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  1. Many thanks for your response. In the meantime I have uninstalled and reinstalled enpass. FaceID is no longer a problem, but WebDav still doesn't work. I previously synced with icloud as a workaround, so at least my passwords are available to me. It would be nice if this problem would be fixed quickly with an update.

  2. Hi there,

    today i updated Enpass from the AppStore on my iPhone to version 6.8.0.
    After update it was not even more possible to open enpass via FaceID, i had always to enter my master password :-( Another issue was that the webdav synchroniziation was disabled. I tried to establish a new webdav connection, but i got an error mesage that username or password are invalid. i tried the same on my ipad with enpass 6.7.x installed and it worked fine with no problems. is there any suggestion how to solve the webdav-connection-problem with enpass 6.8.0?

  3. Hi,

    i just installed the newest version of enpass on my iPhone.
    Now i cannot use enpass on my apple watch, when trying to start it on the watch i'm told to "activate apple watch in enpass-settings".
    In settings of enpass the apple watch is activated!
    I tried to reboot the apple watch, reinstall enpass on apple watch, deactivate and activate apple watch in enpass-settings...nothing works.

    Does anyone have the same problem or probably a solution?

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