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  1. On 11/23/2021 at 9:16 AM, MerchAndDice said:

    Using "Ctrl + Shift + ." shortcut might be related to Multi Account Containers that you linked to.

    Not being able to set autofill shortcut to be "Ctrl + /", it's Enpass, not Firefox.

    What bothers me with this behaviour is that Enpass has made it so that Firefox (or any other browser) default keyboard shortcuts are not permitted anymore to be used as a Enpass keyboard shortcut and these settings are hardcoded to new version of Enpass Extension.

    What Enpass should do instead, is to check system keyboard bingings in Firefox (and other browsers) since in macOS at least you can alter every possible keyboard shortcut to be something else. In my case, I have defined Firefox default "⌘ + e" shortcut action to have other shortcut in order to free that key combination "⌘ + e" to be used as a Enpass shortcut for autofill in Firefox. Safari has no use for "⌘ + e" shortcut by default so it still works in there but not in Firefox anymore and would appreciate universal solution across these two browsers. As others have stated, I've also developed muscle memory to fill in password with my chosen keyboard shortcut after years of usage and find it disturbingly worrying that these kind of changes to basic behaviour of autofill are dropped without A SINGLE NOTICE to users.

    Not to mention the fact that Enpass's life long default key combination "⌘ + /" is not working anymore. Hilarious.

    New version of Enpass Extension cannot use Firefox default key combinations as a shortcut, even though it has no functionality binded in to it whatsoever at least in my case.


    The only solution to their genius "feature" is to uninstall the new extension and install the previous version while blocking updates. Truly brilliant.

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  2. So, I left 1Password because of the BS that came with new "features", do I have to leave Enpass in my rearview too ?

    That's what I've honestly been wondering after reading the "it's not a bug, but a feature" reply.

    The intent behind the "feature" is nice and all, I can salute the initiative, the problem is three-fold in my case:

    1. As a result of the ability to customize my keybind across my multiple browsers/operating systems, I now cannot have my preferred keybind o.O
    2. Said preferred keybind can still trigger the configuration window where I can't set my keybind because of said improvement O.o
    3. No reply from the developer other than on this forum and the answer is "nope, sorry, not going to happen" when clearly the wrong solution has been used to remedy an issue, therefore creating new issues. At least an acknowledgment that this should be "investigated", "looked into" or simply discussed, I would have understood that. But just a plain "nope" was kind of reminiscent of AgileBit's way of not caring about what many customers may want vs what they thought we wanted.

    This, coupled with another issue I read in the forum, which is a bug I've had for months now, about the double click not working on the first attempt in the browser Extension, has led me to look for another password manager, again, such a shame.


    Edit: I almost forgot:

    4 hours ago, John Doe said:

    I just changed it to command +.  Across all browsers including chrome, Firefox and safari on Mac

    So, you managed to bind Command with another key ? That's funny because any combination involving Command is invalid on my Macs. :ph34r:

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