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  1. On 9/13/2018 at 8:14 PM, Eugéne said:

    When you see "Invalid TOTP Secret", go into Edit mode and go to the field.

    There you will probably see a line similar to the following:


    Here you have two choices:

    1. Edit the otpauth:// URI to put the issuer before the secret:
      • image.thumb.png.30c7876b8a4c6f7c19b0662c55b98e15.png
    2. Or delete everything except the secret itself:
      • image.thumb.png.afcc091a262a9540a37282f2ecd2ad21.png

    At this point your TOTP should start generating values.

    Apologies for using images, but it seems Enpass does not like users helping one another... :-P

    While this works for most services, I did not succeed with this approach for Cloudflare.

    What is really strange with this:

    - the long otpauth:// string works in Enpass6 for iOS and creates correct OTP

    - the long otpauth:// string does not work with Enpass6 for Mac.

    - changing the string as suggested by Eugene (2. method, since the other didn't work for me) creates OTP but this OTP don't work and are different from the ones created with Enpass6 for iOS.

    Any ideas on this?

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