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  1. Hi there,

    I created a 2nd Vault and wanted to import data. For that reason I donwloaded the csv for Logins and put my data in. Some fields e.g. Mail, Tags, Custom Fields remain empty. I head forward to import the data but Enpass alwaysshows: Nothing to import??? Any ideas?

  2. Since today the following error occurs:

    After being idle for 5 minutes, the app locks itself. When I want to use it the next time, my key-combination doesn´t bring the app in the foreground. After opening and unlocking the app manually it is not working anymore - means I cannot use the keys to fill in the data. I need to complete end the app and run it new.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Vikram Dabas said:


    As mentioned in the previous post that the official release of Enpass 6 will be rolled out over the current Enpass 5 app. So in case if you are still using the Enpass 6 beta standalone app, then I recommend you take a back of its data and uninstall it.

    Install the latest Enpass beta (rolled over Enpass 5 app) and restore your data. It will help you as all the further beta updates along with the Enpass 6 official version will be rolled over this recent update.

    Honestly I cant´t follow anymore. I have Enpass from the link of yesterday in this post. Do I need to uninstall it? I never found a way to update Enpass 5.69 on my PCs to the beta version, so I uninstalled Enpass 5.69 month ago.... Gpoing back to Enpass 5.69 will lead to losing the newly created items in my Vaults.....

    On Android there is just one version, that´s ok and quite simple to handle. But on Windows I´m totally lost in confusion :-))

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  4. 1 hour ago, Vikram Dabas said:


    No. Enpass 6 will be rolled out as a free update to the existing Enpass 5 app and will restore your previous purchase.

    Also, the minimum requirement to install the Enpas Store app (With Pro features) is Windows 10. But since you are using the Win7, so at the moment you can only install the Enpass website version which unfortunately doesn't offer any Pro features.

    Thanks for clearing this. One last question: I´m running Enpass Beta on 2 PC (win10 and Win 7) and Android. So I don´t have Enpass 5.69 installed on any devices. When Enpass 6 is officially launchend, do I have to uninstall the Beta and install Enpass 5.69 in order to keep my Pro Version?  Would it be better to uninstall the Beta versions, because I think 5.69 will not be available anylonger when 6 is out...

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