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  1. I'm using mailbox.org as my e-mail provider and want to connect Enpass to my mailbox.org-Clouddrive via WebDav. There is a KB article creating a WebDav connection and a hint when working with Enpass. https://kb.mailbox.org/display/MBOKBEN/WebDav+for+Windows When using Enpass this should work: https://dav.mailbox.org/servlet/webdav.infostore/Userstore/Lastname, Firstname/ENPASS But it doesn't. I get the error message that it's not possible to get a connection and I should check my username and password. But username and password are correct! Anyone using Enpass together with mailbox.org and could help here?
  2. Actually, I recognized that the icon for the Enpass extension in Vivaldi is gray only. For me, it's a little confusing not to see if the browser extension is locked or unlocked. Maybe it would be possible to turn the icon into blue if the extension is unlocked already? This would be a great improvement.
  3. Hi @Garima Singh, That's not the problem. I'm already using TOTP for some websites. But thanks for the link.
  4. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, It's not an issue. It's a feature on one specific website - https://login.mailbox.org/de. For security reasons you have the possibility to enable 2FA protection. That means you have to use a password which consists of 4 digits. If enabled you have to type in the TOTP code right behind the 4-digits-password. So you have a password which consists of 10 digits. It would be awesome if Enpass has a script to put both together in the same field - 4-digits-password and TOTP.
  5. I have a website where I have to use a password which consists of 4 numbers and the 2fa code. Actually I'm using the shortcut to fill in the password and pressing "ctrl+v" to copy the 2fa code directly behind the password. Is it possible to automatically fill in the 2fa code directly behind the password? I couldn't find a setting for this behavior.
  6. I'm using Vivaldi browser 3.5.2115.81 (Stable channel) (64-Bit) with the Enpass browser extension 6.5.1. Here I recognize that the shortcut "ctrl+/" often doesn't work. The Enpass popup isn't opening. I have to click on the extension icon to open the popup and double-click the password entry instead. Some times it works refreshing the website or closing the browser and opening it again. If I'm lucky the shortcut works and the Enpass popup opens. What could be the probem? What can I do to let the shortcut open the popup every time I press it?
  7. Hi @Garima Singh I just tried logging into 3 websites with the help of the iOS app. After successfully login I changed passwords in Windows 10 desktop app. With the new passwords I was able to login to the websites in the desktop browser. I opened iOS app and the safe was synced. Now tried in iOS Firefox to login to these 3 websites and... It works! I'm just a little confused because 2 days ago I spent some time to argue with this bug. But now everything works like it should work. I don't know what was wrong but actually it works. Sorry for reporting!
  8. I just found out that this is not an issue with Firefox. I tried Safari browser and here the problem also exists. I never tried login in to Safari with the help of „Enpass“. But autofill is not using password saved in „Enpass“ right now. As you remember in „Enpass“ a wrong password is saved and login is succesfull.
  9. Since month, I'm using "Bitwarden" and here I have the problem that passwords seem to be saved in browser cache or elsewhere. Now I'm trying "Enpass" and it looks great so far, but it seems that I have the same problem here. I'm using "Enpass" on Windows 10 with cloud sync enabled via OneDrive. Safe is synced to my iPhone with iOS 14.3 installed. If I create or change an entry in the desktop app it is synced to the iOS app. So I have a login saved in "Enpass" for a website. When logging in to the website in Firefox on iOS everything works great, and I'm able to login. For testing, I changed the password of that entry to a wrong password in the desktop app. The changed password is synced to my iPhone and is visible in iOS app. But when trying to log in to the specified website using autofill login is successful. And this is strange... Because I definitely have a wrong password in "Enpass" for that entry. When manually copying the password from the iOS app into the password field login fails. So it is the same as it is in "Bitwarden". Now I created an account in "1Password" and tried the same. Here everything works like it should work. First I log in to the website with the right password saved in "1Password" with the help of autofill on my iPhone. Now I changed the password in the desktop app into a wrong password and tried logging in to the website with autofill. Login fails. So for me, it seems like the password filled in with autofill from "Enpass" is saved in the browser cache or elsewhere, so that changing a password doesn't overwrite the cached password and the "old" password is used when trying to log in with the "new" password although the "new" password is visible in the desktop and the iOS app. What could be the problem? What can I do to fix this behavior? Actually this is the showstopper for me switching with all my passwords to "Enpass".
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