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  1. I can confirm this. Enpass and the opera plugin were working just fine yesterday until both an update for opera and enpass (desktop, mac) were rolled out today. It is really an issue with the Opera plugin, the extension for safari is working well with the enpass update (5.6.10).

    Version: 53.0.2907.68 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable

    Mac OS X 10.13.4 64-bit

  2. Thank you for this long awaited and super helpful update! I love using Touch ID to unlock Enpass, but I think as of now it is missing a crucial feature: the Touch ID prompt does not open at once when I use the app. Instead of

    click icon -> finger on Touch ID -> app unlocked

    the current workflow looks like this:

    click icon -> move mouse over fingerprint icon -> click -> finger no Touch ID -> app unlocked

    which is quite unsatisfying as it takes longer than entering my Masterpassword. It would be super useful if either Touch ID is prompted directly or can be activated via a keyboard shortcut as a workaround (enables implementation in BetterTouchTool shortcuts).




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