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  1. 47 minutes ago, Ekalb. said:

    My wife uses Edge, I use Firefox. What can I do if the extension does not work with Firefox 57 and Enpass 5.6.2?

    Ah that sucks, but it is possible to run both traditional (5.6.0) and bridged (5.6.2) at the same time (I noticed while I was struggling with firefox). You probably would need to let them sync between each other using a specified folder or a cloud service (dropbox/onedrive/google drive/...)

    Edit: You can change the Data location of your passwords under advanced in traditional, so I guess syncing won't be necessary...

    If you set them both up to start with windows and keep them minimized in the system tray, then you wouldn't really notice it that you're running 2 instances...

    It's a bit of a hassle, but worth a shot?

  2. 2 hours ago, Ekalb. said:

    So, if I understand correctly, Enpass release the version 5.6.2 newer than 5.6 but which is not compatible with the new extension.
    It's incomprehensible

    I *think* that has to do with the Microsoft Edge extension. You need Enpass Bridged (5.6.2) to get Edge support. If they didn't release that version, then Edge users wouldn't have any solution for Enpass.

    I get your point: why not wait with the release of 5.6.2 untill it supports ALL browser extensions? Sadly, that would mean some users wouldn't have any option at all...
    At least now everyone should be able to use Enpass for their favourite browser, if they install the correct Windows application (5.6.2 (Bridged) for Edge, 5.6.0 (Traditional) for Firefox v57, other browsers are supported on both).

    Yes it sucks and is confusing as hell. But we can continue using it for now and we are talking about their free desktop versions... I can wait this out and am looking forward to the next release of Enpass Bridged in the Microsoft store.

  3. 59 minutes ago, Ekalb. said:


    The extension does not work with Firefox 57 either.
    Why propose to install an extension that does not work?
    Remove this extension and offer it again when it works correctly.

    It does work if you use traditional windows enpass (version 5.6)
    You are using the microsoft store one (bridged version 5.6.2)? Then you'll have to wait till that app gets updated or use traditional windows for the time being.

    I had the same issue, switched enpass version and works without problems.

  4. I'm a bit confused after reading Enpass for Windows: Which version should I use?

    There are 3 versions for windows, 2 of those are free (traditional and bridged).
    You want to keep the traditional version for windows 7 users and further developing focus will be for the bridged app. This would make me think that the Bridged app stays free like it is now.

    But then you state the paid UWP app will be gone with the next major release and be replaced by the bridged version, that'll have the combined functions of traditional and UWP.

    So, does this mean the final bridged version won't count as a free desktop variant? Or is there some schematic that only tablet/phone users have to pay for it, while desktop users can use the final bridged from the microsoft store for free? (I don't have enough knowledge about the Universal Windows Platform)


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