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  1. Hi peerke63,

    Unfortunately, SkyWallet doesn't provide a public link for their desktop app (as it supports export), only users who purchased their Windows Phone can request a download link via email. So, we purchased an copy of SkyWallet for Windows Phone and requested for download link. But we got no response from their side after two weeks. Without desktop app it won't be feasible for us to develop & test SkyWallet import.

    However the best workaround at the moment is to create your own custom csv by editing the SkyWallet’s exported file. Open that in a spreadsheet program and copy columns to a new CSV with format described in this FAQ. 

    After that you will be able to import your passwords using Generic CSV importer.

  2. Hi lburgazzoli,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We would really appreciate if you can post a small video (link to that) with answer to following queries. 

    • Are you using Fedora in any Virtual machine?
    • Can you change the category or add any item to favorites by drag and drop? 
    • Is the problem occurring with any specific folder? 


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