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  1. some progress here: if I replace german Umlauts and other special characters inside the data fields in the exported html from roboform, I'm able to import the logins step by step. By now I reached a number of 800 imported logins. 

    Because not only german Umlauts (ä,ö,ü,ß) are reasons for the "nothing to import"-condition, I had to import step by step, and found datasets from roboform with "graphical dots"  (Unicode+2022) as password representation and others. One dataset of a login starts with 

    <DIV class="floatdiv orph">

    so I get closer when I choose a subset of my data and and, if it failes to import, removed the last half of the subset, repeating with removing the last half of the subset from the not properly imported subset and so on.

    (example: choose aprox. 1000 lines of the html, tried to import, failed, removed the last 500 lines, tried to import, removed the last 250 lines from the remaining 500 lines from second try an so on)



  2. hi robertwhy,

    I tried your suggestion to install roboform 7, but did not get it managed to import/restore the previously exported data from version 8. old backups from roboform 7 data files are importable, but this is useless because the data are outdated. 

    a sync with the current account data from roboform online doesnt work (account unkown message)

    do you know a procedure to get my current data into roboform 7

    best regards

  3. 17 hours ago, robertwhy said:

    Hey guys.  Just installed the Store version.  Had problems too with importing from RoboForms v7.9.28.8.  Here is how I got it to import all 500 passcards.

    1) Open RobForms Editor and and click on the icon on the top left.

    2) Go to Print List>logins.

    3) Enter the Master Password and click on OK.  This was the problem with the earlier post.  You have to unlock the passcards FIRST.

    4) When the RoboForms Logins List appears hit Save. (You will be able to see your sites show username, password, etc.)

    5)  Save to Desktop as a HTML format and name the file.  I used Passwords.

    6) Go to Enpass and go to File>Import.

    7) Choose RoboForms.

    8) Make sure that first box has Login (Windows) HTML.

    9) Browse to your Desktop and select the the icon NOT the file.  Mine has Chrome icon.

    10) Hopefully, Continue will be available.  If it is, click on it and just wait until ALL your passcards are imported and Enpass says Done or whatever.

    11) Finished!

    Mine works just like RoboForms did in both Chrome and Edge.:D

    Good luck,



    first thanks for your efforts describing the procedure, but  I cant see a difference in your post comparing to the post from Anshu kumar on July 29, 2016, which I followed and it doesnt work any longer. So what in particular does point 9 in your description mean? in my file-open-dialogbox is no separated icon, it is a part of the representation of the file together with the filename.

    Meanwhile I tried some changes with no success (e.g. set the language to english, while my natural is german, add the enpass plugin to all used browsers and authorized them in settings of enpass)

    Soif it works for you, we should find the difference, which let it fail on my site and for some other users too.



    EDIT: Ah, reading is important -)): The difference is Roboform Version 7. So perhaps the devs of enpass can support us with a template to import from old version, so I could try to develop a filter to convert the html to the old version? 

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