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  1. I got it working.  I am not 100% sure what I did.  I selected the open with option I am not sure what I did to get it to come up.  I selected enpass. As soon as i did that it prompted me for my master password and it came up.  It did nor prompt me for my Microsoft password.  I would assume It was already authenticated as I had already signed onto it on the  browser I was using.

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  2. I am working in a debian Linux computer and wanted to install enpass on it to make it easier to cut and paste passwords.  I got it installed.  When I go through the process to link it to one drive the Widows login pops up and disappears.  It is redirected to a page that says  Authorization finished. Please continue with your enpass app. Enpass is just spinning.


    Any help would be appreciated.

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