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  1. I think i have the same issue with the Chrome / Firefox enpass addon on MacOS.

    On certain Forms, the Input Focus acts erratically.

    For eg. i can't select another Menu or Text-input field. The Input Focus snaps immediately back.

    It partially works when i use Keyboard and tab through the fields, but makes propper work impossible.

    Disable the Enpass Addon in Chrome and Firefox and BINGO works again.

    There seems to be a lot of focus switching happening when i was trying to work with it.



    (Assumption) Lately a certain account gets locked again and again.

    As it looks now, when i try to log in, i immediatly get "Invalid user / password" and the User gets locked in the AD.

    It seems, that the addon fires a lot Input Focus events with incomplete data to the server.

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