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  1. Well I cant even sign in using the new version 6, just get a see through screen.... I cant believe how bad of an update this is, firstly my iPad gets updated and then I cant use it on there, so I try to update the PC version to convert to 6 so that I can then set it up properly with Dropbox etc on the iPad but then it doesn't work on my system (Windows 10). I don't even have screen scaling on, its at 100%. Edit: Thanks for posting in this thread, saw the earlier post re. graphics driver environment variables and this has now enabled this to work on the PC! Many thanks Now to go to the IOS section as I now don't have the Pro Version on the iPad!?!? Grrr Edit: Sorry, found out that just click on upgrade within the App recognises that I was a previous Pro owner, so all sorted (Phew!)
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