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  1. @fnkr I agree that it would be really cool if Enpass were completely open source (or at the very least, the code for the password generator). As someone who tries to do everything using FOSS I'm willing to use it because the core crypto part of it is open source/cryptographer-reviewed (SQLCipher), with some kind of awesome sauce on top to make it user-friendly/cross-platform (thanks to NW.js, I'm guessing?) I guess I also trust them also because their business model is pretty transparent, and the fact that they are ownCloud-friendly.

    Have you tried looking at the Enpass app with Wireshark? ;)

  2. I got super excited when I saw that Enpass now supports TOTP and diceware, but kinda confused why I only have those on Android (v5.2.0) and not with the Linux app (v5.2.1 from Ubuntu repo). I think after re-reading the post about Android using diceware, I was assuming that it was for all platforms but it looks like that's just Android for now? I'm still confused as to why I don't have the option to at least add a TOTP in the Linux app that it seems to show in the manual, all I have is Add Field and Reorder Field. Or do I manually just make a field labelled TOTP?

    I ran

    apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

    several times and couldn't find any updated repo, is there something I'm missing here? Really excited to get this going!

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