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  1. I asked the same question in a message to Enpass customer Service and got the following answer:

    "If you want to purchase Enpass as a Gift, then please contact the respective App Store. As App Store itself handles all payment-related (License distribution, Refund, Purchase cancellation etc.), and we have no control over it. Pratyush Sharma (support@enpass.io)" 01/02/2020 

    I wanted to to find out if Enpass had a Gift Certificate option as LastPass does but this reply makes me understand that they don't. This would be a good sales opportunity for Enpass.


  2. I "upgraded" to version 6 on my Windows 7 PC. All the text on the app looks blurry and very light colored. Also, could not find an option to purchase the premium version. I reinstalled version 5.6.10 but now the Chrome extensions do not work (no auto-fill), the browser prompts me to upgrade to version 6. I was beginning to love Enpass but know I am getting frustrated. Please help.

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