you
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    Hi! A great feature would be to implement wi-fi sync without using any cloud service. For example, when your phone is connected on the same wifi as your computer, they automatically sync their data. That would be perfect for people who don't trust cloud services and only want their files to be stored locally.
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    I´ve the same question. Can you make it possible to sync with wlan or with the enpass file on the PC when the mobile device is connected with bluetooth? I don´t like sync my passwords with any cloud..... When one of this will be possible I immediately buy this software for my Iphone.
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