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  1. So, running this on a Chromebook (Pixel Slate) is not a particularly great experience.  It takes about 60-75 seconds for the application to unlock after I type in my Master password (sometimes it doesn't even unlock, and just goes back to the password entry box), then it takes a further 20-30 seconds to load the password vault.  This happens if I use the native Android application to unlock, and the beta Chromebook extension and irrespective of how long it's been since I previously unlocked - as in I can type my password in, wait 70+ seconds, see my vault after 20 seconds, instantly lock the vault, and have to wait again.

    I also am unable to right click in a password field and choose Enpass, as it just pops up a tab in Chrome with the "Connecting to Enpass" which instantly disappears and nothing happens - so I cannot create passwords.  It also does not offer to save any new credentials that I enter on websites.

    Basically, the ChromeOS implementation of this is dire, and needs some serious work.

    On my Pixel 3 with the same version it's instant, and the same Chrome extension on Windows and Linux is fine.

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