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  1. On 9/7/2018 at 10:43 AM, Anshu kumar said:

    I would like to share that restoring Enpass 5 data directly from the cloud is not possible because both the Enpass 6 and 5 sync data to a different location on clouds. You need to restore the backup file of Enpass 5 over WiFi (using backup and restore Service). For more details please refer to this post.

    Hope this helps!

    This seems like a needless complication step, don't you think?

    Apparently Enpass 6 is quite capable of importing an Epass 5 vault if provided via Files or Wifi method.
    So it would seem a relatively simple thing to modify the cloud import logic like this in Enpass 6:

    1. First look into the "Enpass 6" location on Google Drive or iCloud Drive. 
    2. If nothing found, look into the "Enpass 5" location on the same cloud drive.

    Or is there some other technical challenge that makes this flow impossible?
    After all we're in the Import step, there are great chances that users will want to import data from past versions as well, and this is currently a show stopper.
    This was the first problem I had when starting my beta-test, and stopped me immediately.

    I appreciate that in the latest beta you have added a warning message when you start the import process.
    However this still seems like a needless complication, and a difficult hurdle when you only have a mobile device at hand. I could not complete the Wifi/Files import initially because I had no computer at hand and iCloud sync was not available (my vault is on GDrive) so I could not even use the "Files" method.

    Thanks for working on such a great product!!

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