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  1. I had that error for the first time today (Windows 10, Enpass 6.4.3, OneDrive).

    Out of nowhere sync failed.

    Here is what I did:

    1. made a lokal Backup on my WIndows 10 Computer
    2. looked directly in OneDrive: There where 2 Folders: "Enpass" and "Enpass 1"
    3. made a backup of both in zip Files
    4. disconnect sync with doption to delete sync file on one drive (to look which of the folders would be erased: "Enpass 1")
    5. deleted remaining folder "Enpass" directly in OneDrive
    6. created new sync connection with one drive
    7. sync


    Everything was immediately back to normal:

    • there was no need to do anything on the other devices, no reset, no disconnection, nothing
    • all other devices could immediately sync, as if nothing ever hapened


    My conclusion:

    Enpass simply corrupts the sync file on the server, for whatever reason

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