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  1. Difficulties started today (September 3) with my Enpass licensed software, at approx. 1pm.
    Was working with my laptop. Enpass was functioning properly.
    Turned off the computer for lunch. 
    Turned on the computer, opened Enpass and the Enpas screen was completely changed. 
    But my database was not open.
    New version does not open the Enpass database, it starts directly with "Restore". I tried with the most recent backup, but the software informs "Invalid file".
    I am trying to open an Enpass generated backup, why does the new Enpass not recognize it?
    Why is it necessary to open a backup file? Why does the new Enpass not open the perfect file I was using this morning?
    This is a big problem.   
    Can you send an older Enpass version? I work with all the social media, website, banks ... recorded in my Enpass file.
    Please. This is urgent.
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