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  1. On ‎2‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 5:27 PM, Pete said:

    I'm having the same issue no, started a couple days ago. Noticed the error when I turned the computer on from sleep, hibernate or restart. Then noticed it happening when there was any kind of network change, disabling VPN for example. This never happened before a couple days ago.

    Did you ever get a response from anyone about this? I've even re-installed windows and with only Enpass installed, put to sleep and awake from sleep, enpass is locked up. You are correct, I guess they don't care.  

  2. On ‎2‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 1:00 PM, ABKsDad said:

    I just discovered today, that even though I see the error message of Enpass has stopped working, that the application is still running.  I can open up Enpass with the notification icon, enter my password, examine and view saved passwords and even get Enpass to open up a link in the password link.  So that implies the application hasn't totally crashed but is in some other state.  Of course once I click OK on the dialog box, Enpass is closed.

    I'm having the exact same issue.  Let me guess, Enpass Helper becomes unusable after waking from sleep?  The icon is still visible in the system tray but is seized and using the browser extension acts as if the helper isn't loaded.  

    I've tried every possible combination of boot scenarios to rule out conflicts with the only possible culprit being enpass helper having the problem.  


    I also have a Surface Pro 3 that is having a different problem with the Enpass helper; upon boot or trying to launch enpass helper, I get Windows stop message: C:\Program FIles..BLAH BLAH Enpass.exe An invalid name request was made. The name requested cannot be retrieved at this time.


    At least on my desktop machine, a reboot will get me going again, but on my Surface Pro 3 Enpass extensions are unusable which makes more steps needed to use Enpass.  Please advise how I can fix these issues or refund my $20 I've spent across several devices to use Enpass instead of others.


    Thank you.

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