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  1. Thank you.  I followed your directions and this allow me to download and install   I no longer have the problem of the program not opening.  I can open without Run As Administrator.  

    On the initial open, Enpass immediately pops up a message that there is an update available.  I ran that update to version and the problem returned of not opening the program from Enpass.exe unless I Run as Administrator.   So I cleared/deleted and reinstalled   I will keep this version and not upgrade to because this is clearly where the problem resides.

    Thank you for the direction to the download.

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  2. Thank you.   I followed your direction.  Downloaded Enpass and reinstalled.  The installation is 6.5.1.  It opens normally, I have all my records.  But instantly it tells me there's an update available.  I updated to 6.5.2 then lost functionality to open just like my original message.  I could only open with Run as Administrator.  

    I deleted, reinstalled 6.5.1.  I can work normally now, so I guess I cannot upgrade to 6.5.2 because of this bug.


  3. Been using Enpass for at least a couple years.  After updating to 6.5.2 (727) I can not long open the execution file, Enpass.exe.    I try double clicking and right click + open.  Neither work.

    If I select Run As Administrator the application will open.   Since I've never had to do that previously, what can I do to avoid that extra step?

    Thank you.

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