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  1. Hi , i just come from 1Password to Enpass. 

    After a long wait i just look if there the wlan sync would be build inside enpass. 

    But i, like others too,do not find that wlan Sync. I use Enpass on a Windows PC , an iPad and a iPhone. 

    For me it is a need , i do not want to sync to clouds. For me it is fine to sync it at my private wlan network between all my devices. 

    Without that Enpass feels not round . So i would like to ask friendly when the wlan Sync feature will come. 

    And when it comes would it be possible to sync between PC , iPad and iPhone ?


    Thank your for your patience .

    Greets Stephan

    P.S. just read the message above , from J_Thomas and hope the will do it anyway 

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