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  1. Hello, my wife and myself are both using Enpass to store our passwords. We save our vault on a synology drive in different folders and we are using 3 devices (Notebook, Desktop PC, Android Smartphone). Now we have the challenge that we want to have access to our personal vaults from both windows 10 devices. We could use the multiple vaults, but then we would need to know the other ones masterpw. The function of Multiple vaults in enpass doesn't seem to offer a possiblity to acces different vaults on the same device with different master passwords. Please correct me if I am wrong ... If I am right ... please tell me how you may solved the issues for yourself? I cannot imagine that others don't have that "challenge" regards, Christian
  2. Hi everyone. I wanted to check if Enpass fits more to my needs for a password manager. Currently I am using Keepass and there I could easily save my .kdbx-file on my Synology NAS. I had access through my Windows Explorer and could also use Keepass2Android to have access to my passwords via WebDAV. Now I tried to do the same with Enpass. Create a wallet and then I tried to move the files in the options from the standard folder in Users>Documents>Enpass to a folder on my NAS. But there I am getting an error which is saying that Enpass doesnt have the permission to do so. Does anyone know the root cause and how I could grant the rights to do so? - Or do I have to use Enpass with WebDaV also on my desktop PC? thanks and regards, Chris
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