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  1. Wow...Anshu, you have nailed it. That was the exact problem...seems my first attempt to get the latest version from the Microsoft Store, while terribly confusing, was successful and it was there lurking while I upgraded the existing version. I have uninstalled the Store version. Thank you for your quick response. G.
  2. Same browser on all four machines (Firefox) and same install method (setup_enpass.exe acquired by pushing the "Update" button in 5.x). Only have this problem on one of them.
  3. On just one of the three or four machines which I am running Enpass for Windows on, the update to v6.0.6 asks for me to approve a New Sync, which takes me to Dropbox, I log in, the press the Yes, I Agree or similar button, which launches a new instance of Enpass (so, there are now two running). I login in successfully to the second instance, which updates and otherwise works correctly. In the background there is still an instance with the swirlies spinning like it is waiting for something. Regardless of the order I close these two instances the next time I launch Enpass it will require that I do a New Sync again...restarting the loop. Other machines are working fine, and database on Dropbox is updating.
  4. Getting Enpass for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store is a complete cluster! I just downloaded the update from my 5.x version. Get outta that mess and please just deliver the PC program versions via your website.
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